[ Bunshun ] AKB48 Kasai Tomomi’s scandal – Sleepover at AKS President’s house

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1. Shukan Bunshun reports AKB48 Kasai Tomomi’s scandal – Sleepover at AKS’s President’s house

2. Shinoda and Kasai never talk to each other since…

3. Mr.Kubota has meals with members 300 days a year

Shukan Bunshun reports AKB48 Kasai Tomomi’s scandal – Sleepover at AKS’s President’s house


AKB48 Kasai Tomomi – Unable to wait until the graduation, the betrayal to her fans


AKB48 Kasai Tomomi slept over at AKS’s president Mr.Kubota’s house (with evidence photos), Shukan Bunhun reports in upcoming issue of their magazine.

*Kubota: President of AKB48 group’s management company AKS, entrepreneur.


Let us introduce protagonists of this captivating story. The man is Kubota Yasushi, the head of AKB48  group’s management company AKS, great entrepreneur who created this enormous idol group from the ground. The heroine is Kasai Tomomi of AKB48, who has kept high popularity in the fandom. She recently made a headline with her revealing alleged child pornography Gravure photo, but anyway, she announced her graduation after that fuss. She is scheduled to graduate AKB48 on May 3rd and already wrapped up her final handshake session as a member of AKB48.


There is a reason why we haven’t reported AKB’s scandal for a while. After we reported Minegishi Minami’s sleepover or Kashiwagi Yuki’s Gokon Party with football players, the car numbers of our reporters were known to AKB’s members and staffs. They started being very cautious to us and it made our investigation a bit harder.

But of course, that was not enough to convince our reporters to give up.

Camping and staking out all day and night, we finally spotted Kasai Tomomi of AKB48.

“She is a member who is in charge of ‘stripping’. She was chosen for ad campaign of Peach John along with Kojima Haruna and Oshima Yuko. In short, she has appealing breasts and sexy body shape.”

The former member of AKB48 says, “The relationship between president Kubota and Kasai has been rumored for a long time. But of course, no one can’t dare to ask them about that. It has been one of taboo in AKB.”

Kubota is a son of billionaire.

His father runs a electronics components manufacturing company. As everybody knows, AKS is acronym of Akimoto, Kubota and Shiba. Akimoto is a producer of the project, Shiba takes care of management, and Kubota is in charge of financing.

He borrowed 2 billion JPY (20 million USD) from his father and founded a company called AKS.

Kubota is a president of AKS and a sponsor of AKKB48 project. He is a horse owner and own lots of race horses. Many of horses he owns have a word “Dragon” in their names.

We are not sure why, but his apartment – located in Meguro district, Tokyo – also has the 6 letters “DRAGON” in it’s name.

The apartment has three floors and mutual friends in the industry are living on each floor.

But this place is not his main home. His main home is located in Kobe, and he spends weekends there with his children and wife.

Kubota is usually very calm and gentle person, but has supreme power in AKB project. Once, AKB was about to cut all the dealing with one publisher because they made Kubota angry. People around him has no choice but just bitterly smile and say “You know, he is a spoiled brat. Once he gets mad, no one can handle him…. LOL”

But he has gentleman side, too.

He is called “Fruits Uncle” by AKB members.

26 - 3

Matsui Rena   2012/10/19

Mmmmm! A mountain of fruits!

Thank you, thank you so much!

“YasuKubo (Nickname of Mr.Kubota)” randomly shows up and give some stuffs to members and staffs. Like assorted choice of fruits or Yakiniku Bento that he buy at his favorite osh Yakiniku restaurant.

He goes shopping, having meals with members and many of members love him.” said a former staff of AKB48.

As we previously reported in 2010, Kubota allegedly had inappropriate relationship with his favorite member Shinoda Mariko, but the rumor of his relationship with Kasai started to be surfaced only a couple months after this previous report.

  • Zennedy

    Damn Shukan Bushun!!
    She’s graduating already, cut that crap off!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/vaultventura Volt Aventurado

    The news was so serious, I ended up looking at McDonald’s face.

  • Digger James

    I gotta say, MacDonald’s sucks period

  • blacknezumi

    More scandal from Kasai, I don’t think I can handle this. Gosh, just leave her alone already, it not like she didn’t already have enough bad luck.

    • http://www.facebook.com/wendy.marvell.980 Wendy Marvell

      it her fault in the first place, yes, she will graduate already but thats not
      a reason to create another ruckus like this, i know she’s an OG member
      and have a fair share of making AKB as popular right now but that doesnt
      mean she can damage AKB name as much as she wants, lets say she
      dont really mean it, but that wont change the fact that AKB name will be
      damage again, atleast leave first, i dont care if they have BF or not but
      hide it professionally, just an advice to her if you’re not a good ninja then
      dont be ninja in the first place

  • http://www.facebook.com/mbarradell Michael Barradell

    Why should this be a scandal on Kasai? The way I see it, this should be scandal on the company president. When I saw this I immediately thought “casting couch” and high position men using their status to coerce vulnerable young women…

    • sfdadsag

      I think the reason title is a bit misleading is because when this news came out first, it was unclear who she had sleepover with. (Because the hanging poster says she had sleepover a company’s president’s house, and no specifics was provided on who the guy actually is.)

      Then, as the details are known, the “a company’s president’s house” part was changed to “AKS’s president Mr.Kubota’s house”.

      Anyways, I agree that this brings a significant damage to the president, and AKB48 will be in very difficult situation.

  • king makan

    rules are made to be broken, good job boss. “Kubota Yasushi the head of AKB48 group management company AKS”. can’t you wait until her graduated.

    • cksdayoff

      i don’t even care about the scandal, she’s gettin D’ed up by the company president, so what. But what I do find interesting is all the shit that went on behind the scenes, like Kasai’s behavior towards staff and other members of AKB, which was straight up disgusting. But you can’t blame her, she is banging the boss, and she feels a sense of power within the group.

      now I can see why she missed so many handshake events. Because she can. lol

      • Zennedy

        If that “REALLY” happened, I’ve got new respect for Sasshi, mariko and AKB48 as whole..
        Imagined If that happened in any groups, elsewhere (not Japan).. The members probably will eagerly talks to media, without hesitation with no regards to others images and Group images as whole..

        • cksdayoff

          maybe, but the members and staff probably want to keep their jobs. Also, Kubota probably has a ton of connections in the industry since he’s loaded with money, members are probably thinking about the present as well as their future as well.

        • king makan

          if you are hurt by someone you will try/want to hurt the person who hurt you. sadly but it is the truth with people nowadays. The former members may be eager to talk to the media as a way to get revenge toward former group/management who hurt her feelings, it all depends on how big your hate feeling if it big enough she will try to destroy the image of the group without hesitation no matter other images and pictures as a whole group. but all depend on the former member itself. i’m sure not all former member like that.

          • Zennedy

            Right, but I still wonder who exactly that person be..
            If she really exist, She’ll be the “Golden Child” of Shukan Bushun now..

      • king makan

        they don’t care about AKB anymore because they don’t work for AKB anymore so former staff or members that hurt by kubota and kasai is looking for revenge . even if they are still working on AKB nothing will happen to them because Shukan bunshun never publish staff or member name.

      • http://www.facebook.com/wendy.marvell.980 Wendy Marvell

        i also dont care if they BF or not but atleast hide it professionally, and
        if her behavior backstages like bullying other member is true then she
        lost another respect to me, 3 scandals within a year, she’s really a big

  • wowza

    Explains why she wasn’t fired or made to graduate sooner. Now I wonder who else fucked their way up.

    • http://twitter.com/kevinMario Kevin Mario

      I’m not really sure that’s how you should take this whole scandal thingo. It’s Bunshun after all – they will take whatever they can to make the shit that they call “magazine” sell.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003680762857 Christian Leder

    And here we go again…

  • Namjoo

    Aww cute Shukan Bunshun again. But well it doesn’t matter anyway, she’s graduating now so fuck the rules right? Btw that McDonalds face surely is distracting LOL

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Buddy-Sokarijo/100002394605022 Buddy Sokarijo

    If she wants to date then let her, why is it a betrayel to fans if she is in love i dont get it? Her private live doesnt concern the fans and anyone shouldnt be butthurted if she does some guy. God i find this very dificult, Japanese goverment should end this nonsense of No love ban. Apparently according to the Japanese times the love ban is technicaly a violations of the labor law in Japan. Then why is there such thing?
    Besides the word IDOL means we as fans Idolised them, meaning that we hope for the best for them, to support them, and even for their love life that they are happy. For me, i idolized them on the very fact that they are hardworking. They appear on tv, they appear on magazines, they are on the radio, in movies, they record songs and have concerts, and with all that on top they still perform everyday in their own theater. I find that admireable, thats why im a fan. And more fans should be like that. So cut these girls some slack realy, imagine your in that situation dont you just want someone to fall back too?

    The only thing that i find bad about this is apparently that guy that she is doing, is already married.
    So that sucks, Kasai is going to be looked down upon just for that.

    • http://twitter.com/kevinMario Kevin Mario

      Well… the point of the no-love ban is that by not being tied to a “love” relationship, the girls can concentrate 100% to work hard to satisfy (?) their fans that idolizes them.
      If they have a love interest then it’s almost impossible to give their 100% to the fans – that’s the logic behind the love ban.

    • http://twitter.com/kevinMario Kevin Mario

      But then again, I think the said ban will only work in Japan (and maybe Korea?) where the Idol industry flourishes – I’ve seen some Indonesian artists that have a huge following, and when the said artist get into a relationship, the fans are actually happy and supports him/her.

      In a perfect world, this should happen, but I guess it’s a bit too late to look back now because the no-love ban has rooted so deeply in the Japanese idol culture that it’s just common-sense to follow it if you are working in the Idol Industry.

    • http://twitter.com/kevinMario Kevin Mario

      Well… the point of the no-love ban is that by not being tied to a “love” relationship, the girls can concentrate 100% to work hard to satisfy (?) their fans that idolizes them.
      If they have a love interest then it’s almost impossible to give their 100% to the fans – that’s the logic behind the love ban.

      • http://twitter.com/Mavarta Mavarta

        I think it’s more than that….
        You know sometimes…when you’re in a relationship….you might get ‘carried away’ by the crazy little thing called love….if you know what I mean….and that will create more problems….

    • cksdayoff

      uh, she’s been sleeping with the company president. And the company president is married with 2 kids.

      tbh, I don’t care, but its reasonable why people would get upset over this, obviously

      • tran

        is that so? he s married? then thats the problem between him and his wife. i would say this will bring his downfall more so than kasai.

      • Rin Ribera

        It’s just frustrating. We don’t know if any of this is true or just 100% crap. Just imagine how could Shukan get all this info anyway?

        • http://www.facebook.com/wendy.marvell.980 Wendy Marvell

          by stalking them, paparazzi knows their address, phone number
          or where they go after work, and of course they will try to get as
          many info they can get

          • Rin Ribera

            Yeah, that all makes sense for pictures, but I highly doubt a staff member would want to ruin an AKB girl’s career. AKB staff depend on AKB in order to have a decent job.

          • http://www.facebook.com/wendy.marvell.980 Wendy Marvell

            AKB have a lot of member who already graduate or resign
            they also have a lot of staffs and i wont be surprise if some
            of them is a snake. And who knows if that former member
            and staff need extra money.

  • karintan

    Now Most people want to be Kubota.

  • http://www.facebook.com/hayden.kaye.1829 Hayden Kaye

    I don’t know much about Shukan Bunshun, but it felt like they made a strong case, that being said, I don’t like being falsely influenced by exaggerated media… So I’m not sure what to think. I personally find some of the accusations a little bit disturbing, regardless of rules and laws.

    Perhaps, at the current rate of scandals, the ban is causing too much negative media and could be lifted in the future, although I still think that this wouldn’t keep them out of negative news.

    I shall carry on reading the comments and form an opinion on the matter later, please feel free to enlighten me. ^^

    • Namjoo

      Shukan Bunshun always make things exaggerated and most of the times they are making up a lot of things just to sell. So better not trust all of those reports that they made.

  • Mario San

    “shunkan bunshun: because there are no real problems in this world” i hope they use my slogan soon :)

    lucky me i m no kasai fan but is this really the way the wright their articles? it s written like a thriller. the “good” reporters uncover the “evil” crimes like detectives… disgusting

  • song bac


    • Rin Ribera

      Great spirit! And I genuinely mean that.

  • cksdayoff

    “Kasai had bullied Sashihara togetehr with Itano, but now Itano has drifted away from Kasai.”

    WTF. Sasshi ;____;

    • http://twitter.com/stv_wong Stv Wong

      You don’t just believed that will you? She’s not that good at acting. And all this time we’ve seen then joking around with each other. I don’t think that would happen if she and sasshi is on a bad-term.

      • cksdayoff

        you’re right, shouldn’t believe everything I read, especially when it comes to Japanese tabloids. But where there’s smoke, there’s fire. In all likelyhood, they were playing around when they said that…but you never know.

        • http://twitter.com/stv_wong Stv Wong

          yeah… the truth is usually somewhere in the middle. Maybe she did have something with him, but how they wrote her… like a disgusting lil’ princess is just… *facepalm*

          • Zennedy

            and I really wonder that did the “AKB staffs” that they asked really exist for that matter.. and who’s the former “AKB’s member” could be??

          • http://twitter.com/stv_wong Stv Wong

            i was wondering the same thing too. Bunshun will really love this “AKB staffs” and “former AKB’s member” if they really exist, wouldn’t they? Just imagine how much dirt they can get from that “staff” and “former member”.

          • http://www.facebook.com/dionysius.b.sencaki Dionysius Bryan Sencaki

            I don’t understand…Shuukan has reported so much about AKB48’s members scandal…and if the member or the management think that every Shuukan reports are completely untruth and disgrace AKB48’s reputation…then, why they don’t sue Shuukan?? I don’t know anything about media code ethic in Japan…is it different than other countries??

          • http://www.akb48wrapup.com/ Tommy

            Not that different from other developed nations.


            AKB48 sued the publisher when they reported something between Shinoda Mariko and the president. But later they dropped the case, leaving things in milky white.
            In several cases, when they consider it will render significant damage to them and their legal team can prove that they’re wrong, they object explicitly.


        • http://www.akb48wrapup.com/ Tommy

          >especially when it comes to Japanese tabloids.

          For your information, tabloids like Shukan Bunshu, Shukan Jyosei or Shunakn Asahi are incredibly popular among older generations, and they form their impressions towards things like AKB48 through these tabloids.

          If I say “You shouldn’t believe everything they write” they will say “So you think they’re making up all of these stuffs? There’s no smoke without fire.”

          People are fascinated by stories those so called “tabloid” (not sideboob magazines), as they reveal what major news programs or newspapers don’t and can’t cover. And they do have significantly big impact on the society.

      • Sakina F

        Haha, rather what I find unbelievable is that they try to implicate my kind oshi, Tomochin into this. Man, she’s like, one of the nicest OG to junior members.
        Kasai is princessy, I can imagine her teasing Sasshi and the like… but teasing is just teasing. I know they used to be WTomomi, but Tomochin would never do that. Not my kakkoi oshi.

        • Zennedy

          I’ve heard about that too.. Chin is too courteous for this “hate” thing..
          I could said the only member that more courteous than her is Yuihan and Akicha..

  • Callighan

    She’s gonna graduate anyway.
    No harm done.

    • http://www.facebook.com/wendy.marvell.980 Wendy Marvell

      although it may not be big, AKB name will still get damage by this, AKB member
      sleeping at AKS president house and she done it before officially leaving the
      group, “AKB have a rule about love-ban but that rule applies only to unpopular
      girls and their boss can do what ever they to some members” sad but i can see
      a lot of people thinking like this especially those who only know little about AKB

  • MiichanFan

    Great work translating all this, Tommy.

    Thanks for your dedication!

    • cksdayoff

      indeed, thank you

    • http://twitter.com/kevinMario Kevin Mario

      What comes to my mind is… “If buying fruits gets me to dine out with Senbatsu members… I’ll buy all the fruits in the world”

      • cksdayoff

        melonpan. also buy tons of melonpan

      • http://twitter.com/kevinMario Kevin Mario
      • http://twitter.com/kevinMario Kevin Mario

        Also another FYI… Tomomi Kasai 600 seconds, English Subbed.

      • http://www.facebook.com/dionysius.b.sencaki Dionysius Bryan Sencaki

        so do i…haha..

  • Zennedy

    If this is real..
    It makes me realized something, remember what Bibiko the Transgender Psychic and Shimada the Palm reader said about Kasai in AKBINGO?
    She’ll be the one that destroy someone marriages in the future..
    If it right..That future is now~

    • Erika

      Which episode are you referring to?

      • Zennedy

        I’ll check my vault..
        and got it with a single click..LOL
        its AKBINGO 110914..
        and..about the palm reading.. I havn’t find it yet..

        • cksdayoff


          • Zennedy

            Shimada refers to her in 100127 episode about something like “you’ll throw the group out of orders”..
            I never believed to this kind of things.. Even if it really happened, isn’t the timing is off by 3 years?? LOL

          • anon

            Um…, didn’t it happened within those 3 years, but the information is only coming out right now?

    • Chessir.

      That’s weird… Bibiko was right about Sashihara having a relationship with a fan that will go bad, also. And that (allegedly) happened…

      • Zennedy

        About Sashihara.. actually she HAD a relationship with a fan that will go bad AFTER she been recognized…
        that mean it before she join AKB..
        So, S/He a bit off on that..LOL

        • Chessir.

          haha “S/He”

    • http://www.facebook.com/wendy.marvell.980 Wendy Marvell

      speaking of AKBingo now we know why inaba is not there anymore ^^
      wonder what inaba feeling right now, lol. Although they’re not really
      serious about it and just done it for comedic effect i think i can accept
      inaba more than kubota, the inabaxkasai pair is one of the reason
      AKBingo is awesome back then.

      • Zennedy

        you didn’t think he isn’t there anymore because of kubota, isn’t?? LOL

        • http://www.facebook.com/wendy.marvell.980 Wendy Marvell

          lol, of course im joking ^^

  • moofuq

    Soon, Kitagawa Kenji…

  • http://twitter.com/samshiel_21 samshiel

    Relationship between idol and her bos..?
    So what?
    Yasusu even married an idol…

    • http://www.akb48wrapup.com/ Tommy

      LOL How old are you???????

    • moofuq

      lol. That’s why aki-p never care about his idols’ love relationship

  • Hugh B Hayve

    Rumors are just what they are, but those pictures look pretty incriminating, her meeting up alone with the guy at night at, what I assume, is his place. How can anyone take the love ban law seriously if management people can’t live up to their marriage vows? Guy’s wife must not be too happy right about now. This scandal exceeds all the others because it makes AKB48 look like a sexual playground for those that run the organization. There has always been talk of Kasai getting away with things that others in the entertainment business can’t and having a “special friend” in upper management would explain that.

    • cksdayoff

      it’s kinda scary cuz he has all that money to throw around, probably wipes his ass with yen instead or toilet paper. It’s probably not just Kasai either but other members as well…pure speculation though. but all i gotta say is…


      • http://twitter.com/kevinMario Kevin Mario

        I don’t think you’ll need to worry about Tano-chan, she’s in a totally different league where she won’t even need to do any ‘behind the scenes’ acts to gain respect and recognition! (and this is coming from a non-Tano oshi)

        • cksdayoff

          I believe you, I’m more worried about Kubota repeatedly attempting to invite Tanochan to dinner in the future.

  • anon

    I never knew Kasai would go as far as bullying… I hope she didn’t influence Tomochin…

    • Rin Ribera

      Lol you really believe the entire story…when it’s Shukan reporting it =w=;

      • http://www.facebook.com/wendy.marvell.980 Wendy Marvell

        we dont know if this is true or not but AKB is a big group do you really think bullying dont really happen inside, not that i believe this story but we dont
        really know members backstage, bullying and fighting is bound to happen
        in a big group like AKB (there’s a rumor about SKE KII members who got
        demoted, someone said that one of the member who got demoted was
        bullied by other demoted members)

        • Rin Ribera

          Yeah of course, but they tried throwing Tomochin into it, when I’ve always only heard nice things about Tomochin’s behavior to other members before. I mean Kasai could have bullied people, but I can’t imagine Tomochin going along with it. Sounds like they just joke around anyway, Shukan likes to twist words. In the end, rumors are just rumors.

  • eh

    is that even her. Maybe its my bad eyesight but it could be bigfoot.

  • messi rodriguez

    tomomi kasai and mariko shinoda sex of Kubota

  • novakayne27

    I really dont care about any of these scandals anymore, really Shukan Bushun needs to find another topic cause this sh*t is gettin old…Its like they dont have anything better to do than camp and stalk AKB girls waiting to see who they can catch, its gettin pretty pathetic how hard they are trying to expose AKB members…The world already knows that these girls date and do wutever in their private time and the love ban law is almost at the point of being abolished so who cares anymore…Grow up Shukan

  • tran

    so what?! the thing is she will b graduating soon. the next thing you hear will b that she married the president and got to live in a big house. is that something that should b ashamed of? i dont think so. the fact that the president is 20 years older also doesnt make a difference. i have seen worse a 65 year old man marrying a 30 year old woman. i dont see why this is a big issue. in fact this tabloid is sheet. it only wants to create sensational stories so it can sell. i dont see whoever members got caught in such scandals will have a bleak future or affects them in anyway. this kind of thing is just for the excitement of the readers. in fact the more this kind of thing come the more people will get tired of it and think of it as normal.

    • Rama Chen

      This is more like it would be a common practice to sleep one’s way to the top in AKB48 and the concern is 1. Our Oshi might fall in victim of his or other big shots’ sexual appitite, 2. In a normal society, companies who can make rational decisions based on common sense may find it risky to sponsor AKB48.

    • stranger

      Well I think the biggest problem is that this article is released before she officially end her AKB activities and the guy is MARRIED. This could also give some damage to AKB because this means there might be other members who do this shortcut to get famous.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dionysius.b.sencaki Dionysius Bryan Sencaki

    Another destructive reports from Shuukan…

  • http://www.facebook.com/tanya37red Tanya Garcia

    Kaisai is a grown woman now ..
    But the fact is this man is pretty creepy , you don’t sleep with people who work for you !
    Maybe the members he slept with felt like if they did not their careers would be in jeopardy , either way the guy is a creepo !

  • penpalfriendsarah

    Aaaaah ;_;
    AKB scandals are ridiculous -.- and by this I mean they’re really nothing, to be honest.
    Yeah, I understand the ‘image’ Idols need to have, but seriously? Some of the accusations are really petty sometimes -_-
    Kasai-san I still completely support you, right until you graduate and beyond.

  • king makan

    “not only her but I have meals with all Senbatsu members in turn almost everyday” way to go Mr.kubota “fruits uncle”

  • http://twitter.com/extinctserpent ☆ serpent ☆

    thanks for the translation, never really like her because of her chipping voice which is not very pleasant to my ears, just hope that it’s not true Chintomo ganged up with her on bullying

  • shannie4888

    OH Lordy………such a mess. I wish her the best, but this isn’t looking too good.

  • anon

    I remember watching that color scarf Akbingo the other day, and they had this marriage happiness segment. BiBiko-san said to Kasai Tomomi that “she’s the type of person that will like married men.” The other members all agreed. But I was like, huh.. o_o? But now this happens.. Oh not to mention Bibiko-San knew who that the stinky socks guy and Kasai were connected somehow… Bibiko-san…, is he really a psychic…, o_o

    • http://www.facebook.com/wendy.marvell.980 Wendy Marvell

      i dont really believe in supernatural thing but i admit that guy is scary

  • Rin Ribera

    This is so ridiculous and frustrating. It’s Shukan for crying out loud, you can’t trust 90% of what they say. Most of their crap can just be garbage they thought up of to stay in business; I can’t believe Itano would truly bully Sasshi with Kasai, there are too many reports of Tomochin being kind and cool to the other members. How could you guys just fall into that so easily?

    I know Kasai has a princess-y attitude so a lot of it would make sense, but is she really that awful? We don’t know. Is she really doing anything with that old guy? “Banging” him, as you crudely said? We really don’t know what she’s doing, but there’s just a few things that make me mad about this. One, I really like how all this crap comes out about Kasai NOW like Shukan had this information for a long time (her spoiled princess moments and such) but for some reason never shared them any time before– or just made them all up on the spot. Two, I hate how they just try to ruin idols’ lives. Find another job to get money from other than causing these girls pain. We shouldn’t get mad at anyone but Shukan for ruining the lives of countless idols who probably didn’t do half of what Shukan implies they did. Kasai has had enough bad luck as it is and really doesn’t deserve some more imo.

    Honestly, I think Shukan is just butthurt that tons of Wota got angered about the whole Miichan scandal and everyone was mad at them rather than Miichan or something so they viciously targeted an ‘easier’ girl, Kasai, as she’s about to graduate. Either way, it’s frustrating.

    • anon..

      Interesting! The photos could be of any girl at all. They would not be clear enough to positively identify Kasai even within a reasonable doubt in any court of law. For my money, they were simply faked, The girl could have been hired to appear to be involved with the man and everything scripted and staged. It will only stop when people are tired of being made fools of by tabloids and AKB and find better things to do with their time and money. Still, the gentleman in question does have a connection with JRA- Japan Racing Association. Remember how the fan from Montreal, Canada was treated after he flew all the way to Japan and was told to get lost just because he wanted to leave flowers for her at her solo debut at the racetrack because he felt badly that she had been insulted at handshake? Odd isn’t it? Possible insane jealousy on the part of persons unknown in the high places or Kasai herself being princessy? No one knows who told staff to get rid of him. He was presentable enough for some of her entourage to try to arrange for him to present the flowers personally which he would have been too shy to do anyway. The two young staff who tried to be nice, possibly Horipro,were obviously raked over the coals by someone scary. Did you know that a group of young fans from Canada sent her birthday gifts and cards by courrier at a cost of $125 only to be told that Japanese customs required her personal contact information or the package would be thrown out or graciously returned to sender for an additional $250. In other words, give us $350 to not deliver a parcel, Japanese customs (after expensive long distance phone enquiries ) confirmed this to be hogwash. It took a supervisor at the courrier company (more$$$)to get it sorted out. Here is a scoop for you: One or more of her Canadian fans are planing to travel to Osaka or Nagoya for handshake events and to make a special presentation to her to wish her well. Lets see how they are treated this time around. The world is watching! We have to wonder too, why she had such a tough time at AKB if she were really doing all the things they say she does. Seems to me she would not have graduated and have been in the general election. It sounds more as if she were a decent girl, just the opposite of what people are saying. But then, what decent girl would get involved with a potential kiddy porn mess? Where are the parents of the kid bt the way. Who arranged for them not to be mentioned?Nothing in this makes sense. The only outcome will be an overall disgust and falling away from AKB, J-Pop, and saddest of all, all things Japanese, even by those who love Japan. If she lives in such an expensive apt(true???) why does she need so much support? If they took the trouble to arrange a photobook, why did they have it end up as the biggest publishing disaster in history and alienate and disgust all current and future fans as well? Questions, questions and I for one am fed up with AKB and will be giving my bucks to charity and listening to the birds and the wind in the trees. Try it sometime. It’s free!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/sederhanaz Zainal Sederhana


  • http://www.facebook.com/eayl1 Eythan Aldrich

    ATTENTION:heat level for this stupid scandal(courtesy of shukan bunshun….again!!) is now increased to condition 5….repeat condition 5!!!

  • Kittycat_999

    I never really like her in the first place she is like those spoiled girls, that like doing whatever they like using someone, in this case she is sung the president

  • http://twitter.com/Mavarta Mavarta

    This one article is something really destructive….*sigh* I think, SB journalists should just be novelists instead….look how they wrote the article….I pity those people….

  • http://www.facebook.com/Henrydang93 Thái Hoà Đặng Hữu

    Damn!!! This is madness

  • ypuu

    If this rumor has some truth in it, her lifestyle is the reason why she couldn’t stand that 10K Yen challenge.

    • http://www.facebook.com/wendy.marvell.980 Wendy Marvell

      I dont hate her, but she already lose my respect not because of this
      scandal but because of that 10K yen challenge, the way she handle
      things there is so unprofessional, I didn’t expect that from her.

  • king makan

    every topic about AKB make shunkan bushun tabloid sold out, they will change the topic when people stop caring about AKB anymore, which i think is imposible. they will do everything to get information and photo about AKB member even if that mean they have to stalking and camping. the more fans care about their idol, the more they want to know a lot more about their idol private life including their scandal, that why many people buy shunkan bushun tabloid and by buying shunkan bushun tabloid realized or not actualy AKB fans supporting shunkan bushun.

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  • https://twitter.com/TheHamzter Thë Hãmstër

    Man the press are fucking leeches!!!!

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  • Gray


  • Lionshade

    This Kubota guy seems like a real sad man. I get bad vibes from him. If I were the parent of any akb mamber I’d be scared as shit of that guy.