Yokoyama Yui is Team A’s New Captain! Members’ thoughts & pictures from Shinoda Mariko’s graduation at Fukuoka Yahoo Dome

  July 22, 2013

Sunday, 21st of July 2013 marked the calendar as one of the saddest days in the 48 Group history as 1.5 generation member Shinoda Mariko officially had her Graduation Ceremony at Fukuoka Yafuoku! Dome (福岡 ヤフオク!).

Togasaki Tomonobu 7/21 19:30

A superb “Mariko” call at the Dome!
Mariko’s shedding beautiful tears.
“I’ve always thought that I want to graduate as myself… I would like to be the Shinoda Mariko that everyone (in AKB48) can look up as a guiding beacon” – as expected, truly a wonderful, Shinoda-like speech.
Also, the new Team A Captain will be Yokoyama Yui.
Shinoda Mariko's Graduation at Fukuoka Dome
Shinoda Mariko's Graduation at Fukuoka Dome

Yuasa Hiroshi 7/21 19:31

it’s THAT time!

Team A Captain will be Yokoyama Yui.
Shinoda Mariko's Graduation at Fukuoka Dome
Shinoda Mariko's Graduation at Fukuoka Dome


Yuasa Hiroshi 7/22 01:51

Fukuoka Dome Concert
“There are still things that we have got to do” (The title of the dome tour)

Across these 2 days,
We were able to receive a lot of support and encouragement,
Until the very end, we are very, very grateful for your endless support for Shinoda-san.

Also Yokoyama (Yui), the newly appointed captain by Shinoda,
will also try her best to bring the best of AKB48.

We are truly delighted to be able to go to various places, and to be able to meet every one and each of you by doing so.

Tomorrow there will be a Special Performance at HKT’s theatre, so please look after the members that will be performing tomorrow!

Have a good night.

Shinoda Mariko's Graduation at Fukuoka Dome
Shinoda Mariko's Graduation at Fukuoka Dome
Shinoda Mariko's Graduation at Fukuoka Dome


Fan Reactions: Well.. it’s exactly like the predictions, but it’s fine that way!I thought they will be announcing this tomorrow?!As I thought, it’s Yuihan.
That’s quite appropriate!
Yokoyama Team A is starting (´;ω;`)Captain anointment is today, Yui-chan, congratulations!
Togasaki Tomonobu 7/21 20:02

Shinoda embracing the new captain, Yokoyama!

Matsui Sakiko 7/21 20:24

Yokoyama Captain!
I’ll support you!

Also with this… Fukuoka Dome Day 2 is finished!♪
Yokoyama Yui - New Captain of Team A!


Kikuchi Ayaka 7/21 20:42

2 consecutive days at Fukuoka DOme
we are safely finished!!!

Mariko-sama was shining really brightly 。゚(´つω•`。)゚。

I’m so moved I’m so moved I’m so moved.

Also Yuihan
Congratulations on being the new captain!
I’ll support you as hard as I can ~♡
Yokoyama Yui - New Captain of Team A!


Satou Sumire 7/21 19:51

Because there’s a change in Captaincy, Team A has became Yokoyama Team A! From now on, I’ll support Yui with all my strength (p`・ω・´q)♡
Yokoyama Yui - New Captain of Team A!

Suzuki Mariya 7/21 20:27

New Captain! Yui-chan!
Yui-chan, a reliable team-mate that I love very much – I’m really happy for you ♡

Even though she’s my junior, compared to me, she’s very straightforward and proper – I’ll follow her anywhere!!! ♡ I want to be your support!
Yokoyama Yui - New Captain of Team A!


Compared to when Paruru became center, I felt the ‘generation change’ feeling is stronger in this Yokoyama Captaincy change
Yokoyama Yui 7/21 21:21

Shinoda-san, congratulations on your graduation!

Tomorrow’s Team A (Theatre) Performance will really be the last, so I’ll see you tomorrow.

It was really beautiful!!

On top of that, from that beautiful Shinoda-san, there has been a captain nomination.

Yokoyama Team A.
I’m still not used to hearing that name.

Whilst looking at the back of Takahashi Soukantoku, together with all members of this Team A that I’ve been entrusted with, I will try my best to create a wonderful team!

So, from now on,
please support AKB48 Group as well as Yokoyama Team A!!


Source: Matomember 1, 2

  • Der Kaiser Zennedy

    Its quite a coincidence now all captain of AKB are from the former Akimoto Team K..

    Okaro must be proud~
    Akimoto’s Team K = The Cradle of Captains

    That is one of the legacy that Akigori can really be proud of when they talk about her contribution to AKB..
    “I’m making captains!!” <— I can imagined she'd say this proudly in interviews or in talk show after this..LOL

    plus, now Not Yet have 2 Captains, 1 General Managers, and 1 Brain trust (with all due respect to Kitarie) XD.. how awesome is that!!??

    • cksdayoff

      speaking of Not yet (best sub unit), still waiting patiently on their new single. Ace, Captain, Center, Hotty. Get the band back together plz

      • Der Kaiser Zennedy

        well, It all depends to their respective recording company I guess..from the pattern that i can see, taking all logistics and schedules of the members, now all sub units probably releases the singles at least once a year..

        No Sleeves releases their singles early this year+ Geesh problem, so don’t expect to hear news from them this year.. XD

        All the other sub units (Watarirouka, DIVA and Not Yet) were last releasing their singles last year, so..let’s pray they did again this year..
        and i’m not sure AnRiRe is the real sub-units or just one off things a la Chocolove or Team Dragon , either~

        plus, I’m looking forward to the Kenkyusei sub-units that been announced recently

        • kusanagiyui

          yeah, i guess everybody is hoping for the sub-unit’s to release new singles already… esp. NOT YET & DiVA for me… xD

      • Mario San

        i’m waiting for that too! and kitarie needs a place to shine as we dont know when or if she will be back in senbatsu…

  • cksdayoff

    it was only a matter of time until my oshi became captain. Yuihan leading the new gen, the way it’s suppose to be. So glad Iwata Karen and Haruppi are both in Team A, they’re gonna learn from the best

  • kusanagiyui

    ahh, ever since mariko-sama announced her graduation i was thinking who would be given the captain spot… and the first one that bulged out my mind was Honmayan… and, when i heard that mariko-sama appointed her last night… i thought “Honmayan!”… xD i mean, yuihan is not the showy type of person (i guess) and she’s still quite a mystery to me though i guess it’s her charms that gets me everytime… and i think she’ll do good in being a captain since t’was the GREAT mariko-sama who appointed her and knowing she’s one of the most hard-working woman in AKB… right? xD i’d better get used to YOKOYAMA TEAM A now… :DDD AKB is indeed getting more and more interesting… it’s like a NEW generation is taking over ’em right now… though it’s a good thing (for me thought… xD)

  • novakayne27

    HONMAYAN!!!! Yokoyama team A is now officially confirmed as expected… That basically almost guarantees that she is also in line to be the Next General Manager which is the only candidate i approve of…

  • Jessica

    Congrats Yui. Among 9th gen and onward she’s the only fitting candidate!

  • Raf

    I like Yuihan, but I wonder if her quiet nature will be able to handle the captaincy. The first 2 Team A captains have such dominating personality, that’s why both Acchan & Mayuyu defer to them. I suppose I will have to trust Mariko-sama decision.

    • diooo

      it’s mariko’s desicion?

  • winxred12

    I ine she was going to be the new captain ^^ I don’t know her that well but I look forward to what she will do for team A

  • ChiZexion

    Otabe is leading again 😀 Good luck Yuihan!!

  • FG

    “Compared to when Paruru became center, I felt the ‘generation change’ feeling is stronger in this Yokoyama Captaincy change”

    / Sorry but I totally agree

    I’m pretty sure that Yuihan will build a wonderful team

    Now is a good time to change the waiting stage a bit right? Like Team K did when Nao debuted

  • hotman

    i just remember when i watch the documentary which released last year when or 2011.. that Mariko was really set her eyes towards Yuihan…

    and when i watched dvd when AKB48 did Tokyo Aki Matsuri’s concert… in day 2 concert, Yuihan promoted as full member of akb48 and the 1st member from her generation to be promoted… Mariko gave her thought about the promotion of Yuihan..

    after all, Mariko sama was always set her eyes towards Yuihan since the beginning..

    last year, when team shuffle begun, i think the placement of Yuihan into Team A was Mariko’s suggestion since maybe she had thought about graduation this year and she needed to find her replacement on team A..

    but i am happy towards Yuihann.. now she will leading the Team to be shine more on AKB48’s teather

  • Flying Spaggetti

    You’re older than me
    But more adorable than anyone
    Older than me
    Still, to me, always the teenager


  • ☆ serpent ☆

    this is totally predictable, I remember how much Mariko praised Yuihan for her hard work back then in their first documentary (2010?) and it’s a total good thing when AKB is struggling to push the new generations, Yuihan indeed is a good choice