AKB48 announced punishment on Minegishi Minami, demotion to Kenkyusei (KKS)

  January 31, 2013
Togasaki Tomonobu   2013 1/31 18:28

This is regarding Minami Minegishi’s scandal that was reported on a weekly magazine that was released today. We decided what her punishment will be and so, I want to take this opportunity to inform the fans about it.

We had decided to demote Minami Minegishi to become a member of team Trainee as her punishment for causing nuisance to the fans because of this scandal. This demotion will take effect on February 1, 2013.

Moreover, we will give more information about her schedule as soon as details have been decided.

This is a sudden announcement, and I apologize to all the fans. Please keep giving your support to AKB48.

AKB48 Theater General Manager, Tomonobu Togasaki

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Minami Minegishi has a message to the fans, and you can watch it on AKB48’s Official YouTube Channel.

I’m Minegishi Minami from Umeda team B of AKB48.

I’m very sorry to have caused enormous worry to members, fans, staffs, my families and a lot of other people with the article in the weekly magaizne that is published today.

(Deep Bow)

As the 1st generation member of AKB48, the group that has formed in 2005, it’s my responsibility to always behave as a good role model to juniors. I deeply regret what I did this time. It was a thoughtless deed and I was completely lacking self-awareness as a senior member.

My brain blanked out and I’m still unable to figure out what to do, what I can do. But after I saw the magazine a little ago, I couldn’t help but doing something. And I decided to shave my head without consulting any member or staff at my agency.

Although I don’t think I would be forgiven by doing this, the first thing that I went through my head was that “I don’t want to leave AKB48.”

This is a place where my dear members, who I spent my blossom of youth together, are. And it’s unimaginable to even think about leaving the group where I’m with so many wonderful and sweet fans.

I understand it’s wishful thinking, but if it’s possible, I would like to still be AKB48’s Minegishi Minami.

This is all my fault.

I’m truly sorry.

I will leave my hereafter to the hands of Akimoto-sensei and management.

Though I haven’t been able to tidy my mind up, but I just wanted to tell my current feeling to you.

Thank you so much for listening to me.

(Deep Bow)

  • Don Tran

    Honestly just glad she’s not gone…. Kenkyusei demotion i can accept

  • remus

    I know you feel guilty, but no need to shave your head… miichan… -_-|||

    • Don Tran

      You know i reckon she still loooks really pretty.. shes got such a nice face and its sad its usually covered by hair

      • remus

        I don’t say she looks ugly, just feel sad to see her punish herself like that. She don’t deserve it.

        • Yeah I know..
          and It seem that she shave it herself, too~

        • Jimmy

          Not ugly but not really pretty either…I can accept that. I don’t think she should have shaved her head like. How can she be an idol with a shaved head like that :/.

          • ShihonoRyo

            Can we buy uchiwa’s (fan) with her shaved hair style?

      • Guest

        You are high if you think she’s still really pretty. She looks absolutely ridiculous…

      • ShihonoRyo

        What are you talking? This new nair is a real antiboner. 🙁

  • moofuq

    That fucking Alan need to apologize too!! To Miichan and to AKB fans!

  • Y U shave your hair Miichan….???
    be strong mate…
    we’ll always with you..

  • some miichan oshi have shaved their head in order to support her.

    • Peechan

      I like your idea, Unfortunately and lucky that I’m not her ota 😀

  • Hopefully Miichan will be able to recover soon…I can’t really imagine how Shunkan Bunshu really enjoy their magazine selling rate recently and at the same time, AKB48 fans witnesses their 1st generation idol shave her head, regretting for all what she has done after reading Shunkan’s article….just terrible

  • Amatsu

    omg miichan, i feel so sad looking at her. Ganbare.

  • I’m sad that she did this to herself…. ;___; I mean whole thing, “dating” and shaving and stuff… Poor girl. I’ll keep supporting her even more, she needs it more than my kamioshi!

  • Then..
    how about Kousagi Dojo??
    Is she still MCing the show??
    I hope it is~

    • Lucient

      True, I’m questioning that as well ever since this news broke out.

    • Jimmy

      More importantly, what’s going to happen to no3b :/. I mean they’ve pretty much finished promoting Kirigirisujin, but I guess no more new releases from them this year.

      • Miichan being Miichan, I think she will use this as a ‘weapon’ instead of a ‘weakness’ – after all being unique is considered a positive thing in variety.

        As for unit / single promotions – I don’t think being demoted to KKS does anything to no3b, she’ll still be there and rocking out like usual, just without that awesome hair that she had before… but then again, it will come back as time goes by.

        We’ll just have to support her and be by her side until then.

        Miichan for Sousenkyo 2013!

  • Sakina F

    So does doing all this really mean it was her? I’d like to believe not. Really, I want to hear her say no. But of course, ambiguous answers are all the rage.
    I’m still supporting you Miichan, 1st generation is always ichisei!

  • Akira Hitoshi

    the dude really needs to admit he was involved and apologize…come on man, she shaved her head for god’s sake…

  • Guest


  • This Girl has done nothing to be ashamed of! I am scandalized that a grown woman is forced to publicly debase herself for reasons that is no other person’s business. This is a perfect example of how the patriarchal agenda claims ownership of young womens’ bodies. Utterly shameful!!

  • monkey

    so pathetic….. she should be allowed to have 1000 guys in her appartment if she likes to.

  • Sae

    It’s a shame, her career is ruined(?) just because she dates.

    • Catur An

      yes, and if u know nothing about bussiness don’t enter bussiness world. In bussiness there’s always a contract, and what u hv signed in contract letter is the law, if u do everything stated in contract u are professional, but if u don’t u are an amateur, this is not about she dates or fuc**** ,this is about bussiness, if u want to dates or whatever then don’t be AKB48 member

      • Sae

        And I would suggest you brushed up your spellings first before you dropped shit on others.

  • ShihonoRyo

    Japanese idols have to be pure, second hand idols (dating) have little value.
    Same with Seiyuu’s.
    If they can’t accept the rules, don’t become an idol then. Simple.

  • Dan

    this is horrible… I’m a fan, but after seeing this, this kind of Japanese pop-culture product is not interesting anymore…

  • Don’t give up …fighting Miichan some day u r winner.

  • I really love Miichan…..so why she got Alan as her bf!

  • 😮