AKB48 Budokan Live Concert will be live-streamed on Youtube [3 topics]

  April 18, 2013

One thing that surprise you when you look at sales table of 31st single’s theater version is…. AKB48’s KKS are selling a lot. (AKB48 team Kenkyusei can stack up to team K2 and is defeating team M and B2)

Starting with Minegishi Minami and Kojima Mako, the popularity of current KKS are insanely high. Especially 14th generations, their popularity went like a moon shot.

Naturally people are buzzing about the possibility of reincarnation of team 4….. or creation of the brand new team solely comprises AKB48’s KKS.


“They are selling whole lot more than some of regular teams.
I gotta say they should create a new team with current AKB48’s KKS.”
“Again? How many times did we have the same discussions!?”

“I totally agree with you.”

“Kojimako’s (Kojima Mako) poularity is staggering!!”

“This is why 13th generations disappoint me.
They were overtaken by 14th generations, the selected few, at an unprecedented speed. But it seems like most of 13th gen have a sense of crisis, at least that’s how it looks like to my eyes. “

“Don’t repeat the failure of team 4…. It’s vital to learn from failures…. “

“I know, when they wrap up “Omoidaseru Kimitachihe” concert series – this year’s revival concert series -, Togasaki Tomonobu will show up and annonce the creation of 2nd team 4….”
“Are there any girls who are good at singing, other than Minegishi?”

“Naachan (Okada Nana)”

“12 generation trio, Kojima Mako and Iwatate Saho should be promoted to top teams. It’s about time.”

“Shouldn’t Aigasa Moe also get promoted? Or she isn’t popular enough yet?”

“I actually see Moe as a sort of Ace of current KKS.
However, I would like to see Majisuka 4 featuring KKS as well as members from Hakata, Sakae and, if Yoshimoto gives a permission, Namba rather than the brand new team.”

“Then I would like them to make it as a sequel of Majisuka 2! Popularity of Oshima Yuko and Matsui Reina have skyrocketed thanks to the Drama, and I think Majisuka has now become a sort of Brand name…. well Except Majisuka 3….”

“The team will become complete fail if Minegishi would not in the team. After all, it’s about learning from Seniors, and how seniors mentor and teach juniors or contribute to long-term capabilities of junior members success.”

“I also have high expectation on 15th gen members.”
“You mean it’s better to create a new team for them than promote them individually to one of the three teams?”

“The same argument was made for 9th generation members and ended up with the failure of team 4.

IMO The main cause of team 4’s failure is members frustration that they didn’t get promoted to team AKB.
I bet the same will happen to current KKS if they make another team 4…”

“Minegishi’s existence will prevent the new team from repeating the same failure of team 4. The biggest disadvantage of team 4 was that it consisted of members of the same generation, which resulted in severe lack of competitiveness among them.”

“No brainer, who will come to see KKS’s theater performance? Only hardcore Otaku. Then what else they get? Hanshake event, which is also an event exclusively for Otaku fans. They can make TV appearance (Airyoshi Kyowakoku) without any particular effort. How come one can expect they can stay hungry and grow in this lukewarm state??”
“The three musketeers of 14th generation will shine more if they are promoted separately.

Kojimako is a perfect fit for team A,
Okada Nana for team K, and
Nishino Miki for team B

“If they put KKS in a sort of isolated place where the most of fans don’t even care, then what’s the difference between KKS and a member of the new team? We can’t even consider it’s a promotion. “

“At the time of team 4’s failure, I was negative about this idea, too. But when you look at HKT48’s success, if the young team has members who can serve as a mentor or teacher, like Sashihara Rino and Ohta Aika for HKT48, it’s possible to gain wider fan-base.”

“That’s a formula for success.
Do not put junior members in seniors.
Put senior members in juniors!!”

“It’s sad that although AKB48 has a lot of lovely KKS members, now all we care is HKT48 members, who got tremendous momentum.
They are younger than AKB48’s KKS, but enjoying whole lot of TV appearance, made major record debut, won Oricon Weekly Chart, while AKB48’s KKS are stagnating in the small theater….”
“Hope they will start a new TV show solely features Kenkyusei.
If possible, just copy the format of HKT Hyakkaten by simply replacing Sashihara with Minegishi.
Nothing ever starts without getting know em. Unfortunately right now there are little or zero chance that ordinary people happen to know them and get interested in them…”


“Q. What has changed after transferred to team B from 4?A. ( Nakamura Mariko) Back when I was in team 4, it felt like a extra curricular activity because all of my teammates are either same generation or younger. Since I’ve become a member of team B, and had a lot of opportunities to work with senior members, I have instilled a sense of professionalism into me.”


“Even the members of the old team 4 (mainly consists of 9th generation), who were enormously popular when they were KKS failed to create a top team themselves.
And what about Iwata Karen or Oshima Ryoka? If they would make a new team 4, then these members, who got promoted earlier but still haven’t gained much popularity yet, will be all the more forgotten by fans, won’t they?”

  • http://gocchisama.tumblr.com/ quang tran dao

    is it the whole day or only the evening which will be streamed?

  • Zennedy

    “If they put KKS in a sort of isolated place where the most of fans don’t even care, then what’s the difference between KKS and a member of the new team? We can’t even consider it’s a promotion. “

    “Even the members of the old team 4 (mainly consists of 9th generation), who were enormously popular when they were KKS failed to create a top team themselves.
    And what about Iwata Karen or Oshima Ryoka? If they would make a new team 4, then these members, who got promoted earlier but still haven’t gained much popularity yet, will be all the more forgotten by fans, won’t they?”

    This 2 statements sums up everything~

  • http://twitter.com/kevinMario Kevin Mario

    “wisdom of clouds” lol… indeed.
    Hoping to hear more “wisdom of clouds” from eye-witnesses in Okinawa!!! (≧∇≦)

  • http://www.facebook.com/Henrydang93 Thái Hoà Đặng Hữu

    yay more stream online

  • http://www.facebook.com/mbarradell Michael Barradell

    Long comment incoming warning!
    If this is the lineup there are some surprises in my opinion. I would point out lack of Kasai but now that her grad date is set as before the release date i understand (still a very iffy situation with her though, it definitely feels as though she’s been “blacklisted” by her scandals as she has almost disappeared despite her upcoming graduation; which has had zero fanfare despite her being a senbatsu, or former senbatsu… could she have set her date in light of not being selected i wonder?) Akimoto is also graduating but let’s face it she was never going to be selected for senbatsu again except through election. The members therefore most conspicuous in their absense to me are Takayanagi, Umeda and Kuramochi. Kuramochi is semi-regular senbatsu who participated in last 2 summer singles. Umeda is team captain who ranked senbatsu in last election and isn’t Takayanagi supposed to be SKE No.3 and KII ace? In turn the surprise inclusions, to me, are Tomonaga (who?), Yagura (Who?x2), Abe ( Surprised she got in ahead of Mocchi and Shimada), and finally Kikuchi (Aware she has been in summer senbatsu before but didn’t think she was closer to senbatsu than quite a few others).

    • http://www.facebook.com/wendy.marvell.980 Wendy Marvell

      i think its just a matter of time before Yuria surpass Churi and become SKE No.3
      (yuria is just a year older than jurina means she’s still young while churi is already
      on the same ages as takamina and rena) and for KII ace its supposed to be
      manatsu, with manatsu just being in the same ages as jurina they tried to push
      her as KII center but she failed and churi got more popular than her, after she
      got kicked out of senbatsu, after that she rised from the dead only to be surpass
      again this time by a 3rd gen (shawako, goma) but with those two leaving and her
      getting transferred to S mean they’re expecting something from her,
      i think what management want to happen in the future is this
      Team S Jurina VS Team E Rena
      Team S Yuria VS Team E Kanon
      Team S Manatsu/Anna VS Team E Nanako/Nao
      with new Team KII Churi is the only one capable of being an ACE atleast right now

      • http://twitter.com/Eshtarwind Ganita

        There is Akarin, and Akarin is rising and Churi should have had Sayanee-like position in KII, as she is a captain. She is very ambitious though, I bet her fans are too. But yeah, Yuria is propelling really fast, and I bet with the recent grad many are changing their oshi to Yuria (given the graduates)

        • http://www.facebook.com/wendy.marvell.980 Wendy Marvell

          yuria is getting a lot of push, and people speculating that yuria will become SKE center if jurina get fully transferred to AKB, not that i dont want yuria to be SKE center but yuria can only become the center if jurina become full AKB member and i dont want that to happen, and those graduates T_T
          i think i can understand what yuria feels right now, except that she’s more hurt because she’s alot closer to them, out of 10 member who graduate in SKE this year 7 of them is my favs, then there’s kuumin who’s my oshi, she along with jurina is the only member who i really support, after that mitsuki who’s climbing in my oshi list because of crazy blackflip she did in kouhaku last year will also graduate

          • Namjoo

            Yuria will overtake Churi but not this election. Maybe next year, she has a lot of push and had gained many fans but to say that she’ll beat Churi now is kinda unlikely, she must overtake Akarin first. And bout Jurina, tbh I want her to transfer to AKB so that Mayuyu can have some serious competition. The only thing that is holding Jurina back from being the 48groups overall center is that she’s an SKE member. SKE can go on without Jurina. Rena, Churi, the new gens aces can still hold the fort of SKE tbh.

          • http://www.facebook.com/wendy.marvell.980 Wendy Marvell

            Jurina is SKE member and ACE, Jurina auditioned for SKE and
            not AKB she’s on of the member who worked hard and lead SKE
            into top, i used to love the “AKB Next Center” thing but if jurina get
            fully tranfered to AKB just so that mayu can have serious competitors
            that will be a WTF moment for me, i rather have Jurina lead SKE into surpassing AKB than Jurina leading AKB because an AKB members is
            not good enough to do it

          • Namjoo

            Yes Jurina did audition for SKE and she lead SKE before together with Rena, but then she was assigned in a concurrent position as an SKE and an AKB member. She herself stated that she wanted to be an AKB center. Great right? SKE’s ace wanted to be AKB’s ace? If she wants it that badly then she could go on and transfer to AKB, its not entirely impossible since she is Aki-P’s favorite and then let others take over her position as the center of SKE. SKE doesn’t really need a part-time center, what they need is a center that can lead them fully.

    • Namjoo

      The management doesn’t really care much about the results on the elections, even if Umechan managed to rank in the senbatsu election last year, she didn’t really get that promotion unlike those other regular senbatsu members, the same goes for Churi. And about the inclusions that you mentioned, Tomonaga Mio is a KKS just like Meru and she definitely deserves to be in this senbatsu position rather than Meru if you compare their popularity. As for Yagura Fuuko, she’s also another popular member of NMB plus she’s Team M’s future center, I think. IMO they should’ve just stick to the top 2 from each sister groups rather than giving us this rather large senbatsu again. Look at MSG, its a mess, you couldn’t even identify the other members in the PV. Hopefully this senbatsu rumor is not true at all.

  • novakayne27

    1) Kumi looks amazingly hot
    2)Hahaha…Tomochin was all like I love you and all Paru but i love my yakiniku even more :)