AKB48 33rd Senbatsu! and a bunch of other news!

  September 9, 2013
  1. AKB48 33rd Senbatsu
  2. Iwata Karen is crazy over “Attack on Titans”
  3. Shinoda Mariko interview
  4. Maeda Atsuko X Milky

Because of heavy rain, the filming was postponed by one day,

  • http://gocchisama.tumblr.com/ quang tran dao

    lovetan? It completely took me by surprise…

  • https://twitter.com/TheHamzter Thë Hãmstër

    LOL Karen Yeager is just plain AWESOMEEEE!!!!

  • novakayne27

    Tanochan fo life!!!!!!!!!!! She should have gotten mvp for this episode

  • Saki -chan

    LOL rambutan? that fruit is hella delicious XD

  • Der Kaiser Zennedy

    I heard the news that Nakamata Shiori announces her graduation already..
    well, being into Waseda, her future is more bright that what an idol can bring~

    • kevinMario

      To be honest I kind of expected her to graduate sooner or later, Waseda is a top-ranking university, and with AKB’s schedule, no matter how bright you are, you will have trouble balancing studies and work…. well, let’s wish her all the best for the future – an ex-national idol with brains, imagine what kind of places such resume will take her to!!! ;D

  • SophieShiori

    Whoa bride jurina is unrecognisable and yet amazingly beautiful too…

  • janus_norse

    Reading Mariko’s interview caused my heart to clench. Don’t get me wrong I still love AKB48 but the first and second generation will always be special to me (I also find myself looking at AKB’s old photographs and videos). Just to share, these days when I surf the net I usually am excited for any news concerning people or groups I support…but these days before I check on AKB48 news I unconsciously brace myself for bad news like graduations. Hope the new gen and fans value the remaining time they have with the founding members… and support all their future projects! :)

  • cksdayoff

    kitagawa ryoha could be the next big thing

  • PassingBy

    a bounch of disgusting geek.