Oshima Yuko announced her graduation from AKB48

  January 1, 2014

AKB48 Oshima Yuko announced her graduation on Kouhaku


I personally don’t think that any of us can say that we didn’t see this coming.

Yuko had a great year in 2012/2013 with a lot of national TV appearances, the highlight of which her being casted with SMAP’s Takuya Kimura as the main characters of the TV drama Ando Llyod.

During last night’s AKB48 performance on the 64th NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen, right after Koisuru Fortune Cookie part finished and just before Heavy Rotation started, she announced her graduation with a big smile on her face. Just like the one she had after her name was called on 2013’s general election.


AKB48 Oshima Yuko announced her graduation on Kouhaku
“There is one thing that I really want to tell everyone here…”
“I, Oshima Yuko, will graduate from AKB48.”


AKB48 Oshima Yuko announced her graduation on Kouhaku
“..and this is going to be my last stage at Kouhaku. I’ll sing with gratitude for all the supports I’ve received.””


Member reactions on stage

AKB48 Oshima Yuko announced her graduation on Kouhaku
Our soft-hearted soukantoku :'(


AKB48 Oshima Yuko announced her graduation on Kouhaku
Akarin and Rena


AKB48 Oshima Yuko announced her graduation on Kouhaku
Another shot of souchan


AKB48 Oshima Yuko announced her graduation on Kouhaku
Sasshi and Kawaei still in a state of shock


From our Twitter feed:

Sashihara Rino   1/1 2014 3:11

Yuko-chan announced her graduation…

It was impossible to hold tears in my eyes.
Now I settled a bit, but am still unable figure out all things happened.

Yuko-chan has been an emotional pillar for all of us in AKB48 Group. When times get tough, Yuko-chan is smiling and leading us from the forefront.
Yuko-chan has been always working frantically, headlining the group, and I Sashihara believes that the fact we have her in this band assures members to have luxury to go with their distinctive characters (and that the whole band won’t go out of balance because of that), not to mention that includes none other than my character itself.

I’m a little bit concerned that AKB48 Group would lose it’s focus and intensity or a sense of tension after she leaves.
We don’t yet know when her actual graduation take place, but we members just need to discuss with each other to unify our opinions and visions.

The rest of the video is watchable on the link below:

  • Bobby Priyantono Sokarijo

    nope that came as an suprise. the last suprise of 2013…

  • UncleFan

    What a nightmare. I was already calling them “AKB47” after Mariko bailed…

  • shahou

    I’m so…. ._________________.

  • Riiin

    I’m so glad that she is leaving with a smile on her face though.
    The next chapter of AKB is truly beginning. Let’s hope for a bright one!

  • Alca_traz

    Sooner or later. shocked ? yep. but i’ll keep supporting her 🙂

  • novakayne27

    So happy shes graduating, I loved her but its time for the new generation to take over… I cant wait for all the original gen members to graduate and see if the group can still maintain its success with the new members

    So does that mean that Shimada will be the next captain, the way its going its highly possible to have a completly 9th gen lead AKB… Yuihan is already Team A leader, Shimada seems like the most obvious choice for Team K, and Minarun and Komari are both highly likely to lead Team B whenever Umeda decides to leave

    • Dioo

      how about mocchi? people said that she’s the captain figure when yuko’s not around and when i watch team K LOD’s (actually just to see rena) she’s the one who’s taking the lead coz yuko baerly show up in team K shows except for some important shows

      • novakayne27

        Mocchi is a 4th gen and in the same age range of Yuko so I dont think they would make somebody like her a captain when she possibly could graduate in the near future… People also say that Shimada is basically attached to Yuko’s hip and is the one who usually fills in Yuko on wuts going on with the team and helps run the team as well… Shimada actually wants to be captain and always did ever since the original team 4 when she lost out to Minarun… Going with Shimada and having her control the rebuilding phase of Team K is smart cause shes experienced it when she was temp captain of the fresh formed original Team 4

        • Dioo

          oh yeah. and it also prevents the possibilities of a team to change into many captains and don’t have a strong captain figure that will be captain until the team reshuffles

        • pyramix

          I agree with you. While Mocchi do seems realiable enough to be a captain but to hold the team as it is now and not to lose the colour & character of Team K, Shimada is the best option. Members of team K always refer her character a lot similar to the original team K. While Shimada leading, Mocchi support her by holding the other members together. It’s the best combination so far. I’ve been watching Team K theater performance a lot this lately, and fan will notice how warm the communications flow when Mocchi or Shimada is there. After Yuko, probably the emotional pillar for team K is Shimada.

  • mushy

    i kinda felt it coming with how the say yuko reaching the highest point she can in akb but it still came as a surprise with how sudden she announced it

  • tw

    My heart’s bleeding

  • diego100590

    “this is unacceptable!”
    (AKBINGO – Acchan about Jurina)

  • Kojiyuu <3

    I am very sad, but I wish she would succeed her on the path to the selected

  • darina

    i think kojiharu will leave soon too

  • Xiaoken

    What about the sub-unit Not Yet?
    Are they gonna disband?

  • NGK

    akb group is a sick group with such short skirt dancing around, bad singing voice, erotic clothing and dancing steps. Totally unsuitable for children to watch, suitable for those uncle.

    • kevinMario

      So? Tell me something I don’t know.
      If you don’t like them, then don’t watch them, end of story.

  • NGK

    This is really sick… what is national Idol where this is the temporary stage for them before some of them become jobless, no future, no promising future career and worst some of ex-AKB turn into AV actor, .. and bunch of Idol Otaku out there from worldwide..

  • Akb and 1D

    I’ll support her forever…But I’m gonna miss her in Akb…My oshimen…♥

  • PHL

    Always smile. It’s Yuko. I thought she would graduate before Acchan, but now it’s time. Yuko should start to pursue her acting career. She will be an excellent actress. I’ll continue supporting her and watch every single movie she joins.

  • Yagashi aria x

    I’m so sad even tough she wasn’t my oshimen I’m still gonna miss her first acchan then tomochin mariko and I’m feeling kojiharu’s graduation too I know that they cannot stay forever but it’s very different without them on stage but yuko always wanted to graduate to become an actress I have to be honest I preferred her as an actress since she appeared in a lot of drama’s but she is also one of the funniest and a great center and dancer in akb48 I hope she does well after she graduates