Kojima Haruna, Oshima Yuko: Female Overseas fans often ask us, When will KojiYu get married?

  October 4, 2012

 -Well, this time then again let Kojima-san and Oshima-san make the cover of our magazine after special combined issue in GW! Thanks to you guys, KojiYu (in GW issue) was received quite favorably!!

Kojima: Thank you so much!!

Oshima: I’m often told by fans that they are using KojiYu mousepad which was the bonus for the previous issue of Weekly Playboy, which featured KojiYu.

  • I love this! ^_^’

  • Ryocchi

    My heart just exploded of happiness.

  • Nicole

    Where can I buy this!! Omg I want it soo bad!!

  • alrunzz

    how to save the photos ?