MechaIke AKB48 Special, Kawaei Rina becomes Center Baka, and other highlights

  April 21, 2013

This is a quick recap of today’s episode of comedy TV show “MechaIke”.

Titled “AKB48 Who’s the Center Baka!?” (Who is the dumbest AKB48 member!?), in the show, members take a term end exam to examine their academic ability. Needless to say, because this is a comedy show, and our freaking AKB48 member, hey Kojiharu!!!, are on it, their answers were full of crap and it was impossible to make it through without skipping bubble tea all over the table.

Here are some funny answers made by Kojima Haruna.

Hey what larva is this…?

OMG, when this larva in grown up, it changes it’s form into…. well, seems like nothing has changed….. It’s more like “Zzzz” into “Hey Guys! Good morning!”


The Caterpillar got wings with keeping it’s body exactly the same!!


Holykaw! My mind is blown!!


Tell me! What on earth is this weird creature!!


Q: In recent year, Alcohol Harassment has become a social issue after sexual and power harassment have become prevailing issue of our society. Explain briefly what Alcohol Harassment is.

*Alcohol Harassment is usually called by it’s more catchy acronym, Aruhara.

A. Suddenly a man smacked “Alpaca”. (Violently)




Q: How do you pronounce this English word, “Knee”?

A. Kani (Crab)


Q. Translate the following sentence into English.


A. Aitakaata 


Q. Write this in Kanji. クダモノ

A. 植物 (Plant)

*correct answer is 果物 (Fruit)


Q. Draw a solid of revolution generated when rotating the given region around the axis.

A. Rotating at an insane speed!!



Paruru: Mr. Yabe, please tutor me (Love)

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Yabe: Since then* whenever I see Paruru on TV, I can’t help but root for her.



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Okamura: Speaking of Frogs, Paruru has eyes of frogs. Her eyes looks like those of reptiles.

Yabe: No, Paruru is insanely cute. You’re so cute, Ruru.


There was some funny skit as well.

Tomochin is being Shibuya. Looks like Kintaro’s impersonation Maeda Atsuko got on her nerves?




No, she shows no interest to Kintaro。 Looks completely pissed off by her impersonation of Atsuko.






What caught her attention was not Kintaro, but mucus stuck in her eyes…!



MechaIke is incredibly popular TV show aired on Sunday night. Naturally soon after this scene, the internet was filled with floods of comments bashing Tomochin’s cheeky attitude, which is completely scripted and done for the sake of giving Kintaro’s now stale impersonation some freshness.

It’s well known fact that Twitter is full of crazy people compared to other major social media. and when things went completely out of hands, Itano freaking cool Tomomi offered an apology and saved all the fans who were trying to defend her.

 Itano Tomomi: I was taken aback when, after MechaIke, so many people asked me, “Do you hate Kintaro。?” Actually I don’t hate her at all! She is a very good person! It was fun to work with her! (smile)

Whenever someone feed them, Haters open their filthy mouth…

On the other hand, Miichan and Paruru got pretty favorable reception from Tv viewers – most of them, non AKB fans.


The result of exam is,

1st. Iriyama Anna (She is senior of high school student, so it’s expected)

2nd. Oshima Yuko (Yuko is smart, that’s all)

3rd. Kintaro (She graduated a decent university)

4th. Kitahara Rie (Una is a smart girl)

5th Yamamoto Sayaka (Everyone knows she ins’t satisfied with this result)

6th. Watanabe Mayu


7th Itano Tomomi


8th Shinoda Mariko


9th Kashiwagi Yuki

10th Sashihara Rino

11th Minegishi Minami

12th Shimazaki Haruka

13th Kojima Haruna

14th Takahashi Minami


15th Kawaei Rina ← Center Baka!


You liar! Shut up!!!!




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Kawaei: My name is KAWAEI


Let me check what’s in your bag.2c5727c7-s 8339b49d-s

Why so many socks?2048783b-s b89bff47-s

Coz my feet soon get stinky.96f03d2d-s

Congratulation Ricchan! You’re well deserved for this prestigious “Center Baka” thingy!


  • cksdayoff

    omg Yukirin…lol

  • How can you guess Riichan is such a fun and dorky person when you see her last picture….*nosebleeding*

  • Zennedy

    This is exactly what makes Riichan one step ahead of all new gen..
    she’s developing characters, even before this Michaike episode, if you observe all LOD, and her little shot in other program, you could see how she trying to increase people awareness to her.. she’s the only one that i sees now that completely understand that you can’t survive in AKB on singing and dancing alone.. although I really hope Annin as the one to broke that barriers first, she so stick to her “princess” and “perfect student” images..which IMO, doesn’t fit her..
    for New gen like Tano, Muto, Karen, Oshima Ryoka, Juri etc.. as long as they didn’t step up to “this” game, no matter how much people said they’re future of AKB.. It’ll be sad if they had the same fate like Yuka

    • and that is actually why sister group is more fun than AKB new gen,
      their talented and have good looks but they’re boring, if they keep
      being like that AKB will just be another idol group once OG leaves.
      HKT girls is not that interesting but you could see that they’re trying
      hard for people to look at them which make you want to support them,
      i guess because sister group starts from nothing like AKB while AKB
      newgens joined when AKB is already popular is the reason of all this,
      they dont know what being NOTHING is which sister groups like HKT,
      SKE understands

      • rice

        lol, I disagree. but I’ll leave it at that. =D

      • novakayne27

        Yup, they don’t know wut its like to build from the ground up as they were already popular from the start…. Groups like NMB and HKT are much more dangerous and appealing cause they had to fight and earn their popularity… Out of all the future potential, AKB is third for me, behind NMB and HKT respectively, even though i think AKB is the most talented on stage

        • they got drowned in AKB fame that they forgot they’re still nothing
          in AKB, but i still expect some from Riichan, Karen, Muto, Tano etc.
          sistergroups definitely have more potential, i want them to also put
          election votes to SKE, NMB and HKT singles and remove them in
          AKB HS just to be fair, but who am i talking to? AKB management
          will never be fair to others

          • novakayne27

            Those 4 members you named, and maybe Juri, are all that i can think about when it comes to the future of akb, outside of them the new gen akb have no personality or appeal

        • Zennedy

          as for HKT, They should be grateful for Sasshi.. She manages to slap the reality of the business to them, and as for fan, we should be grateful for halfassed Sub..LOL
          for NMB, since they being patronized by Yoshimoto Kogyo, the biggest and most influential comedy company, they are neutered since the beginning to develop their characters, hell Ogasawara actually an aspiring comedian, she even made it to round 3 of R-1 Grand Prix (the most prestigious comedy competition in Japan), even past several well known comedian, then she decide to be an idol..

          • lol, i can never thank halfassed enough for giving us those hilarious
            sub, he’s man of the year XD

          • novakayne27

            yup, halfassed managed to get everybody calling murashige the russian monkey lol… it may as well be her official nickname…out of all the subbers, even though he is 100% accurate, he is still the best

      • cksdayoff

        Good points

        • they just need a little motivation and some self confidence
          they already have good looks and some talent they just
          need to improve their variety skills which made AKB unique
          compare to other idol group, AKB is not the only idol group
          who’s doing variety but there is something in AKB that make
          them stand out from others, they will throw their idol image
          if it means it will make them look interesting and people
          who’s watching will enjoy it
          ( AKB variety is what made me hook to them this much,
          i just hope newgen can be more interesting )

          • cksdayoff

            i think it will be hard for some of them to break free from the image they already have.

            AKBingo and Bimyo helped a lot with the older gens. Also having Yuko in the group, I feel like she kinda helped pave the way for other members to show their comedic side without having to worry about tarnishing their idol image.

    • novakayne27

      Annin isnt the one who i who expect to break out first though, her naturally personality doesnt suit any character other than the princessy idol type…out of all the new gen i would expect Iwata or Tano to break free from the stereotype and realize wut it takes to differentiate from all the others…. The both of them are hyper talented and have outgoing and free personalities to match

    • Kobukuri

      How can you expect them (Tano, Muto, Karen, Oshima Ryoka, Juri etc) to step up their game if they never even get a chance (such as this show) to do it? If you really following AKB, recently all they push are just Paruru and AnRiRe trio. They barely touch 12th gen and below, just to be fair…

      • >> i would expect 12 gen girls, like Tano, Karen or Juri to break free from the stereotype and realize wut it takes to differentiate from all the others

        >> If you really following AKB, recently all they push are just Paruru and AnRiRe trio (in their traditional way)

        Both totally make sense to me….

      • Zennedy

        What makes you think Riichan develop her characters just after formation of AnRiRe ? She takes a chances constantly during MC in the theater for like 2+ years.. The girls should realized that there’s a possibility that some producers also occasionally attending theater performances to search a new prospect (+ Aki-P permission, probably)..after that they might suggests on which member they would like to have in their show, which they like to offers a debutetc.., and then proposed it to Aki-P..
        So, back to basic, stages performances + MC is the perfect and the only ways for new gen and rookies to develop and appeal their characters, I really hopes that they realized that soon..

        • Kobukuri

          I follow Team 4 ever since they formed (before SSA promotion batch joined) and KKS, when Ricchan and the others are all still KKS. I watched dozens of their LOD. Yet I don’t remember watching her developed “so far compared with the others” like you’re talking about. In fact, if you watch some old nemousu or minor variety show they involved in, girls like Tano-Iwata-Ryoka are alot more interesting compared to Ricchan in terms of being funny (if that’s what you mean by ‘developing characters’ or ‘step-up the game’). And I’m not even a Ricchan oshi nor other girls oshi, I’m basically DD with 4 girls. Some of those other names you mention also improving and developing compared to old days, just that they don’t get the same chance of exposure like AnRiRe or Paruru so people rarely took notice with their developments.

          • Zennedy

            haha… I didn’t mean like that.. Being funny is one of characteristics..but it’s not “The Character”.. I mean If you’re derp, don’t be embarrassed to show it (Takamina), If you’re feminine and spoilt one, use it to the fullest ( Kasai, Amina, Milky etc) If you’re cool, show your coolness (Tomochin, Akigori), if you useless, show it without regrets (Paruru) and If you’re funny, know how to show it and be serious at the right time (Yuko, Sasshi, Miichan)..
            you should remember that Mayu is in her position now without anyone questioned and criticized her because it’s not for her dancing, singing and efforts only..but that the fan really see how she developed her characters and matured from being a total jerk and spoiled brats (2006-08, she admitted it, senior members recognized it) to expressionless, otaku CG (2009 -2011) to now, the graceful, gentle, weirdo princess (2012-now)…all of that as a 2nd tier members..
            So, they should search and grab the opportunity, even as small possible instead just waiting the opportunity to come
            IMO, AKB48 is fueled by characters, Hello! Project are fueled by “idol conservatism” and SNSD are fueled by sex appeals..

      • novakayne27

        ehhh…they really dont need a show to step their game up, it would help though. There is a reason why both Tomu and Tano ranked last year without appearing on tv at all, they put on amazing performances on the stages all the time…The members of Anrire get pushed way more but dont take advantage of it, they are taking their push for granted and it shows, except for Kawaei that is, cause she is a monster and is my vote for next gen center along with Tano

        • some people can only remember successful pushed like Jurina, Yui
          and Sashi, but there is also some who failed it like Komorin, Nito and
          Myao who failed in the middle of it, Akip can keep pushing them but
          it wont make any difference if they dont catch people attention, and
          just like what you said they dont really need to get pushed to be
          popular they just need people to look at them like Amina and Yukirin
          the only problem they will have is management wont support them.
          they only have two paths in them, either go into successful path that
          Sashi, Jurina, Yui and Acchan gone into or go into Nito, Myao and
          Komorin one, im really excited to know what path they choose to go
          and this year sousenkyo can give us some huge clues

          • Zennedy

            I don’t know whether I misunderstand your words or else but about Yukirin.. I don’t think management don’t support her like what many fans accused.. It just she already had the “self-sustainability” like what Aki-P initially envision of.. Management doesn’t need to “feed” her under the label of AKB like the new gen anymore .. They now just giving them “the paths” to walk on such as solo debut, drama etc AND carries AKB’s brand instead..
            Aki-P is a very busy man, we all know it..He even didn’t want to celebrate his own birthday last year, But he willing to makes room in his schedule to makes a cameo in Merilino Kashiwagi, just for Yukirin.. and I really think what he said in the drama is what he really think of Yukirin and how he cared of her..

    • Angela

      I don’t think “being interesting”, “funny”, “comedian” is the only key reason to rise of popularity..I mean, there are MANY reasons how a member can shoot to popularity..albeit through stage performances, variety programs, dramas, MC etc. They are all possible routes for one to take to increase her own popularity. In this case, Ricchan has good opportunity and I think she makes good variety shows, it’s to her advantage and good that she capitalizes on that chance. What I’m trying to say is, with so many members in a girl group, especially with a mixture of senior and junior “generations”, getting a chance to shine, or even just perform, is valuable. Therefore every girl should make full use of the chance she is given, and whatever that opportunity might be, can assist in her rise.

      • Zennedy

        Yeah, I mention your first point before..
        and what you said is exactly what I try to convey~

  • Zennedy

    I should answers rotating axis question like that at least once in my exam~ LOL

  • i wonder about something Is Kintaro a ambiguous name?

  • lol! that very funny…. congrats Ricchan (lol!)

  • novakayne27

    Exactly the results i thought would happen….Riichan is the dumbest person like i expected, and Kojima is pretty smart even though she has a dumb character, she gets questions wrong on purpose…

    Shoutout to Tomochin for the Shibuya angry moments, it may or may not have been scripted but u gotta think she really didnt care for Kintaro’s skit lol 🙂