[ WrapUp Post ] JKT48’s Koisuru Fortune Cookie Center is Harugon! Matsui Jurina’s new fringe and SKE48’s New Stages!

  July 29, 2013

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Soooo… without further ado~!

JKT48 Koisuru Fortune Cookie Center Haruka Nakagawa

Nakagawa Haruka (Twitter) 7/22

Good evening…
I’m assuming everyone knows by know eh?hahah
I’ll be the center of JKT48’s new single
I’m so happy!! but scared at the same time…

Nakagawa Haruka (Twitter) 7/22

Good evening…
I’ve got to DIET… yaaa…
Because I’ll be the center in the new single..hahaha
I can’t possibly be fat there! It’ll be horrible :) hahah

JKT48 Koisuru Fortune Cookie Center Haruka Nakagawa

Nakagawa Haruka (G+) 7/22

Good afternoon everyone!

I have something to tell everyone today…

AKB48’s new single is Koisuru Fortune Cookie !!!
JKT48’s new single will be the same!

I’m sure everyone knows that the center for AKB’s version is Sashihara Rino :)

and for JKT’s version of Koisuru Fortune Cookie, I will be the center!!haha…

I’m really happy!!!
Thank you very much everyone…

But, being a center is hard, you know…
I’m scared…

But I want to be center..

I’ve to try harder, have to be prettier…

I’m going to try my best, so everyone, I’m hoping for your support!

Snippet from JKT48’s MV shoot

Matsui Jurina 7/28 13:57

Hi everyone, it’s been a while ☆ I cut my fringe \(^o^)/ it’s the shortest its ever been up until now ♪
Matsui Jurina's New Fringe is super cute!!!

Matsui Jurina's New Fringe is super cute!!!


Suda Akari 7/28 13:58

I should be calling you Jurina-san now ー♪

Katou Rumi 7/28 13:58

It suits you (((o(゚▽゚)o)))

It’s probably the first time I’ve seen Jurina with fringe
Too much light!Personally, I would love to see her with long hair just like how she was back then…I think she’s cuter this way! Her fringe (styles) recently were really wonderfulThis is not something we can confirm without video confirmation!TOOO PRETTY!
She’ll be even more famous!
Seeing this made me feel 10 years younger! lolololI prefer that long style when she first started
Long Haired Jurina Matsui

Source: Matomember

  • ☆ serpent ☆

    Jurina’s new haircut is really cute, it suits her better, I suppose, I don’t know if it’s an idol thing but they do look good with any haircut they get

  • Der Kaiser Zennedy

    I’m fine with her previous hairstyle but its about time she changes her hairstyle..
    Juri now had that “fresh” look again!!
    I think Yuko need change her hairstyle too, she had that “offices lady” hairstyle for a while now, after went all crazy with it at the Tokyo Dome~ XD

  • cksdayoff

    Jurina needs to grow out her long hair again, though she does look cute with her new hair style.

    • novakayne27

      Yeah, i question the logic in wut made fans vote for these stages that got picked.. KII def has the worst stage

      • Eshtar

        K6 got picked thanks to the name, RESET, that totally fits the current condition of the whole group. Plus, many Jurina-oshi fans pick K6 thinking of Jurina’s health so as not to make her work too hard (since she had her concurrent since K6, that is why she doesn’t need to train so hard)

        I think B5 is a good stage, though not as “kami” as K stage or H, so perhaps the weakest stage among the three. However, I think KII can work on it to make it theirs and actually I am looking forward to it. They have really quirky members this time and I think this can be a great team. B5th was picked thanks to the variety of its songs (it seems it is fighting the first place with Mokugekisha, the cool stage, in the vote, from my observation)

        H1 is a labor to tackle but it is inherently a kami setlist, Boku no Taiyou. It will be easy to like, but hard to dye IMO. Good luck to E!

  • noodles

    I thought it was a pic of Matsui Rena…until I read the op

  • Hugh B Hayve

    I saw most of each team’s shonichi and even though some of the songs they need to work on for the most part the performances were great and full of energy. The best songs from my point of view were, RESET which made me want to get up and dance, Seifuku Resistance was a work of art with Yuria as center. Itoshisa no Defense, Yukko finally has a unit song to be center of and she’s awesome, and Kiseki wa ma ni awanai was great even though Jurina fumbled the hat she recovered nicely (she’s injured, cut her some frickin slack!). I look forward to seeing Harugon as center of KFC JKT48, she has really dedicated herself to the transfer and deserves being rewarded with the position.

  • Kaguya Miyazuki

    ahhh harugon as center~~ she’s finally getting SOMEthing! She’s really enthusiastic about being involved in JKT so I’m glad she’s center, it’ll be interesting! ^^~
    that last pic of jurina <3 honestly, I think the part in the middle with long hair, her debut style was very cute on her not many people can pull it off but she looks GORGEOUS in anything!

  • novakayne27

    Still dont like the K6 reset for Team S… They dont have that image to me

  • novakayne27

    HARUGON!!!!!! CENTER!!!!! My AKB kami-oshi finally got the center spot…. And no Gon, u can never look fat, eat as much as u want :)

  • Antonius Jimmy

    Why you so cute??..it’s very suits her..
    i’ve been poisoned by that photo from yesterday..

  • chibiairin

    I’ve seen all the new stages and gotta say, I freaking love team E’s H1, the best stage out of them all, Lay Down performance is hot as hell plus Itoshisa no Defense with Yukko as the center is really awesome. As much as I love KII, Theater no Megami’s stage doesn’t really suit them well(yet), the only unit that managed to catch my attention was HaruTamu, Rumi, Aya unit, Churi did a good job in her solo though I was expecting Airin to get that song tbh. As for Team S, it didn’t really leave an impression on me yet though I gotta say Manatsu and Yuria as the frontliners in team S is really great.

  • diooo

    rena suits idol nante more

  • Wendy-

    LOL Jurina changing her hairstyle made it into news
    Ego-chan with Masana and Akisun in the same unit… how dangerous
    Team S did an awesome job, Churi Yokaze is lol but it can improve,
    Airin in Arashi no Yoru is awesome then add Neesan, Mikotti and Koami

    btw Manatsu did really improved, i was watching Team S shonichi and
    i was thinking what happen to her the whole time

  • Eshtar

    Team S with K6 is *amazing*. I suggest everyone to watch it. Personally, I think it doesn’t need to necessarily be better, I think RESET with team S is different with K, they doubled the energy and make it S. the first song RESET totally kicks it and I don’t even have any problem with the signature Uhho Uhhoho as their energy was tremendous. Performance wise with all the energy and synchronicity, I think S is still the best among the three, though the MC performance dropped from how lively S used to be. Well, with all the graduation, it is to be expected. However, having Yuria taking the lead on the MC is always nice and Yuria was an amazing center. Manatsu also leveled up her charm. I was breathless in Dokugumo with her first verse. S is the performance team as it is now, an amazing one too. S is literally a powerhouse.

    Team KII has to work on their own color but BOY their MC surely went skyrocketing with all those girls, even Akarin said that the whole team was just wtf (tho she isn’t one to say that lol. Maimai had a base to said it tho haha). The most lively MC ever in the history of KII, this is amazing. They did great with the upbeat song (with usual KII energy, tho not quite as tidy as S but with THAT bright energy KII always have), but the slow song, I think they don’t get the hang of it yet. Akane could do better, and she knew it, as seen in her depressed G+ and blog tone. She has a good voice and she should work on it. I am actually wishing for Miepi to do it. Airin is PERFECT in Arashi no Yoru ni wa. Team KII oshi though, was sooooooo interesting!!!! I laughed my ass off all the while and I bet they did have fun making it, considering all the dorks in KII now. KII is a warm team as always. They still can’t really get the hang on B5th, but I should say I love the warm atmosphere the most out of all the teams.

    Team E is weakest of them all IMO, though they are filled with young, promising members so I am expecting a great boost in the months to come (and Rena should stop overthinking things…) Yukko in Itoshisha was hot, amazing XDDD. Other than that, I cannot say I am pleased with the placing of the members in the unit. I am expecting Nao in Higurashi no Koi but ah well. Rion though, got a nice place and can lash out her vocal anytime with the unit. Lay down was hot as always but the rest, Team E can do better. I love seeing Yukko and Nan leading the MC and for me they did okay. Let us see the months to come. I think Team E can really work on it and be the future stars of SKE. They don’t have that much different feel with old E, but they sure get a great boost in dancing. :)

    That was all. Sorry for the long comment yet again.

  • atalante

    lol Jurina haircut was reported on japan news TV. lol

  • guest

    Come to think of it, turns out to be smart move by Harugon. Ironic isnt it? She rejected to participate in the Election back then. Now without going through all that she becomes center for the very same song those girls in the Election are competing to be in. How crazy is that? Hahaha. Of course it will be in a different language version though.