This just in – JKT48 will release Koisuru Fortune Cookie at the same time as AKB48???

  July 4, 2013


Tonight was the last day of the series of JKT48 concerts throughout 5 big cities in Indonesia. Based on reports from people on the ground and various Twitter channels, towards the end of the concert, there were a few announcements via some pre-recorded VTRs.

One of the announcements stated that JKT48 –at the same time as AKB48– will be releasing AKB48’s 32nd single, Koisuru Fortune Cookie.

How this will work, only God and Aki-P knows.

Who knows, maybe that silly girl that took #1 at Nissan Stadium last month has something to do with this sudden announcement as well?


This article will be updated when (or if) there is an official announcement from JKT48 Official Team or from AKS. However, for the time being, it’s either that the guys at Tennis Indoor Senayan tonight were too dehydrated and started hallucinating at the same time, or it’s another surprise from the 48 group for us fans.

Recording of the Announcement from the concert

How would you react to this if this was, in fact, true?
Or maybe you were there tonight in person, witnessing Sasshi and Takamina on the VTR? Let us know your thoughts!

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  • Antonius Jimmy

    maybe it’s just a kidding from sasshi…
    well if it’s true..
    JKT48 will be the first group that released the newest cover song from AKB48..
    SNH48,.. where are you~???

    • Wendy Marvell

      lost in space

      • Eshtar

        don’t be like that. It is hard to find English pages for SNH/Japanese pages for SNH as most of it is strictly Chinese.

        They just lost one of their 2nd generation Applicant that died from cancer. I’m sorry for their lost.

    • guest

      SNH? Haha what you talking friend? Obviously you can never hear about SNH as frequent as the other groups. Why? Because the China internet is in a diffrent world of its own. Censorship is very prevalent there. For example, youtube is banned, thats why they cant create youtube channel. Twitter and Facebook is also banned, I dont know about Google+ though. So having this in mind how can you expect there to be any news of them? They are just stuck there in China using their own local system like Weibo.

      • Antonius Jimmy

        yeah, i know that.
        but, you know,.. there are some “China based video posting website” just like Youtube.
        and it’s updated very well.
        but i still can’t find more news about SNH.
        they’re just like this site.
        sorry….if i’m wrong

  • kadenza wijaya

    Takamina said she can’t wait to come back to Jakarta, together with Rena-chan. It’s not clear what it means. Though I think one of the member (Kinal?) said that AKB will come to Asia again (cross fingers for everyone in this region :))

    And yes, Sasshi showed up on VTR, said memancing, and then announced JKT will also launch Koisuru single at same time as AKB in Japan. Not very clear what it really means though.

  • kleinrock

    It’s confirmed by Nabilah (Ayu-chin) in her Twitter.

  • nono

    JKT KFC single will be release at the same time as AKB48 KFC in August 21st
    –that what i hear and saw from the sashi VTR

    • guest

      Hmm I even suspect from now onwards this will be a permanent thing whereby each time AKB release a single it will be released also by JKT of course in a translated version. So I got a feeling this wont be the only case. This means they wont only be singing translated older singles but also of the latest ones.

      • アクター ビールマンダ

        I suppose it doesn’t matter, it’s just that they need to know the economic differences between these two countries, so they aren’t haphazard in doing so..

  • kevinMario

    This move makes sense though since there’s no point doing this with other sister groups that speaks the same language (Japanese) – it’ll just be SKE or NMB version of KFC with different vocals.

    JKT48 on the other hand, has a steady fan-base and a different mother tongue / language, hence even if it’s the same song, it will be almost as if they’re two different songs – a steady fan-base acts as a safety net so that productions costs will at least be covered if this move doesn’t end well.

    I reckon IF SNH48 has a fanbase as big as JKT48 or even close to that, they will do this with a Chinese version as well. It’s unfortunate that their growth is a bit hindered, but the new theatre (due in August) can hopefully act as a catalyst.

    Aki-P… I wonder if he sleeps at night with so much things to think about like these.

    • kadenza wijaya

      I am curious how big of a fanbase in SNH48. My impression is that the wota community in China is larger than in Indonesia, and thus SNH48. And seems deeper pocket / wota too :).

      Or is it because JKT is under direct management of AKS, while SNH is kind of different, franchising, model?

      • guest

        Well I am guessing fanbase must be big. There must be lots of wota there as well who also enjoy AKB48 at first then turn to SNH once its set up last year just like it is with JKT wota. But the thing is SNH cant spread out to the outside of their country because of lack of medium as a result of those restrictions by the government.

        I dont know whether its AKS who directly control SNH its because the speculation last year was that its not since all Japanese related staff were not present/banned at that time. SNH was also set up during the period where anti Japanese was flaring up in China. We will never know the truth who really control it because all parties involved are keeping quiet.

        Finally I am guessing that all those local managements have autonomy on what they will do thats why we have JKT here doing all this surprising stuff/events. Knowing this I dont know what the SNH management are planning if there is any. What I know is they are building their own theater from scratch unlike the other groups which only occupies spaces of existing buildings. If this is true then their theater will b the biggest among all of them and also the grandest of all besides Chinese like to make big structures.

        • kadenza wijaya

          thanks sir :)

    • Guest

      Well, there’s nothing wrong with releasing the same song.
      But why at the same time?
      Can’t they wait for a month or two months, maybe?

    • Neverback-48

      Well, there’s nothing wrong with releasing the same song.
      But why at the same time?
      Can’t they wait for a month or two months, maybe?
      Sorry for bad english

  • winxred12

    This is exciting! I don’t think it will affect AKB negatively do there nothing to worry about there. I really like this song, it actually might even be a better fit for Indonesia than Japan.

    • guest

      Nah dont worry. No harm will be done.

  • Wendy Marvell

    I dont care about JKT and KFC sounds bland and boring to me but they should
    atleast wait a couple of months before doing this.

    • Pimpim Laborsky

      Sampeyan kaya yen sengit JKT (:

    • diooooo

      if they said sasshi’s the one who’s announced this, this means it’s a direcrt order from japan itself.. the members just known when they saw the VTR

    • アクター ビールマンダ

      Yeah.. I think this is too fast, they had just started a new songs, there should be a distance about three to five months before starting another, moreover this is AKB latest single.

      • guest

        Which is why I am suspecting the management is given autonomy on the decisions.

  • Flying Spaggetti

    JKT should do the sped up version.

  • si bos

    well, concert in senayan, yuuhi wo miteiruka, pajama drive DVD, and now KFC. they fuck my wallet of.

    • diooooo

      i know how you feel… i can’t even afford a ticket to the concert -,-

    • guest

      Hahaha you see the power of the INdonesian fans. Its all about the market where it operates as such in INdonesia, faster pace then in Japan. Imagine 2 singles within 2 months. Where can you get any crazier than that?

  • Pimpim Laborsky

    aku luwih JKT wis dhewe tunggal lagu, amarga Japan musik lan lagu ora bisa ditampa dening masyarakat wutuh ing Indonesia

    • Eshtar

      Please use english. You won’t help anyone by using Javanese and your thoughts won’t be expressed, which is almost the same as not commenting.

      • アクター ビールマンダ

        I thought it’s not Javanese, but Sundanese. Okay, it doesn’t really matter, actually I’ve already reminded him before, but was ignored. Hopefully he can understand and be aware of this..

        • Eshtar

          I am Sundanese but what he said in this post was definitely in Javanese (ah, we can’t see it as it is deleted) and what he said in other post is in Sundanese. Hahahahahaha

          whichever, I understand both and yeah, I hope he reflects. Let us prevent such thing happening again. 😛

          • アクター ビールマンダ

            I see.. He’s so absurd.. (^__^)

  • Flying Getto

    Complete Bullshit

    • jigoku koe

      take it easy, boy

    • guest

      why so upset? I dont see the harm,its just another translated song. the only diffrence is that its a new song instead of old song.

  • throw_away_account

    is the jkt hatred / diss still around ?, come on get over it, it doesn’t make you cooler , stop being snob/hipster fans…

  • Saki -chan

    With this being the first Sasshi/HKT center for AKB single, and Mariko’s (probably Tomochin’s too) last single for AKB, I hope they will not do this -.- Even though the song is nothing special (LOL) but at least please commemorate this single for Sasshi and Mariko sama T-T

    • adonisklein

      I’m a Mariko oshi, but i don’t really think there is any negative damage to the AKB ones. The only problem is the fans with elitist attitude who don’t want AKB to be compared with JKT, saying that if the two of them release the single at the same time the single would be not so special anymore. JKT haven’t got their own original song for almost 2 years! At least let them have some joy too!

      • guest

        Well lets face it, I am actually surprised nobody ever think what could b the reason JKT havent got their own single. The answer is dilemma. See JKT is a overseas sister group. All this while the one who penned all the lyrics is Aki-p. So with this in mind if JKT is to have their own song, who will write it and in what language will it be? Indonesian? If you let an Indonesian write it then it will lose the Japanese flavour of the song because for sure an Indonesian lyric writer will not have the same taste or sound like AKi-p. Then you throw the ball back to Aki-p to ask him to write a song for JKT but then Aki-p couldnt write in Indonesian. So you are left with JKT singing translated songs instead. It has Japanese flavour and its translated to Indonesian. So with this in mind I dont think ever they will have their own song unless they cease to be connected to AKB as sister group.

        • kevinMario

          Exactly what I have in mind – you beat me to it.

          Aki-P will not let a mere Indonesian write a song a 48 group, he did let one guy wrote a song for OKL48 and some girls to write songs for their solo projects or sub-units, but as far as I know, no one has ever created a song good enough that he deem worthy to be a 48 group song (lyric wise)

          This is also the dilemma of why some sister groups are still doing revival stages instead of their own stage (take a look at HKT with their HKT Legend stage which comprises of recycled songs + only some of their singles)

        • adonisklein

          I DO think like that, do i seem complaining about JKT not getting any original single? No. I’m complaining how the elitist fans react negatively to JKT’s KFC even though JKT haven’t really got their own song to be proud of, and that’s it.

        • KANaru

          You and I have the same opinion. I’m with you brother. I’ve been wondering why most people just cannot ever think about this simple fact.

        • KANaru

          Do not forget. IF JKT48 ever got their own original song, then SNH will ask for the same later

  • Enrico A.

    Saw the announcement too, and yes, in the VTR Sasshi said KFC will be released at Japan and Indonesia at the same time, and ended it with “MEMANCING~” *reeling lure gesture*

    Crazy? Since when 48 group is NOT crazy?

  • CesarYaKaori

    whatever jkt or akb starts before, I just wanna see KOISURU FORTUNE COOKIE

    • CesarYaKaori

      lah ini yang komen orang indo semua sih?

  • no one

    Sorry to interupt the ongoing discussions but I could not help but wonder if it’s just coincidence or it’s a deliberate move to have this concurrent launch of AKB48’s version of “Koisuru Fortune Cookies” with the JKT48 version of the song… I just found it interesting that the song title is being popularly referred to as “KFC” which of course is also the anagram of a famous fried chicken franchise known as “Kentcuky Fried Chicken”… If you think about it, JKT48 is a “franchise” of AKB48… In this aspect, the historical relationship of AKB48 and JKT48 can be compared to any franchises in existance… Following the same model from “start-up” to “growth”, JKT48 also started with versions of “existing” AKB songs then gradually move to concurrent song releases… So all in all, the JKT franchise is just following the standard of any other franchises… Like I said, this is just conjecturing on my part based…

  • aku menginginkan

    Mudah2an nanti JKT48 ada di iklan KFC, jadi album JKT48 bisa dibeli di KFC. gak perlu jauh-jauh ke teater,

    • Meow :3

      Well, KFC is not that Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant. But it’s the abbreviation (umm? IDK) of Koisuru Fortune Cookie…

  • Batman

    Haruka is the center of the Indonesian version of Koisuru Fortune Cookie.