JKT48 2nd Single Release 「Apakah Kau Melihat Mentari Senja?」

  July 1, 2013

Yesterday, 30th of June 2013, at Surabaya JKT48 Solo Concert, the JKT48 Operation Team announced that they will release JKT48’s new single with the Title of ” Yuuhi wo Miteiruka? / Apakah Kau Melihat Mentari Senja?” on July 3rd 2013, during the 「Perkenalkan, Nama Kami JKT48」 concert in Jakarta.

There will be two type of the single, the “Regular Type” and “Theater Type”. There has been no more details released regarding the content of the two types.

The Senbatsu members chosen for this single are:

– Melody Nurramdhani Laksani

– Shania Junianatha

– Jessica Veranda

– Haruka Nakagawa

– Nabilah Ratna Ayu Azalia

– Ratu Vienny Fitrilya

– Rona Anggreani

– Shinta Naomi

– Cindy Yuvia

– Natalia

With Akicha not within the line up, there will be various opinions regarding this single. With that in mind, what is your opinion? Share with us here!

Source : JKT48 2nd Single Special Page

  • Kris Lois Delmo

    Why wasn’t Akicha included in the senbatsu? Is it because of her activities in AKB?

    • Anonymous

      maybe… as we already know that she is busy since last month seusenkyo and AKB’s activities while other JKT’s members have prepared this MV. Honestly, I have a bit disappointment too, but I’m sure that there was a reason from management to this decision. Keep support Akicha and JKT48 :) and 48family too 😀

      • bitterman

        yeah, i think so. The management don’t want take a risk if Akicha too busy on Japan. I think the management want o try new formula in this new single…..

    • diooooo

      yes, i think so, and the singke’s senbatsu is only 10. if she’s included then everytime it’s performed on tv tkhere will always be unders for akicha and it will looks like the under is senbatsu

  • guest

    so this site is gonna turn into jkt48 site? i don’t mind but I WANT SOME AKB NEWS TOO… where is Tommy?

    • Wendy Marvell



      • cksdayoff


        • Wendy Marvell

          I enjoyed Chibi Airin so much (Her Chibi Airin need to go viral)
          I dont mind them making a post about how gay SKE is

        • Wendy Marvell

          I enjoyed Chibi Airin so much (Her Chibi Airin need to go viral)
          I dont mind them making a post about how gay SKE is. And how
          SKE is just Rena harem, or how she act creepy with Manatsu
          and other Lolis

          • cksdayoff

            Rena’s creepiness is one of her charm points. I love how she can’t contain herself and hold in her wide ear to ear smile whenever loli mode kicks in
            I agree, I was waiting for the Utsukushii article but it never happened :(

            I also visit Onehallyu’s akb thread often but I only lurk. Its a really good thread though

          • Wendy Marvell

            People thinks Rena act like a princess but little did they know…
            she’s as creepy as Masana and Akisun.

            You should sometimes join. But you need a good ignoring
            skill since there’s a lot of Anti-AKB there

          • Eshtar

            I stand corrected. Rena is even creepier than Masana and Akisun. Hahahahahaha

    • bitterman

      JKT48 has many good newsgetter so there are many news from JKT48 in this forum…….

  • daburuaksyon

    in my opinion akicha not selected in this single because she not too good in bahasa pronunciation and its will look weird if she sing this song because this song is very slow

  • Wendy Marvell

    Full of JKT news

  • KK-san

    More AKB news please! I’m not that interested in JKT, sorry T__T

    • vika

      maybe JKT news have a good rating, so they (admin) choose them… o[^-^”]o

      btw, I think this new single MV is quiet cute :)

    • winxred12

      Since this blog is really more of a group48 group I see not reason why there shouldn’t be news of them here.

    • ken

      so many surprise from JKT this past week….i think this is good for those who do not know them..just like akicha said AKB48 is not everything in 48 group although i only pay attention to JKT48 recently…haha

    • Riiin

      Everything has already been decided and is happening in AKB right now. No new news has come up. But if JKT has important milestones happening, it should be known to everyone too. These aren’t just ‘Cindy drew a cute picture of the other members” thing– they made a whole new team and released a single =3=;

    • Aira Kojiru

      sombong loe… cuih’

      • Muhammad Fauzan Aziz


  • Pimpim Laborsky

    aranjeun teh nyariosna sing baraleg we atuh, da JKT ge sarua ieuh kaluarga 48

    • http://arc300.wordpress.com/ アクター ビールマンダ

      It’s better to use english.. so we can know your though.

      • sundaman

        im sorry for him. huhahahahaha

        • http://arc300.wordpress.com/ アクター ビールマンダ

          Yeah.. we can’t expect someone use Sundanese here. But, seems someone above me still don’t get it.. (* – -)

          • Pimpim Laborsky

            omong kosong

          • http://arc300.wordpress.com/ アクター ビールマンダ

            Okay, whatever you say.

    • ngrhrhrhgri

      ari maneh atuh belajar heula bahasa inggris jug.

  • novakayne27

    Dont take it the wrong way but, Akicha not being on the senbatsu just reflects her desire to return to Japan and be done with the whole JKT thing… She never really wanted to go to jakarta in the first place and never really made an effort to fit in or enjoy herself… Im actually happy shes not on the single, dont waste a spot on somebody who will take it for granted

  • tonarinobanana

    lmao bye akicha

    • bitterman


  • アメクン

    I don’t like this. It seems like Akicha is abandon in AKB and JKT at the same time. I mean, from what I heard, most JKT fans think that Akicha “doesn’t like” to be in JKT by looking from her face. With this matter it seems like it’s somehow a really glad decision for those kind of fans.

    • http://arc300.wordpress.com/ アクター ビールマンダ

      From which I noticed, since the first time Akicha joined JKT48, I already sensed a peculiarity. Compared to Haruka, she less frequently perform with JKT48. The fact is, around January until the end of April, she almost invariably not participate in many tv shows that involves JKT48. Until I knew that at the moment she was often in Japan than Indonesia. From there I think from the beginning she didn’t really devoted to being in JKT48 and now it is even more obvious..

  • sen no

    still about 48 family btw. it’s okay.
    keep supporting 48 family.
    if you don’t like one of them even just one member, stop call yourself wota/ota/48family’s fan.

    • kevinMario

      Listen to this guy, he speaks the truth

  • http://hotmanism.wordpress.com/ Hotmanism Choi!!!

    I Want Sendy on Senbatsu … hikz… btw haruka is soooo cuteeee when she sings in indonesia…

  • Harukanisme

    I love Takajo Aki-san and Haruka-san… did u know, Takajo san look like shining star when she’s performs with JKT :3 and Haruka san looks like sakura flower that make jkt more interesting :3, and sorry for my bad english hahaha…. =,=a