JKT48 Rena Nozawa (野澤玲奈) to hold a concurrent position in AKB48

  June 19, 2013

JKT48 Rena Nozawa to hold concurrent position
On the 18th of June 2013, JKT48 Operational Team officially announced that their 1st generation member, Rena Nozawa, is going to hold a concurrent position in AKB48 due to the unfortunate situation where her parents have return to Japan for reasons related to their work.

Announcement of Rena Nozawa’s double position [sic] in both JKT48 and AKB48

Due to the fact that JKT48 Team J Rena Nozawa has to return to Japan, on Tuesday 18th of June 2013, it was announced in JKT48 Theatre that she will be holding a concurrent position in both JKT48 and AKB48. This would be the first time in the history of 48Group that an overseas sister group member is able to hold a concurrent position in both her original team and AKB48. Under these circumstances, Rena will also continue her activities as a member of JKT48 Team J.

Rena Nozawa, whose parents hails from Japan, successfully passed the audition for JKT48’s 1st Generation in November 2011, and became one of the only Japanese member among all the Indonesian members. Together with Takajo Aki and Nakagawa Haruka, she became a member of JKT48 Team J

Because Rena thinks that it’s of the utmost importance that this news is announced personally, on Tuesday 18th of June she directly announced this news to the fans at the JKT48 Theater

Information regarding which team (in AKB48) she will be participating as a member in and her activities as a concurrent member of both groups will be announced shortly

JKT48 Operation Team

Source: JKT48 Official Website

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Another “First Ever” occurrence to grace the 48 Group – thoughts?

  • Okky Riyana

    Rena, even you are in japan soon. We will always support you from indonesia!! Ganbarena!!

  • pahlawanbertopeng.com

    I’m worried… and devastated.
    I fond of her. i often stalk her in twitter (yeah i’m creepy, i get that a lot)
    And up until now, i never seen her as Jurina nor Takajo-type.
    But more as a shy&fragile little sister type.

    So yeah. i’m literally worried..
    that i might rarely seen her appearance in Indonesia.
    (Her parent are in Japan, no?)

    But at the same time. I’m proud.
    My little Rena could make it this far.
    (Actually, she is one of the most popular member in JKT48)


    FYI, you could use better photo to show her appeal more 😉

  • it must be such a difficult situation to her. I wonder if her parents asked her for retire from JKT at first then she insisted to stay so this announcement came after that as the result. Finally, ‘concurrent position’ really has benefit for some members like Rena.

    I wonder in what team she will be put in.

    I hope she will be in Team B since her character match with the team and Akicha has concurrent position there too so there will be someone help her. But only Team A / K will have empty slot.. so I hope she will be in A

    • Ai

      I think that too. I want her in Team B. if team A/K it’s too early for her.

  • vika

    Rena Nozawa, T-T,,,, why, why, why…

    rena-chan, Indonesia is your home……

    • kevinMario

      I’m sure it’s not her choice – when you’re 17 year old and have been living with your parents all your life, you can’t just say “I’m not coming with you” when they decide to go somewhere.

      The fact that it’s a concurrent position instead of a direct transfer to AKB48 is already proof that she wants to still be included in Team J – I think they’ll put her in Kenkyuusei first though, things are different after all even though she’s Japanese, she’ll need to learn how things work back in Japan.

      Moving straight into A / K / B would be a little unfair to the current KKS members in my opinion.

      • kadenza wijaya

        Agree, having her moving to KKS would be best option for everyone. For Rena, it meant less pressure, and also she can build friendships afresh esp with 15th gen who is just starting. If she goes to main team, the pressure will be huge, and also everyone already know each other for a while.

        • daydreamerzz

          no, she’s already a full time member of team J, why demote her to kks ? It’s the same thing as making jurina into a akb kks when she got double position

          • notwota

            agree, if you think demote her to KKS is the best option, then that’s a big mistake as we already know what happen to members who hold concurrent position or transferred to other team. Does the members demote to KKS ? No.

          • kadenza wijaya

            Agree, her status is a full AKB member, not a KKS. I think it is now announced as Team Undecided. But she can still perform in the KKS stage as a full member.

      • winxred12

        I disagree with you, if it was that way then it would be unfair for girls from other sister groups to be put in a team and not as a Kks. All concurrent members have to learn the songs of their respective teams to perform with them without a need to be a research student again. There’s not that much to learn and if anything putting her back into Kks to me it would feels as if they were saying that members from teams abroad are not as good as Japanese members.

      • Luigi

        “Moving straight into A / K / B would be a little unfair to the current KKS members”

        Well, what about Kodama Haruka (Haruppi), the 1st gen HKT48 member who holds concurrent position in AKB48 team A??

  • ypuu

    Well.. i have an epiphany about this news, you see..
    Firstly, when i buy RIVER, the random photos that i got is Rena’s.
    Secondly, when i buy JKT’s OGB, the random poster that i get is also Rena’s.
    How are the odds?

    • she chooses you to support her.. xD

  • winxred12

    Although I’m sad she is leaving Jakarta and team j…(I love her and JKT)
    I’m also excited to read this, after cloe left she became my beloved oshi and although I love what I can access of JKT I will be able to see more of her in akb ^^
    I’m super excited to see her in Japanese activities :3

  • kind Uncle

    Dear Japanese fans. I humbly ask you, please take good care of her. She’s our pride and joy. Management never pushed her, so she’s relatively unknown to “mainstream” Indonesian. But to us JKT48 Theater regulars, she’s a real angel: cute, funny, childish. Truly adorable. So please welcome her with sincerely and be her support in our stead.

  • Fitransyah Nugraha

    I’m sad but i’m happy too if rena can use this opportunity to take a more lesson maybe from other senpai in 48 grup in japan, i really sad that i can’t see rena in JKT48 a lot more but i will always support what she decide to… just like i support JKT48 and other 48 group surely.

    if she in AKB48 get a position in KKS i think that’s not bad really , she can more learn about how to dance in a different way i mean maybe in there the training lesson is more difficult than in here(JKT48) that make rena is more experienced in dance

  • namba48

    hopefully Rena become 48 group member for a long time, so when she turn to 20 y/o, she can return to Indonesia 🙂

  • Guest


  • namba48

    update news!
    Mayuyu just announced that Rena-chan will join with Team A

    • vnad9

      cool!!! Ganbatte rena-chan 😀

    • daydreamerzz

      It’s false, it hasn’t been announced yet

  • Riiin

    Anyone else notice in the first video, she spoke three different languages in that one minute of footage? o3o She’s so cute <3 I think I wanna know more of her <3

    • yani

      she can english,indonesia,and well her parent language (nihongo). ah, she can speak france too.

  • john

    even tough i sad, but at least i’m happy she join AKB, because i think she’ll represent Indonesia and JKT48 there. so fans will more recognize JKT48 from Rena’s.

    so good luck Rena, we will always support you no matter which team you join for !

  • rjleeshin

    Is it me or I do see some resemblance between her and Fuuchan

  • guest

    A friend of Rena told me that apparently Rena’s father has been transferred back to Japan a year ago, thus within this year she has been living in Indonesia alongside with her mother with the sole purpose of attending JKT’s activities. Therefore my guess is that rather than living separately, concurrent position as both AKB and JKY member is the most appropriate choice for their family.

  • guest

    JKT is probably a heaven for her, but AKB could be a living hell, you better prepare your mental state Rena-chan~

  • Dioo

    she’s now officially a team K member with her new best friend hirari!!!!!!