[ Bunshun ] AKB48 Kashiwagi Yuki joined a midnight party with young soccer players

  February 5, 2013

Rusting “Iron Rule”, AKB Kashiwagi Yuki’s midnight dating party – The photos of participants leaving the building where the karaoke bar resides, were taken at 7:45 am on January 12

Kashiwagi Yuki, a popular member of the idol group AKB48, joined a dating party with professional soccer players in the midnight of January 12.

Weekly tabloid magainze Shunkan Bunshun published a photo of them partying.

It may cause controversy since Kashiwagi Yuki is known for her clean and pure image among fans.

Members who joined the party along with Kashiwagi were Minegishi Minami, the girl who’s been in a center of attention right now, and 明日花 Kirara, a porno actress.

The male partners for them in the dating party include Ogiwara Takahiro(21) and Sugimoto Kenyu(20), both were London Olympic representatives in soccer.

Kashiwagi’s agency admitted the fact that Kashiwagi joined the party, but insisted that “she wan’t informed that the party had male participants in advance, as well as the porno actress.” while Minegishi’s agency stated “it was not a dating party. We were told that it was a meal meeting with only female participants”



Fans reactions:

“I just finished reading the article. It’s nothing more than a dinner party of famous people www”

“So the longer version of the article says Minegishi left the party at 3 am. And I wished Yukirin went back home with Minegishi….. As being left alone with a porno actress and men may cause a nasty rumor…..”

“They just ban relationship, not enjoying a dinner party. I think that’s why Oshima didn’t get any penalty last time….”

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  • http://twitter.com/extinctserpent ☆ serpent ☆

    they’re never going to learn, aren’t they?

  • ricehabanero

    She unknowingly went to dinner with 2 girls and 2 other boys and she may or may not have drank.. Oh wow, what a scandal! The article is more about Minegishi Minami, anyway.

  • Fernandez Murella

    I hope, shukan bunshun will investigate everything for more AKB48, or monitor and investigate the private lives of the members of AKB48

  • http://www.facebook.com/derkaiser.faizzuddin Der Kaiser Faizzuddin

    After not more than a week after she stated that “Love-Ban-Law is necessary as long we’re idol” ??!!
    damn.. Shukan Bunshun..
    They really declaring a war, isn’t??

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003680762857 Christian Leder

    Well, this one really doesn`t bother me… It was just a dinner party and Yuki is one of the last people I could imagine to be in a relationship (As I said before). Come on, let theese Girls have a social live!

  • http://twitter.com/iNSPIR1T ダリル ロザ

    please, no more. too much lately.. can’t AKB just stay out of drama for a few weeks? I know this isn’t a serious account here, but the timing of this event is just much too close to all the stuff that’s been going on.. seems like from janauary of 2012 until now there’s been countless unneeded drama.

  • moofuq

    This article may not damage Yuki much :p

  • http://twitter.com/kevinMario Kevin Mario

    Geez guys, read the artice properly won’t ya. Dated 12 JANUARY.
    Means that Bunshun has been sitting on this for almost a month, but didn’t release it because the know they have nothing on Yukirin. The reason they release it now is because Miichan’s thing is still hot off press, and printing anything with ‘AKB scandal’ on it will mean ppl will buy their magazine. This is nothing but a Bunshun ploy.

    • Hugh B Hayve

      My sentiments exactly, every time these Bunshun knobs report a scandal they always follow it up with some sort of made-up story to try and push everyone’s buttons a little more. That is their modus operandi.

    • Keyrol Geronimo

      but still though it dated back on January. AKB48 participating in a gokon party, a group date is simply breaking the rule of AKB48 the love-ban law.

      • http://twitter.com/kevinMario Kevin Mario

        @Keyrol_Geronimo I’m starting to wonder if you have the right image of what a ‘goukon’ party is… they’ve done this in Nemousu Terebi Season 01 Episode 01 where Chiyuu, Yuko, Noro Kayo and Kojiharu participated and no one gave a damn because at the end, it’s just socializing.
        When 2 people go on a ‘secret’ date in a ‘secret’ location, I personally think that that’s only when Renai Kinshi Jourei should start to apply.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wendy.marvell.980 Wendy Marvell

    (i also hate this rule but its not like we can do something about it)
    kikuchi, sashi, yonazawa, natsumi, minegishi just like what serpent said
    they never learn, i know this is just like a dinner party but they should
    know it the most that a simple party like this can cause big scandal
    ( i also want them to date and become happy but atleast hide it properly)

  • http://www.facebook.com/dionysius.b.sencaki Dionysius Bryan Sencaki

    I would never believe all of Shunkan Bunshun’s article about AKB48’s scandal…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Arnold-Triyudho-Wardono/1849857150 Arnold Triyudho Wardono

    wtf is the sh*t

  • infel99

    it’s the side effect of tearing MaYukirin pair

  • Keyrol Geronimo

    if this was true after what Yukirin said
    that love ban law should be followed discreetly.
    she would be named the most hypocrite member of AKB48 not the reaction queen anymore.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Amanda-Bordin/1574959901 Amanda Bordin

      I think the same, the most fake idol ever!

    • http://twitter.com/kevinMario Kevin Mario

      @google-f3280cf239b8540c7ed63c61948971d9:disqus @facebook-1574959901:disqus FFS can you please READ the whole thing properly in a chronological order?

  • Jimmy

    Lol this won’t do jack to her image or cause any such controversy. If she was caught spending the night at a guy’s house, then yeah. If she loses a significant number of fans, then yeah.

    There’s no rule in AKB saying you can’t go out to socialize. As far as I’m concerned Yukirin’s fans still and always will have the utmost faith in her. That includes me. She’s one of the LAST members I’d expect to get into hot water, as in public outcry or demotion or kicked out out of the group.

    This is just Shukan attempting to follow up the Miichan article and trying to get the most out of the media frenzy the past week.

  • http://twitter.com/bakangel angeline♥ 幻想水滸伝

    Hurm for me this is just a normal gathering I guess it might true that Yukirin doesn’t know the guys will be there..her friends probably deceived her to come to the party..plus she deserve this little break…as long she didn’t going over the border am okay with this…I trust Yukirin =)

  • Peechan

    Is she 13 years old?

    Surely not!! That’s all. Don’t waste your time on this news.

    • ShihonoRyo

      You would be surprised what some 13 year olds in Japan do for some cash, so who knows…

  • http://twitter.com/MasterWota Yoda

    In Yukirin i believe. Yeessss

  • Kittycat_999

    She maybe go to the party for the sake of Miichan