JKT48 5th Single announced & will hold Sousenkyo for 6th single, 3rd Gen finalists revealed (and many more)

  February 18, 2014

Hello everyone let me introduce my self, I’m Afit & i’ll be your new contributor for AKB48WrapUp, especially for JKT48 related news (and of course other sister group too)

JKT48 5th Single announced, will hold Sousenkyo for 6th Single

During their performance at WAKU WAKU Friday Music festival (Saturday, 15th February 2014), JKT48 announced and performed for the first time their 5th Single “Flying Get”. Unlike the AKB version the senbatsu only consists of 16 members.

Flying Get Senbatsu

credit to @idolgraphy

Senbatsu members for JKT48's Flying Get single

Ayana Shahab, Devi Kinal Putri, Ghaida Farisya, Haruka Nakagawa, Jessica Vania, Jessica Veranda, Melody Nurramdhani Laksani (Center), Nabilah Ratna Ayu Azalia, Rezky Whiranti Dhike, Sendy Ariani, Shania Junianatha

Team KIII :
Alicia Chanzia, Cindy Yuvia, Ratu Vienny Fitrilya, Shinta Naomi, Viviyona Apriani

JKT48 performing Flying Get @ WAKU WAKU Music Festival

JKT48 WakuWakuJapan TVC

JKT48 Valentine Event

The day after Waku Waku event, on Sunday, 16th February, JKT48 held Valentine Event at the their teather

JKT48 Valentine Event 2014

JKT48 Valentine Event 2014

Members divided to teams and have to make their own chocolate

JKT48 Valentine Event 2014

Couple of lucky fans get the chocolate from the member

And to complete the event there also performance by the members

Valentine event 4

1,2,3,4 Yoroshiku by Team KIII

Valentine event 5

Baby,Baby,Baby (Passionate Prayer version) by Team KIII

credit to Alvin Bahar from @Haimagazine

Team J also take the stage by performing Kimi ni Autabi Koi wo Suru, Switch & Oogoe Diamond. Then The Flying Get Senbatsu perform the song, at the end of the event there’s a surprise announcement

Announcement of a Sousenkyo (General Election) to determine 6th Single senbatsu members

Fans are hoping that this would mean that JKT48 will finally get an original song for their 6th single. Will this prediction come true?

JKT48 3rd Generation finalists revealed

JKT48 Official Website has opened a special page to reveal 63 finalists for 3rd generation, here are their list

JKT48 3rd Generation finalists

These finalists will go through the final audition to determine weather they choosen to be JKT48 member. Some rumor said they now are in Japan to have their final audition in front of 48 group Total Producer Aki-P.

We’re wishing good luck for all the finalists! JKT48 Official also made a series of web story that reflects the finalists’ struggles

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Team KIII Boku no Taiyou Setlist will have its Senshurakuu (last stage) on 22 February 2014

JKT48 KIII Boku no Taiyou

At the end of Team KIII’s Boku no Taiyou show on 14th February, there was an announcement that the setlist will have it’s senshurakuu (last stage) on 22nd February 2014. I was lucky enough to witness that announcement. Some members recalled that it seems only yesterday that they put the setlist poster on the theater wall and they’re anxious to rehearse the new setlist.

Fans can expect the announcement of new setlist at the end of senshurakuu show or at the Manatsu no Sounds Good Handshake Festival, the day after the senshuuraku.

  • http://gocchisama.tumblr.com/ quang tran dao

    “Senbatsu members for JKT48’s Flying Get singleSOURCETeam J:

    Ayana Shahab, Devi Kinal Putri, Ghaida Farisya, Haruka Nakagawa, Jessica Vania, Jessica Veranda, Melody Nurramdhani Laksani (Center), Nabilah Ratna Ayu Azalia, Rezky Whiranti Dhike, Sendy Ariani, Shania Junianatha
    Team KIII :

    Alicia Chanzia, Cindy Yuvia, Ratu Vienny Fitrilya, Shinta Naomi, Viviyona Apriani”

    huh? Where’s Akicha?

    • random

      maybe akicha will be back to akb in this feb concert

    • Afitrahim Rasad

      i think they don’t put akicha because there’s a possibility that her concurency will be revoked and she’ll back on AKB at Grand Concert

      • Akiriku

        So.. the time has come, I’ve been quite long time expecting her real return. That’s good, so we can no longer hoping her presence in theater show, we all know that there’s only her silhouette in JKT -since the beginning-, I though she’s already being forgotten there..

        • tomomo

          well, can wait for grand reformation…….. are there new member to JKT48? hahahahahaha can help my curiousity

          • Akiriku

            I hope that won’t happen again, I fear there’ll be a member that has the same fate as Akicha.

          • kevinMario

            Harugon did show the other 48 members that if you TRY your hardest, your efforts will not go to waste. I hope some members can see her as an example if any of them did get transferred.

          • Akiriku

            Yes, she did, she was given the opportunity. Akicha is my oshi, I’ve been monitoring her presence in JKT since the beginning, and not like Harugon, Akicha tried it but still didn’t get it. Looks like it has been planned..

          • tomomo

            well, we don’t know future….. maybe there is a 48G member in Japan want to get new environment like Harugon did……..
            I think there are some fans pro and contra about international transfer but as long as i see, Harugon give positive influence to JKT48….

  • Ryan

    Nice Write Afit! Welcome to the club ! ^^

    • Afitrahim Rasad

      Thank’s i hope i can be as update as fast as i can regarding the news

      • tomomo

        well, thanks for JKT48 update hahahhaha

  • random

    i don’t know but i hope Akicha, Rena should be more focus in AKB rather than JKT. because concurrent position with different Country is kinda hard Orz

  • novakayne27

    Welcome Afit… Look forward to your post since Harugon is my 48g Kami-Oshi… Its hard trying to find info on her lately so im looking forward to your work

    • Afitrahim Rasad

      thank’s i hope my article will give you much information about harugon and her activities at JKT48

  • novakayne27

    Honestly believe that Harugon is going to win the Sousenkyo for the 6th single, Cant wait to possibly see her center JKT first original single

    • Afitrahim Rasad

      looking at her votes at previous voting competition (pajama drive revival & calendar senbatsu),there’s a high possibility she’ll win but her fans must beware of the power of votes from underrated members fans,they can easily dethrone the top members

    • xcrossfacekillahx

      I want her to win too. I feel that she needs this win if she isn’t going back to AKB.

  • Eshtar

    just a small correction, Afit, it’s Eshtar not Esthar ^^ <<< hahahahahahha
    Good job, btw, keep it up!

    • Afitrahim Rasad

      thanks, sorry about that i” corrected later on

  • http://hotmanism.wordpress.com/ Hotmanism Choi!!!

    OMG .. Sendy Ariani made into senbatsu.. one of the best vocal in JKT48 made into senbatsu.. FINALLY those morons in JOT realize it…

    Welcome Sendy Ariani to Senbatsu JKT48… and i personally will vote for her in JKT48’s 1st Senbatsu Election..


    and welcome Afit to AKB48wrapup’s family… Break A Leg Brohhh!

    • Afitrahim Rasad

      thanks, well yes sendy is one of the best vocal in JKT,her duet with stella in temodemo no namida in Pajama Drive Revival was marvellous,i hope that she get more chance to show her vocal abilities

      • benimaru

        Sendy is not one of the best vocal in JKT, she is the best vocal of 48g. Even if all the 48girls try to make a choir against Sendy alone, Sendy will still win. Maybe Hotmanism Choi is right, JOT seems full of idiots that do not know what real skill is.

        • kevinMario

          Have you heard of Iwasa Misaki?

          It’s fine to like and support a member, but to be blinded in the process is not ok. Do your research first before making a statement. I’ve heard Sendy sing and while she IS good, I personally don’t think she can hold her ground against Wasamin.

          • novakayne27

            LOL… Yeah, Sendy is a monster vocalist but there is some stiff competition of real singers in 48G…Wasamin may be the best competition since Masuda is not here anymore but i agree that its not clear cut who is the best vocalist is

          • benimaru

            not to be rude sir, but i know who misaki is, and i also have her enka album from my cousin in haneda (a real one, not the download one) :) i already did my research, that is why i am completely conscious when typing my statement.

            for a recording voice, wasamin is good. but if you try to hear her live voice, Sendy still overrule wasamin. if you want a more objective comparison, if i’m not wrong, there is a discussion in one of 2ch thread about who is the best voice of 48g, and like us here, they also compare Sendy and Misaki. try to visit the forum if you have spare time.

            and yes, you are right, all of my words were a mere personal thought. not to disrespect, but no one ask anyone to agree with my post :)

          • kevinMario

            Haha, I guess we can agree to disagree – would you be so kind to link us to the 2ch thread? Would be really interesting to hear what they have to say about Sendy :3

            What got me from your previous comment was this:

            Even if all the 48girls try to make a choir against Sendy alone, Sendy will still win

            I guess I wasn’t ready to accept a fellow fan to call other girls in 48g crap singers? ^^;

          • tomomo

            yup, you’re right hahahahaha
            still everyone has their own opinion …..
            well, i like how sendy sing. She has potential……. Hope more people can understand her potential

  • yahyajani

    How to vote?? still the same with previous voting competition (pajama drive revival & calendar senbatsu) by using sms polling???

    • Afitrahim Rasad

      no official annoucement yet,but Hits record in their twitter said just wait for the 5th single

  • Dioo

    what will japanese wotas do too akicha and rena in this senkyo? betting everything on them as AKB’s representatives? and will nabilah outrank melody? and will akicha get that 33.000 votes from the last senkyo again at the JKT senkyo?

  • http://twitter.com/karmillina Senpai Magica

    This sounds exciting! I want them to have an original song for once. Seeing the overseas groups do only covers is getting tiring! I think JKT deserves a lot more.

  • MOMO

    Hello AFIT! Thank you for your post! I am a big JKT48 international fan and I hope to see more from you! ^^ <3