Huge criticism on Kasai Tomomi as she gave up living one month on 10,000 yen challenge

  October 25, 2012

It’s ridiculous to escape in the middle of the challenge…. This is not a midnight tv show! This is TV asahi’s popular golden time show!!

And even if she will come back from now, the challenge itself was already over….


And now everyone slams her on twitter…


If only they chose Okaro (秋元才加) for the show….

Even boys from Johnny’s have done it for one month! It’s crazy she gave up after 4 DAYS!!

She gave up her job…. such a jerk.

↑But when I watched the scene in the 2nd photo, I felt sorry for her… It can’t be helped…

Why don’t you conclude it like she tried her best, but couldn’t make it?

She did a good job!

Broad minded me!

Hey hey hey, she gave up on day 4!!

She didn’t even try her best!

What in the world is happening on her?????

That’s their hype and will explain the situation next week, which is a pretty standard method of TV show.

This is….. scripted….. (in trembling voice)

If Yasusu would ever hear this, Tomomi will be over!

Is there anyone who really believe she abandoned the challenge without any permission?

Come on! Of course they are filming the whole footage even the scene where she run away~~

I bet she misunderstood this was 100K a month challenge or 10K a week challenge….

There’s no documentary non-scripted TV program where TV personalities appear.

Everything is planned by screenwriters.

↑Wipe your tears, Tomomi-ota!

The 7th say is the day she was absent from a handshake event….!!

Now all the dots are connected.

It was not due to sickness but she was just reluctant to work….

After all, they made a mistake in casting.

They should swap Kitahara and Kasai each other…

If it were due to sickness, I could be sympathetic with her, but now that it turned out she just wants to slack off her work, I’m left speechless….

Michishige pushed herself to the limit!!
She accomplished this challenge with tears!!

Compared to this girl, what the fuck is Kasai is doing!?

She has not guts!

Anyways, this “without permission” is a scripted drama, I guess.

Though this will do nothing but harm Kasai’s image, this may be considered a sort of surprise for TV company…

  • Mario Medves

    Ka-Kasai? What are you doing???

  • Abc

    I agree with comment that she and Kitarie should swap.
    And Sayaka might be more interesting~ she ex-captain you know~ spirit and responsibility.

    Anyway, I think she will back~ I used to watch this show~ Script for sure!
    Or may be she might do her best even though I think it suck somehow.

    Btw, I just knew that Sayumin used to be in this show before.
    She become more interesting to me after being leader~
    Kind of impressive as I seen from screen cap though.

  • Hanabiratachi

    Please be a scripted D:

  • ダリル ロザ

    What the fuck… Kasai fuckin’ up. What a princess, can’t even live on a budget for a few weeks. I don’t think there’s any other AKB member who couldn’t do that challenge.

    • Hanabiratachi

      The budget is around $100
      For anyone to live on that, they would have to live without electricity, no phone, heating, eat cup noodles for every meal and ride buses so you should seriously consider how low that amount is. And this is definitely scripted so give kasai a break

      • 7758

        I think based on the setting at least housing (inc. electricity and heater) is provided. i know 10k yen (more or less 100 euro) is not much.
        but her resolution is weak!! why she choose to join in the first place?

      • Janet S.

        I may not live in Tokyo, but I live on less than $100 a month, and that’s already includes food, electricity, luxury (shopping, cinemas, etc), housing, fuel and yes I can even buy my biases CDs (though for this I need to save up for at least 2-3 months). So no, $100 is not that low of an amount to live on.

        I know Tokyo is more expensive than most area but don’t assume that every other places is the same, and once more I state this, if there are other people who could finish this challenge such as Michishige and that Kis-my-ft dude then I don’t see why she needs to run away after only 4 days.

        • ダリル ロザ

          When I was living in Tokyo I was basically the same. You’re right, $100 is doable. And to top it off, this isn’t a challenge that hasn’t been completed before by many others. Also, I highly doubt anyone else will be quiting.

          The buzz is about Kasai quitting the show when in reality, she just quit on herself.

        • drahz

          actually when i visited tokyo, the food didn’t seem any more expensive than in america…and japanese people eat in smaller portions…

      • ダリル ロザ

        I live in New York City. I grew up with absolutely no money whatsoever. I fished for bottles to collect deposits on them with my lil’ brother so we could buy milk for the family.

        I lost my job 2 months ago, I’m unemployed and have survived on $100 this entire time. Its not un-doable by any means, nor is it even difficult. Its simply outside of her comfort zone which she’s clearly unwilling to venture beyond. Rather than I cutting Kasai a break, why don’t you give her respect instead and disprove on her quitting on herself so easily.

        • Anon.

          Key sentence: “I grew up with absolutely no money whatsoever.”
          Since young, you’re forced to cope with such situation, that’s why you can make end meet.

          For Kasai, this is her first time facing such a challenge. It’s like you’ve been swimming your whole life, Kasai doesn’t know how to. When pushed into water, you can swim and save yourself. Kasai can’t. She will struggle a lot at first and over time, she may overcome this.

          • ダリル ロザ

            She wasn’t transported to a poor south american village somewhere in Uruguay. She was made to ration a $100.

            I think at the very best, that’s uncomfortable. That’s it. There’s nothing glorious about it… certainly nothing difficult. And seems like everyone else was able to do it. I just don’t believe she had any fortitude whatsoever. I grantee if they chose ANY other AKB member for that challenge, it would have been completed.

        • Hanabiratachi

          The point is WHETHER THIS IS SCRIPTED OR NOT!
          Do you think it is possible for the girl to back out of the contract after agreeing to go on the show. So how do I “disprove” of her when there is possibly it’s scripted?

  • lincolnz777

    10000 yen? I live below that every month, yet I still buy SKE stuff!!

    • Hanabiratachi

      You live below around $120 a month but still have money for SKE things?………

      • lincolnz777

        I couldn’t buy their album….

        • Hanabiratachi

          Does your budget actually include paying for things like electricity and gases because that count as well. Seriously you have to eat cup noodles every day to live on $100 in real life r___r

          • cathy91G

            Is the ppl. in the show have to pay rent and electricity too?>>cuz that is kind of impossible to pay rent/electricity with$120 (and her room looks kind of fancy and in Tokyo too). Even their album cost tons of $$ (so I think they wont include rent/electricity in the show).

            Unless the challenge is about ‘food’ and house supply.I live in U.S, and the money actually is more than enough for one person. I think I can live even less than $10/amonth (if is not include rent/electricity)

    • Stalkingman

      10.000 yen = about Rp 1.1mil for living alone in indonesia it;s possible for 1 month. u can rent a house (i dont know the english but in indonesia it’s called ngekos) u can pay 1 month for only 2000 yen = around Rp 200.000 and it;s already electricity and water but not AC or high electricity item are allowed. and for the food for one day it;s about Rp 25.000 – Rp 28.000 = 250-280 yen per day and sometimes the landlord is giving u a food if he/she is really kind. this is a true story based on my friend living here and sometimes i go to his “kosan”. sry for may bad english

      • 7758

        “ngekos” lol… hello there, i’m Indonesian too hahaha

        I think your illustration is not comparable since living cost in Indonesia is much lower than in Japan,… but still if johnny boys can finish the goal why can’t she?

        • Stalkingman

          iya ane tau kok kalau hidup di jepang lebih mahal terumata di tokyo. cman nanggepin aj orang yang bilang sudah termasuk listrik dll. karena yg komen disini kan g semua hidup di jepang

      • Stv Wong

        Well, I’m in Indonesia too, but I need to ask you this, where do you live? If it’s in Jakarta, that’s pretty much impossible. My room cost for around 5000 yen, and I’ve got no aircon. And for my daily life, I spent about 500 yen per day. And living cost in Tokyo is a lot higher than that. We can’t compare it to Indonesia. And not to mention that most of the TV shows are scripted, so I guess this one’s too.

        • Stalkingman

          ada kok om kosan yang cman 200kan temen gw ngekos sgitu. tapi kosanya yah cman muat 1 kamar tidur panas2xan sumpek dll. listrik cman seadanya paling buat lampu sama kipas angin. klo mo ac tambah duit 150k malah kata temen gw ad yg 1 bulan 150k. tp emank rata2x kosan diatas 500k. believe it or not. karena gw udh ngerasain kos2xan daerah kampus gw dari 200-2jt 1 bln. malahan kalau lagi irit dia bilang sih buat makan 1 bulan bisa cman 550k (klo yg ini gw agak ragu) cman sih emank ini anaknya super irit makan warteg 4-5k doank @_@

      • real

        you compare indo with japan?

  • Haahah

    Dude I bet whole thing is scripted kasai has appeared over a ton of shows and they usually tend to be holding scripts and also if u think about it why record her running away -.- she also has a speaker / mic on her so I highly doubt she ran away

    Well kasai I hope u take care and I hope this thing has been set up but when did the month start again?

  • rick cea

    Y10K is less than $100USD a month. Did anyone really think gentle ojosama kasai could complete this? I doubt Nakayan could live on only 10K a month.

    • drahz

      it’s a 125 bucks

  • Tubatime1010

    As someone who watches Japanese TV exclusively I must say that everything appears scripted. This isn’t a big deal. In fact…the only negative thing here should be this: “She will do whatever the script/her management tells her to do even if it’s really bad for her image.”

    I’ve always wanted to support her…but there’s just something about her that I can’t get behind. I really don’t know what it is. She’s a beautiful woman…but it seems like she’s just another showbiz type.

  • blacknezumi

    I don’t like the look of this. Even if this is scripted it really bad for her image just by looking at all those criticism. Maybe there will be more update on this and it will take a positive turn somehow. Then everything will be peacefully resolve.

  • songbac

    whatever happen, i always support her although people think that i admire her too blindly

  • Kasaisleepsaround

    Stupid bitch, only thing she is good for is sex. Girl should know her place

    • Hanabiratachi

      You know what’s more disgusting about your comment? 8 dumbasses actually like this.
      Good lord did Kasai killed your dog? Ugh….r___r
      Btw I love how you assume she sleep around when you don’t know her personally……….

      • dodo

        not judging on kasai…yet but I think that how they cope with budget limit is already drama in and of itself….

        • Hanabiratachi

          Doesn’t mean they can’t create a scenario to boost rating. That’s what TV shows want..MORE rating

    • songbac

      What did you say?? why can you conmment like that? can’t you guy be polite person?

    • Janet S.

      Such a disgusting comment, and even worse there are people who liked this. Pathetic.

    •á/100002647626139 Alexandra Huttová

      Yeah. Now you are ‘so cool’, what is your problem? Still without sex? so go on a porno page and leave these girls alone and don’t attack them, I think YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO SHOULD KNOW YOUR PLACE!

  • 7758

    She deserve to be bashed tbh.

    and i think this will greatly screw up her future career,… quitting half way in golden time slot variety show. Nice Job

  • Janet S.

    I’m not really trying to be the mean one here, but if there are other people who could complete the challenge (such as Michishige), then I don’t see why others are defending her by actually using the ’10k yen is so little money’. I mean THAT is the PURPOSE for this show, to know what these people could conjure up to survive with such minimal amount of money.

    So I’m sorry, but if she did ran away from this simply because she can’t handle off living with that amount of money after 4 days, it just screams unprofessional to me. She did sign up for this job when she could have rejected it in the first place. So if she did not have the will to do this job there could be other candidates that could have taken over her place.

  • Anon.

    How can the girl quit on her own if:
    1. She already signed with the show
    2. Her agency is one of Japan’s biggest and most prestigious ones
    She is a princess-type but she isn’t the princess of Japan to decide such things on her own. Her manager, her agency wouldn’t let her screw up either, since HoriPro invested quite a lot on Kasai recently. Of course this is scripted.

    Kasai is there for the dramatic purpose. The economist will show you how to live with 10k yen logically while the comedian will show you how to live with 10k yen comically. Kasai’s role in the show is a princess who is suddenly thrown out into the world, struggling to survive, may give up along the way but will find a resolution.

  • Hugh B Hayve

    I like Tomomi because she’s really attractive and has a cute voice and the events that happen on some so-called reality show won’t change my opinion of her. People that bash her because of said TV show are not real fans of hers anyway and their opinions mean diddly squat to me. What makes me laugh is the way some people believe what happens on TV is real.