AKB48 Group Budokan Concert Series 2013 – Day 4 (Daytime) Setlist and Photos

  April 28, 2013


It’s starting now!

The first song is “RIVER ~ Special ver. by 48G ~”

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Ozaki (HKT48): We have lots of media too!!

Lots of cameras!!

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*Ishihara-P, Yuasa (at King Record) and Kitagawa Kenji sitting in one row in the third photo.

Beginner, Flying Get, Manatsu no Sounds Good

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AKB48G extraordinary general meeting “Decide black or white”

Final day (daytime) AKB48G

Shadow announcer Oshima Yuko


M02 Beginner by 16 members from each 48G

M03 Flying Get by 16 members from each 48G

M04 Manatsu no Sounds good! -Sounds good of midsummer! – by ALL

MC: Takamina, Shinoda, Mayuyu, Nishishi, Jurina, Sayanee, Maachun

M05 Kitagawa Kenji by JKT48

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M06 Ski! Ski! Skip! by HKT48


M07 Teppentottande! by NMB48

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M08 Choco no Dorei by SKE48



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M10 Pareo ha Emerald by

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M11 1! 2! 3! 4! Well!(HKT48/lines read by Kodama, Miyawaki, Tajima)

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M12 Onegai Valentine – Do me a favor Valentine – (NMB48)

M13 Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shojyo – Extincting black-hair girl – (SKE48) 

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M14 HA! by AKB48

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MC2 Shimazaki, Kashiwagi, Rei Matsui, Kizaki, Yamada, the Watanabe Miyuki, Kodama, Sashihara


M15 Iiwake Maybe (U-15 Senbatsu/Center: Tashima Meru)

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M16 First rabbit (U-15 Senbatsu/Center: Kimoto Kanon)


M17 Eien pressure – Eternal pressure – (U-19 Senbatsu/Center: Shimazaki Paruru) 

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M18 Jyuryoku Sympathy – Gravity sympathy – ( U-19 Senbatsu/Center Watanabe Mayu)


M19 AKB festival (O-20 selection)

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M20 Gingham check (O-20 Senbatsu) 

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M21 Shojo Tachiyo – Dear Girls – by ALL

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Tano “When at theater performance, 2 steps (name of dace move) of seniors behind me is so slow. “

Takahashi, Shinoda “Whaaaatttt”

Oshima Yuko “Okay let us show the move!”

Takahashi and Shinoda demonstrated their 2 steps

Everyone “Tano-chan is right. Their movement is definitely slow LOL”

Takahashi Juri “When at theater performance, Takamina, who is next to Mayuyu-san, looks sooooo out of breath.”

Takamina “Don’t reveal it, please!”

Itano “So we are divided into 2 groups for MC based on our age. But I would like it to be 3 groups.”

Oshima “Okay then, Shinoda-san, come over here!!”

Shinoda “NooooooooooOOOOO!”

Everyone “You’d better accept it LOL”

Yuko “How old is Kanon? She is the youngest among us.”

“15. So yeah we are the group of variety of ages, from 15 to \@[/”



M22 Kiminokoto ga Sukidakara – Because I like you – -> Sukiyaken – Kimisuki Hakata dialect version – (JKT48->HKT48) 

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M23 Nagi-Ichi – THe most beautiful girl at the beach – (HKT48 ->NMB) 

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M24 Oh My Gaa (NMB48, HKT48)

M25 Okeydokey (SKE48, NMB48) 

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M26 Kiss Datte Hidarikiki – Even Kiss is Left-handed – (SKE48, NMB48) 


M27 Ogoe Diamond (AKB48) 

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M28 Everyday, cachucha (AKB48) 

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M29 Heavy Rotation


M30 Ponytail to ChouChou

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Tenohira ga Katarukoto – What palms tell – by ALL

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EN1 Sayonara Crawl

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Sae “One member had nip flip during the shoot for “Sayonara Crawl” MV”

Everyone “Is it okay to say that?”

Sae “Oh, I won’t reveal the name of the member.”

Yuko “You know, the nip slip scene won’t be contained in a final product.”

Sae “Are you sure about that?”

Yuko “If it would ever be used in the actual MV, view count of the MV would be crazy.”



EN2 Flying Get by BKA48 (Center: Kawaei)

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Takahashi “Oh lord…. please show your mercy. This is the last subunit I want to join!”

Minegishi “We have no option to reject this job.”

Sashihara “For me, as a member transferred to HKT48, this is completely okay. It’s actually cool coz it sounds like Kami-7!”

Takahashi “Let’s ask Akimoto-san to forget this ever existed.”

Kojima “You should do it! You’re No.2 Baka! You should do it with Kawaei!”

Kashiwagi “Hey, although I’m in this unit, my score is more than 30 points higher than you!”



Announcement of 48G KKS concert on June 5th at Nippon Budokan

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EN3 Shiroi Shirt – White Shirt -

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  • http://www.facebook.com/lowwh88 Low Wai Hong

    Time to save money for the dvd ^^

    love to see : –
    M13 Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shojyo – SKE48
    M14 HA! by AKB48
    M24 Oh My God (NMB48, HKT48)
    M25 Okey-dokey (SKE48, NMB48)
    M26 Kiss Datte Hidarikiki – Even Kiss is Left-handed – (SKE48, NMB48)

    Pareo Wa Emerald by who? (it doesn’t seems just ske….)

    kinda hope they perform Kataomoi Finally (maybe cover by AKB48 – team K, or NMB ^^)

  • http://www.facebook.com/sederhanaz Zainal Sederhana