SNH48 will appear in “China’s Got Talent” on February 23!

  February 14, 2014

SNH48 will appear in China's Got Talent on February 23!

According to their official Weibo announcement, SNH48 will appear in the annual 中国达人秀 as guest performers on February 23, 2014!

SNH48 will appear in China's Got Talent on February 23!

For those of you who do not know what China’s Got Talent (In Chinese: 中国达人秀) is, it is a Chinese variety show where normal people showcase their special talents and entertain the audience with it.

Its ratings have broken records for the last three years, and the fact that SNH48 will appear there means that it will boost its popularity and possibly gain more fans!

More information on China’s Got Talent can be found here.

Because of this appearance, SNH48 has cancelled the theater show on that day, and has added a new theater show on February 20, 2014 at 19:00 (Beijing Time) by Team SII

There will be many channels streaming it, so do not forget to tune in on February 23!

  • Riiin

    Yaaay! Publicity!

  • Dioo

    JKT’s falling behind from SNH and SNH just debuted like one year or something…..

    • Igo

      Explain falling behind any? What are the measures here? Just by snh48 participating in only one show in a week? I’m curious about your comment here

      • Dioo

        No. It’s much more. But not really about the members. The members are fine and I think they’re still better overall. But it’s about the management and also JKT48’s funding, and it’s really hard to explain. Can someone help me explaining it?

        • lia

          Actually i think jkt48 is actually moving more forward then snh48. Not only r they getting their very first sousenkyo event, but they are also getting a 3rd generation (can wait for a very first team t!!). Rina chikano is soon gonna be in jkt48 which is real exciting, and jkt48 has been producing more singles.

        • ninja iga

          Funding isn’t a good comparation between JKT48 and SNH48, dude….
          As we know economic condition between the two countries are also different. So funding can’t be a parametre.
          Let’s say each JKT48 and SNH48 has their own strength. There aren’t falling behind, dude

        • Akurapopo

          bet nobody can realy say regarding this one cz we aint ever get the transparant data regarding fund alocation (tho the management itself can directly be felt by fans)

          btw, better make a clear statement unless ull cause a misunderstanding which may lit a fire