SNH48 1st generation members decided!!!

  October 14, 2012

My Oshimen is the girl in the far right of the 2nd row

Her name is メイファン.

Her hobby is collecting Panda goods.

Her favorite food is sesami rice cake.

The person she respects is Deng Xiaoping

They look sophisticated more than I expected!

They kinda lack freshness but are beautiful, I think.

Thanks to Anti Japan protest, I lost any motivation to support this group….

I have an impression they’re already sophisticated and probably look great with makeup.

But I can’t sense any freshness from them.

Maybe Chinese taste buds are different from Japanese ones

Sure, their makeup does look that of Chinese. I think AKB48 management mostly left the decision to their partner in Shanghai….?

I have no interest in them after all these fuss Chinese made over territorial dispute over Senkaku islands which is a non-existent issue for Japanese.

But I feel sorry for them for the fact they’re called 売国賊 màiguózéi in their homeland, but that’s a natural result of their own deed.

By the way, our comments on this place will 100% be reported on Chinese news so don’t write anything radical.

↑Honestly I think many of them are cute.

But all the more because they look cute, I want them to put lighter makeup.

They look awesome more than expected….

↑x2 So will AKB 48 group bridge Japan and China?

↑x3 Will Akimoto Yasushi win Nobel Peace Prize?

Who is this Mayuyu look alike girl in the right?

↑You can see that girl in this photo.

Has this girl passed the audition?

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↑I was wondering the same thing.

↑Looks like she couldn’t make it…

I’d been worried if Sae can get along with members of SNH48, as I was picturing something like HKT48 or JKT48.

But because they look far sophisticated than I imagined, I think Sae and Mariyanne at least don’t stand out too much among them.

Looks like this girl is going to be Center.

27 members is a too many as 1gen members.

Maybe they considered some of them would withdraw due to the tension between the 2 countries?

27 members have passed the audition.

One person withdrew, so now it has total 26 members.

The youngest one is 13 (from Taiwan), while the oldest member is 22 years old.

The thing is whether they genuinely respect AKB members like JKT48 members who cried at the sight of Miyazawa Sae.

So… Sae-tan will play a role of Takamina in this group….

They said 1gen members of SNH48 will hold their first public performance on Dec 8th.

Probably they will make a first appearance in Japan at Request Hour?


  • Angga

    Congratulations SNH48! :D/

  • Interesting. Not sure if I’ll support them yet but I’ll keep an eye out for them. Sae, Mariyannu, do your best! I hope the SNH members will respect them.

  • Kurisu

    … no use crying over spilled soy milk
    but I so wish it was Sae and Harugon that were transferred to JKT48!
    JKT is so lively and they’re rambunctious and a little crazy… that is so SAE!!
    And she would have been the ultimate sempai to some of those girls… I can’t picture it with SNH so much after seeing that picture.
    But hopefully seeing interaction between everyone will change things.

  • Wow, SNH48 is official! Congratulations!

    Lol at the comment of AkiP will win Nobel Peace Prize :D. On a more serious note, I do hope this will improve the relationship between the people in two countries.

    Oldest one is 22 –> Seemed quite old for a new 48 intake? I think JKT 1st gen was max 19 but they laxed it to 20. For 2nd gen, the cap is 18, which is unfortunate because there’s a couple of great candidates who are 19.

    Looking forward to see the individual pictures…

  • Ryvius Jr

    i hope red necktie girl pass the audition.

    • tokidoki

      I also want to know this. Anyone got a clue?

      • king makan

        too bad she not passed maybe she will come back to try for SNH 2nd generation audition.

    • waffless

      I read somewhere, that she didnt pass.

      • tokidoki

        Ah, too bad. Thanks for letting us know.

  • So when their first performance is in December, Saechan will leave Japan in the middle of November?

  • blackqueen

    all of this girls was pretty.
    but, why many of them looks already hit 20s or over 20s?

  • Congratulations for SNH48.. they all pretty and I do hope they can improve the relationship between Japan and China.. I’ll be waiting to see them perform with AKB48, JKT48 and the rest of the sister groups.. a drama collaboration between them all would be great too ^^

  • tomodachi

    Is that mayuyu or just look alike?? @_@”

    • that girl really looks like mayuyu!

    • So now we have Fake Yukirin and Fake Mayuyu!? btw who’s the Fake Yukirin’s real name anyways??

  • KudoShinichikun

    Yosh! I too selected my oshimen! Its the girl in Image 5 who looks like Juri
    And i agree… The girl in the red necktie needs to pass…

  • really? I hope they receive much love and support from everybody especially those chinese who hates japanese. This really is a great news. Good thing Aki-p didn’t gave up on this after China banning Japanese Entertainment. I hope everything will settle soon 🙂

  • and btw. I find the girl n 2:03 of the video attractive but she doesn’t look so happy on what’s happening.

    wth is wrong girl???

  • hollow

    Congratulations for SNH48 I hope they can improve the relationship between Japan and China

  • archite

    I would love to see SNH48 cover “Flying Get”. LOL.

  • Zee

    Well….they are cute

  • Jocelyne S

    “Will Akimoto Yasushi win Nobel Peace Prize?”
    LOL i love the comments haha.
    Will keep a lookout for these girls 🙂

  • there is’nt akiP here,,, ??
    not like first gen jkt48 decided,,,

    • Probably not a wise decision for him to come to China given the whole riot thingy that’s been happening… Better safe than sorry. I’d hate to lose him to some stupid island argument.

    • Andhika Sp hieka

      hm, … for safety. may be.

  • i’m not sure if i’ll like them in the near future,but i really want them to put lighter makeup maybe?.Well we can’t do anything about makeup coz i’ts just their chinese taste?

  • rick cea

    This team needs the energy of Genking (Sae) and marianna. Only the mayu lookalike tried to appeal to audience. I’m looking forward to update to the team page so we can learn all names.

  • moofuq

    Why is SNH48 logo color same with AKB team B?? Can’t they find other color for SNH or what…

  • Wow, these girls look super cool. I can’t wait to see them in action!

  • Sae

    Somehow they dont appeal to me.. Probably due to lack of freshness like someone else had commented. I’m actually more interested in the role Sae will play in SNH48. A captain like Takamina? or even as one of the center??

  • HansenRera

    Finally, SNH48!! 48Family!! 😀 I believe they can do their best in order to become idol group to be proud of.. ^.^ We’re waiting for you all.. ^_^

  • Andhika Sp hieka

    by name (48), I will continue to support them. all members (48), without exception.

  • oh…i hope mayuyu’s look a like will be as nice as mayuyu…i will diffinetly like snh48..

  • YoungHui

    LOVE PEACE ,, wish nothing happen between China and Japan ,, we are all FAMILY ^^