SKE48 Matsui Rena raises her voice and interrupts Togasaki as he announces the end of Kitahara Rie’s concurrency

  April 28, 2013

Everyone is buzzing about Matsui Rena’s  piercing gaze when Togasaki was announcing that Kitahara Rie’s concurrent position in team S is canceled.

Togasaki: “We cancel Kitahara’s concurrent position at team S.”


Everyone: “What do you mean? She is not in team S! She is in new team K2!!”


Rena: “Do you mean she will hold a concurrent position in new team K2?”


Togasaki didn’t respond to Rena’s word.

Everyone: “(What the fuck???)”


Togasaki: “Next….”


After this, Rena and other SKE members asked Togasaki again, urging him to give them a clear answer. And Togasaki finally said “No, she won’t be a member of SKE48 anymore”


Takeuchi Mai (New Team K2):


We are supposed to bond together in the new team…..

This is too heartbreaking….(´;ω;`)

28 - 1

Suga Nanako:

Lots of things happened. I’m so confused right now.

But for now, I just want to say this.

Kitarie-san! I love you so much♥((´艸`*))


Miyazawa Sae:

I think….. it’ll be rude to say I’m happy about this…. But at the same time, it’ll be rude if I say I’m not happy about this…. Thus I can’t quite find the right word for this

*For more updates on Sae, please refer to matomember’s post

Sae : “But I honestly feel happy about the fact that I can come back to the place where I can meet you and perform at the stage.

But I also can’t help but think what it was all about…. what I determined 6 months ago….

No, I can’t… I can’t quite put my messy feelings in right words…

I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

  • TGSK have to feel the wrath of GEKIKARA!! ne~ okotteru?!?!

    • im actually disappointed she didn’t turn into gekikara mode ^^

    • cksdayoff


    • Namjoo

      somehow i kinda pictured Rena transformed into Gekikara with those “rock” necklace and doing the Gekikara laugh with blood on her face lol

    • Zennedy

      If you read the newest chapter of AKB49 manga..
      They said Rena is “the woman who able to take down god” and voted no.2 after Yuko
      that means, people don’t wanna messed with her.. in SKE, her approval is absolute..
      and watching this.. I realized, It’s REAL!!

      • Seira

        May I know what’s so scary about Yuuko?

        • Zennedy

          The legend said that Yuko is scary not because her temper, she’s really nice to everybody ..But for her antic and personality. What we seen in TV and theater are actually a toned down version of her off screen due to her professionalism, the OG members are already accustomed to her even though Takamina’s stated it still tough to deal with her sometimes. she’s totally unpredictable and almost anti-authorities the only members known to just “jumping to the face” of Saru Oba-san as for TGSK, god know how many time the girl pranked that poor man..
          But all her fans know that after Acchan announced her grad, she became more matured and manages to toned down her “lunacy”..
          something I hope Murashige learns as soon as possible..LOL

    • king makan

      the story will be different if kitarie use her special skill “don’t stare at me” to togasaki back then. i’m sure he wouldn’t dare to read that announcement. 😛

  • MayuMayuFan

    Rena that why i like her helping others xD

    How rude of them ignoring Rena

    • Zennedy

      Well.. He’s TGSK..
      He’ll just listened to one man, and one man only..

  • Raf

    SKE always speak their mind, so proud of them. That why they are my favorite of all 48 groups.

  • lesson learn, dont mess with rena she might look timid and weak but
    she’s actually scary

  • new team KII already loss two of their members

    • CIshizu

      2 members in 1 week ?…who´s the 2nd member ?

      • Halcyon

        Fujimoto Mitsuki (5th Gen), she announced it a few days after Gaishi Hall concert, she’s studying nursing.

      • fujimoto mitsuki the one who did the crazy backflip
        in kouhaku last year

        • CIshizu

          I cant believe it… O – o
          That´s true that I didnt looked for SKE news, since Gaichi Hall… aniway, that´s sad.

          • SKE already loss 10 regular members, 2 KKS and Rie
            this year

    • Namjoo

      look at their eyes. The first and last photo of the New team KII original members

      • is that the one from churi G+ ? and yeah its sad knowing they
        already loss 2 members, just recently were talking on how
        awesome rie in SKE and now were bidding farewell to her

        • Namjoo

          yeah its from her G+, plus her recent posts are so heartbreaking tbh, she’s really sad on what had happened within SKE

          • thats why i hate Akip more, he knows SKE is just recovering
            from recent Mass Graduation and he did shit like this. Its not
            even even june and SKE already loss 11 regular members
            and it will 13 if you count Rie and 6th gen KKS who’s name
            i cant remember >.< and those member is not just another
            members, Kuumin, Ogiso, Hata manage to make it into UG
            while Kana and Katsuo is a former senbatsu member, i want
            to say more about other members but it will be probably long.

  • wpr8748

    bit disappointed about kitahara and yui….and glad bring akicha in akb48 team B…

    • Sudono Iswara

      i don’t think akicha feel the same as you thought.. she already started to blend with JKT48 members and fans.. do you know that she still not trusted by JKT48 fans for being not full heart being JKT48 members? and this thing will make those rumors even worse..
      the last time i watch her performing live, her smile was so beautiful.. never seen her like lately when she still as AKB48 member. it made me sure that she already enjoyed with JKT48.. hope she will be alright..

      • wpr8748

        akicha transfer bfore this bcause upset election 2012, i check wiki akichan 2010 no13 , 2011 no 12, 2012 no 17….she out senbatsu members and center UG. akichan want try to see more attention and want more votes to return in senbatsu 2013.. great to akicha enter in jkt48 cause can get more votes….yes.. i think this will disappoint fans jkt48 about akichan not full heart in jkt48. im fan team B .. now akichan can replace miichan spot in team B.

  • Raf

    Without a doubt now, AKB members(except KitaRie) will experience some tough receptions when they travel to Nagoya this summer. When SKE as a whole is upset, fans won’t be happy.

  • Mark 5

    That’s our girl RENA! 🙂

  • Mario San

    seems like the management thinks they have to make surprise announcements at every big concert to keep things exciting… but it s not!!!! it is frustrating! giving her a new team just to remove her some weeks later… and yui looked good in nmb, too.

    and it s not that i dislike girls like minarun or miorin but how should those cuncurrency positions help them? i dont think it is any help for members who are far away from senbatsu

    • Namjoo

      It’ll help those AKB members gain the popularity that they need. Then when they’ve become popular enough, they’ll pull them out and replace them with another random member. They’re just using the sister groups popularity

  • cksdayoff

    I don’t think Saechan wants to go back to China. What is she going to do there? Just stand and watch? If she can’t perform with SNH48, then there is no point for her to be there. It’s a waste of time for her and her fans. With these announcements I think Saechan was hoping she would be back in Japan for good.

    • She wrote on her twitter that she really wanted to go to China, she always likes Shanghai. Now with this concurrent announcement, she wonders if her decision half a year ago was right… That’s why she looked so down in these pics. I can really understand her. Her goal was it to make SNH more popular and all she can do now is just to stand and watch. That must be really frustrating…

  • My heart is breaking for Kitarie. Look at her eyes in 2-shots, she’s been crying hard. Please get her into senbatsu now!!

  • Hugh B Hayve

    Aki-P seems to be pushing the buttons of a lot of SKE48 fans lately. The group just lost some very popular members, it’s like kicking someone when they are down.

  • I don’t get it, why they are doing this to KitaRie? o.O What’s the point?

    • They always do team shuffles, Yuihan was pulled out from NMB and Miorin was her replacement. Kitarie is now out of SKE and it’s Oba mina’s turn.

  • Susan Wen

    I now realize why people hate team shuffles…… DIES

    • lincolnz777

      actually is the opposite… see all these comments flooding in???

  • lobane

    I can’t stand see kitarie crying face.

    But she got drama series this season. Maybe she couldn’t keep nagoya job this season so management cancel her concurrent position.

  • churi face is a happy face, such sad face on churi will make me sad too…..

  • Namjoo

    Really proud of Rena for pointing out that Rie was part of KII, as expected of one of SKE’s leaders.

    Treating members like a piece of goddamn furniture that they can swap with everytime they want them. When they found someone that looks promising, they’ll pull them out on the main branch and when they got no more use at them shove them back to their respective groups and then replace them with a newer and more popular members.

    • Thats Akip strategy, AKB is already declining and they will do whatever
      they can to maintain its popularity, they will go as far as this. They will
      keep on shitting SKE. They’re moving AKB and SisterGroup members
      like furniture, i dont even think they care about members feelings as
      long as they bring money to them

  • I’m so dissapointed upon what happen to kitarie 🙁 But rena rocks all the way !

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