AKB48 Team Surprise’s new single, Kimi ga Omotteru Yori – Maeda Atsuko returns to AKB48?

  May 28, 2013



Well, look who we have here?

Today, Kyoraku Co., Ltd launched the PachiSuro (Pachinko Slot) website that features AKB48’s Team Surprise.

What’s surprising is that in the Members section of the website, you can clearly see that Atsuko Maeda is still the center of Team Surprise – even though she has graduated.

Which brings us to the main point of this article, is she coming back?

Well – the clear, resounding answer to that would be a no.

There are a lot of speculations about sponsors and agencies having to do with this ‘return’, but we as fans (should) know best that Acchan is not coming back. If anything, this is merely a ruse to promote the second phase of Team Surprise.

Kawaei Rina will be replacing Acchan for the live performances for this Team Surprise.

From the intro video on the PachiSuro site, Kimi ga Omotteru Yori is labeled as M13 – and if things are done just like Jyuuryoku Sympathy before this, then this Team Surprise stage should have another 12 songs (with a new one released every week) up until M24.

There were a lot of good / above average songs on the last Team Surprise stage, and Kimi ga Omotteru Yori made a very good impression as the opening / main song for this stage. Hopefully the other 11 songs that will follow will have similar if not better quality compared to the last stage.

Look forward to them!

What are your thoughts? Which Team Surprise song that you liked the most?
Let us know at the comments section below! 🙂

Team Surprise Press Conference

Leaked PV

Official PV

Update! Press Conference Special Live


Jyuuroku Sympathy was awesome, this song is also awesome. There are lots of good songs that in Pachinko Songs huh?

Source: Matomember

  • tamadamaball

    using old stuff to bring back memories huh……Aki-P never let her go until now…..the contract never end….

    • Wendy Marvell

      i wonder when will they move on

  • TRi

    The contract is not with AKS, it’s with the Pachinko company. So what if they decided to save this for this year?
    AKS said goodbye to Acchan with the documentary, they have no say in this.
    If Acchan were to come back to AKB she would have been there, and she’s NOT.

  • Bobby Priyantono Sokarijo

    According to some fans from stage48 the song was recorded last year Maeda isn’t back which sounds really dissapointing for people that care for her. Riichan is replacing her.

    • Wendy Marvell

      ummmhh, of course acchan is not coming back anymore, she graduated and
      move on with her life. If they really care for acchan they would accept it, we all
      know that acchan dreams is to become an actress not an idol, they should move
      on along with her. If they’re still disappointed about her then their are just selfish
      people, its not like acchan got fired or something she decide it herself

      (They’re lucky they could still see acchan even if its just in TV, there are
      some girls who leave for the best like Kuumin)

      • Bobby Priyantono Sokarijo

        to be honest I havent really read anything about anyone being disspointed i just assumed that there were people like that, simply because the video that was posted and the news that came out were bringing people’s hopes up. Which of course were falls hopes.

        As for me i really didn’t expect her to comeback comepletely. if she did that it would’ve been temporary.

  • Der Kaiser Zennedy

    I think probably Kyoraku still want Acchan to participate..
    and the management and Agency can’t do nothing about it since they’re one of major financial support of AKS.. and Acchan still under Horipro, if i not mistaken..which also supported by Kyoraku..
    on lighter note, the unit is called Team Surprise..
    So, surprised?? haha

  • cksdayoff

    is this the same Pachinko company that Jurina’s grandfather owns?

    • kevinMario

      Jurina’s grandfather owns a pachinko company?! Source pls!

      • cksdayoff

        wish I could give you a source but I read about this a couple of years ago. I remember reading that a magazine revealed it sometime after she became an SKE48 member. There were some murmurings about it after she joined SKE48 but this information wasn’t revealed to anyone when she auditioned for SKE, in case anyone thought there were favoritism during the SKE auditions.

        If this info is legit than, Jurina is filthy rich.

        The pachinko company that Jurina’s grandfather owns also sponsored SKE variety show programs, supposedly.

        Wendy Marvell probably knows a lot more about this. Where is she.

        • Wendy Marvell

          it’s just rumor. Jurina is just a normal girl, if you see her AKBingo
          episode her room is just normal (she also have some blog pictures with her house as backround and it looks normal ) I would be less surprise if Jurina is actually Aki-p secret daughter. I never heard
          of Jurina father ( I think her parents is divorced)

          (Im a dude (._.), lol cant blamed you, why do i keep using
          this dummy account anyway)

      • Wendy Marvell

        thats just a rumor -.- back at oogoe/10nen sakura era. there’s
        some rumors that the reason she’s being pushed is because she’s
        the granddaughter of sunshine sakae owner, but of course thats
        just rumor made by jealous fans (Akip just really love her)
        (i think it was back at 2009-2010 i cant remember)

  • I think the song sounds really great, so I’m looking forward to hopefully more songs 🙂

  • Saki -chan

    I think the problem now is the pachinko song take a long time to be release. Maybe the pachinko company want to make a long, continuous promotion using AKB48 girls. Acchan might be aware of this consequences when she graduate last year. So I think it’s no one fault.

    btw, I agree that almost all of pachinko songs are awesome 🙂

  • Fuu

    Nope. This was recorded before she graduated. The giveaway is Miichan in the lineup. They are letting her participate in pre-scandal recorded stuff. That is why she was in So Long!, but not Sayonara Crawl. And Acchan has short hair, after graduating she has had long extensions to make her look more mature and different than her AKB48 days.

    • netgames

      well miichan was in the youtube video and the video wasmade after the graduation… xD

  • Xhide

    better than anything AKB released recently TBH

  • Raf

    The great thing about Acchan is she does not confine herself into just one image. You can always find something fresh about her.
    I agree totally; the best AKB song since Uza.
    I believe Acchan is managed by Ota pro, the same company as Yuko & Yuihan.

  • king makan

    Kawaei Rina got more spotlight now. She very smart for someone who become “BKA48 center”. I’m sure it will help her in senbatsu sousenkyo.

    • hardcoRena


    • Eshtar

      You know, I don’t know if she purposely did it, or is she just…….. (lol)

  • mchan1

    Kawaei Rina is suppose to take over Acchan’s spot on Team Surprise 🙂

    It’s good to see Acchan one last time with AKB48 even if it is in previously unreleased songs/PVs.

    It makes you think about what other items that AKS has of Acchan before her graduation.

  • kevinMario

    For me personally, Jyuuroku Sympathy, 1994 no Raimei, Namida Ni Shizumu Taiyou, Kimi no C/W and AKB Festival are the songs that almost attained the ‘Kami” status – and they’re released only weeks apart from each other.

    • Arnold Triyudho Wardono

      I like Kimi no C/W…

  • mayufan

    Whose center

    • Bobby Priyantono Sokarijo

      For the pv and promotional stuff Meada atsuko (which were recorded last year) the Center this year is Rina Kawaei

      • Saki -chan

        Ricchan will be the center? I thought they’d push either Yuko/Mayuyu?Takamina to be center and put Ricchan somewhere to fill the hole.

        • Bobby Priyantono Sokarijo

          could be i thought Ricchan would be center simply becaus she’s the one Replacing Maeda

  • Isabel

    Does anyone know when this song will be released? 🙂

  • 😮

  • RichiEe San

    Acchan come?
    Or Feat?

    But. .
    GO GO Acchan!!!

  • ypuu

    ..and here i thought that we can finally have AKB without Acchan’s image and BOOM, this.happened. -_-;

    Good for you though, Ricchan. 🙂

  • Ai

    I like jyuuroku sympathy so much!! it’s great song, the means is good XD I’m happy Acchan participated although don’t perform live or such. she’s beautiful <3

  • AKB48^_^

    Then who is going to sing the song on the CD, if previously recorded will it be Acchan or will the song be re-recorded by management with Kawaei Rinas voice???? (sorry for my bad english)

  • Thë Hãmstër

    Oh yeahhhh Paru! Paru! Paru!!!!!!!

  • SeifukuGirls

    I wouldn’t be too surprised if they are trying to drag her back. Still, Acchan is a smart girl with enough dignity to say no. Frankly, they just weren’t ready for her to leave. Aki-P still hasn’t found a suitable center. I love Ricchan just as much as anyone, but she’s going to need quite a bit more experience before she can take on such an important position.

  • Nou

    Does anyone know when it’ll be released?

  • Emi Ishikawa

    yeah !
    Maeda is back !~ >.<

  • arupi

    it’s a real surprise. i just feel glad seeing acchan in there. miss her so bad!

  • taka

    i thought on live performance mayuyu’s replacing acchan and ricchan replacing mayuyu. well, if my eyes are not wrong… xD