JKT48 Rena Nozawa (野澤玲奈) is now listed under Team Mitei on AKB48’s Official Website

  June 20, 2013

JKT48 Rena Nozawa is listed under AKB48 Team Mitei
The AKB48 Official Website has updated its “Members Section” to include the recently announced concurrent member, JKT48 Team J’s Rena Nozawa.

Mitei (未定) in itself literally means “not yet fixed; undecided; pending”.

Nozawa Rena in AKB48 TheatreOn Wednesday, 19th of June 2013, she went to Team A’s performance in Akihabara.
Matsui Sakiko 19 June 2013 - 9:27 PM

The performance is over!!
This is a photo of me and Rena Nozawa, who is a member of AKB and holds a concurrent post in JKT48.
Although your team is not yet decided, I look forward to work with you. ^_^

So she’s already in Akiba…
She looks more reliable as an interpreter compared to Hilary lol
168cms?! She’s quite tall eh!
So this is JKT’s Renapyon
They (AKS) didn’t specifically created Team Mitei just for this, did they?!

Source: Matomember, Asahi Shinbun Digital

  • bitterman

    hmm, i hope JKT48 member who purely indonesian can transfer to AKB at Japan. Can wait to see Indonesian member adapting in Japan, but good luck for Rena….

    • poopymcgee

      I don’t think that will happen. Maybe crossover appearances like Melody in New Ship, but I think foreign girls will have an extremely hard time gaining popularity and recognition if they go to Japan.

      • bitterman

        maybe you’re right. Hahaha, i just want to see that. Like see Haruka can adapting very well in Indonesia……….

        • guest

          I believe she can adapt well because her fan base in Japan is gradually decreasing, her spotlight is already taken by the younger members such as Paruru, Mayuyu, Ricchan, Annin, etc. I guess you could say that JKT is sort of a place for her to run away from the reality she’s facing in Japan.

          • bitterman

            I think JKT48 becomes her new sanctuary (i like to say sanctuary than run away place), a new place that provides new environment, people, fans, and also FOOD…… 🙂 A good refresh condition for her…….

          • HarusanKawaii

            Nakagawa Haruka is very well loved here in Indonesia. I think Harusan deserves more care and attention from the fans, and JKT48 is a perfect place for her to get it. Harusan’s adapting extremely quick, not so much for Akicha, though. But I still love them both. Go, Harusan! Go Akicha!

  • kevinMario

    Matsui Rena, Kato Rena, and now Nozawa Rena – so many Renas with great potential!! 😀

    • ypuu

      So many Rena and Haruka at 48G.

      • Josh

        Yeahh… Katayama Haruka, Nakagawa Haruka, Shimada Haruka, Shimazaki Haruka, ec…

        • poopymcgee

          Kodama Haruka, Ishida Haruka… the list probably goes on!

      • HarusanKawaii

        I like Nakagawa Haruka the best. She’s an extremely good example of the hard working culture of the Japanese people. IMO, having her in JKT48 will benefit the group greatly, and at the same time provides Harusan with the love and attention she truly deserves.

  • Josh

    Oh hey, judging from Sakiko’s post, is Rena’s permanent position in AKB or Team J?

    • winxred12

      She was actually going to graduate from JKT all together but was offered a concurrency membership. So she will be mostly a AKB member.

      • Josh

        Umm may I please see the source? I am just interested of how it was put when Rena was going to graduate. Nothing much. Thanks. 🙂

  • choeirule

    I wonder what wil happen if Melody get to AKB,

    ” kalian ngomong apa? aku nggak ngerti….”

  • winxred12

    I hope they decide soon, I will be pretty upset if she is left there or put in to Kks .

  • Zainal Sederhana


  • Riiin

    Rena’s so cute! >v< I can tell AKB will take good care of her ;v; <3

  • Riiin

    OOOH by the way,other than Rena, 15th gen kenkyuusei have been revealed recently! I was surprised no post was made about them yet. I think they’re all cute! .w.

  • Enrico A.

    AKB got a brand new “weapon”… TRILINGUAL-capable member… First time? Usually it’s bilingual.

  • pikapika

    she’s one of our finest member. young, cute and funny.please take good care of her. :'(

  • Anon

    I wonder where is Tommy?

  • guest

    enjoy ur time in JKT48 while you can Rena-chan~ AKB is a harsh environment and not to mention, TEAM A!? you’re competing with new generations aces there, namely Mayuyu and Ricchan.

  • Ahastyra

    i’ve waiting for this moment
    when she become AKB48’s members

    you can do it 🙂

  • diooooo

    what’s interpreter?