Storm Clouds looming over Maeda Atsuko’s international movie debut

  September 22, 2012

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Maeda Atsuko, the former member of AKB48 attended the press conference of 25th Tokyo International Festival, held in Tokyo.
She talked about her ambition as the ambassador for the festival, and what type of actress she wants to be. She was supposed to make an international debut in the large scale movie, a collaboration work between Japan and China. But the dismal relationship between the two countries has brought uncertainty about the future of the film’s production.

Together with the prominent faces of the movie industry on the stage, Maeda made a speech. “I’m feeling very nervous. But because I love films so much, I’m really looking forward to meeting and talking with many people associated with the film industry. I want to watch any kind of films.”
“I go to movie theaters alone. I even cry and laugh when I’m watching movies alone at the theaters. I watch DVDs at home, too. I watch movies of all genres.”

Maeda joined the movie “Kueki Ressha”, which is based on the Akutagawa Prize winning novel, This Summer. But the first movie work after she graduated AKB is “1950”, the big scale movie produced in collaboration with Japan and China, which is scheduled to hit the screen next fall.
The movie will be directed by director Kurosawa Kiyoshi, and starring Tony Leung, a Hong Kong actor. Set in Yokohama in in the 1950’s, the movie features gun action that is related to the famous gun Colt M 1905. It depicts the destiny of heroine that is torn between the two men. In addition, Maeda will act in Chinese for this movie.

Just when the filming is about to start from the next month in Taiwan and Japan, the tension between Japan and China had suddenly developed over the sovereignty of the disputed islands.

A Japanese staff for the movie stated, “Amid the rising Anti Japan sentiment in China, Chinese fans are furious at Tony who has chosen to be in the movie that will be produced in collaboration between Japan and China. Tony himself is still unsure about his appearance on the movie. It’s reported that his management had announced that they haven’t yet made an official contract for the movie.”

Unlike the Japanese movie industry, the Chinese entertainment industry would never defy the will of the government.

Chinese movie director Jiǎ Zhāngkē who won the Golden Lion in the 2006 Venice Film Festival for his work “Still Life” canceled his visit to Japan which was previously scheduled for next month.
The pianist Yundi Li also canceled his concert tour in Japan which was planed to start from today.
During the speech for the festival, Maeda Atsuko said honourably, “Because I’ve been given a wonderful chance, I want to work hard for it. I’m willing to take on any kind of role, and want to be a coveted actress.” But it is still not unsure as to whether 21st century’s Kurosawa movie can even make a safe start.


So what is Maeda Atsuko doing lately?


Uhmm I can’t even confirm if she is still alive or not…

She can’t join AKB’s TV shows, she doesn’t have any TV shows that she regularly appears in.

She only can make appearance in TV shows as a special guest, so it’s natural her media exposure has severely decreased.


I think this is nothing surprising because she is now working as an actress.

She is not the kind of sensation that only lasts few months. So you can’t judge her by the amount of media exposure she has gotten.

It just that the period where she had to make a ton of appearances in the media has now finished.

She may want to have regular exposure in mainstream media. The key here is quality, not quantity.

They will promote Maeda Atsuko and AKB48 as one set in an important TV shows such as the year end grand music show, Kohaku.

Now that Yuko has been refraining from updating on Google Plus, it is possible that she is just trying to have minimal media exposure until things will be settled down….

By the way, if you watch AKB motor club, it’s full of Atsuko.

I watched AKBINGO, the episode where Maeda made her final appearance in the program.

I’m surprised how she was such cheerful girl back then….

Probably it has something to do with her age, but it made me surprised in some ways…

↑ She was a kind of girl who updates her blog 8 times a day until 2 years ago…


↑ She was so vigorous that she ate hella spicy food and ended up carried into a hospital.


So what is she doing now?

She won’t update her ameba blog anymore???

How do her fans obtain information about her?


I just think, it’s expected.

I would rather say it’s AKB48 (especially Sashihara) and the two from Oscar Promotion, Takei Emi and Gouriki Ayame, that are making an insane amount of media appearances.

People will soon tire of them.

She is baking Takoyaki.

I listened to the commentary by Maeda in the Sousenkyo and Sashihara in Janken tournament.

I must say Sashihara is really good at talking as she is quick in making remarks.

That’s why she is good at MC-ing and can make a witty retort in variety TV shows.

That’s what Maeda can’t do.

Though she was dubbed absolute Ace of AKB48,

she and her fans alike admit that she was an outstanding figure as a show-biz personality.

I don’t think an actress will have that much media exposure.

Thing about it. we don’t even see famous actresses like Ayase Haruka or Aragaki Yui often on TV.

Why don’t they let her enjoy the time off for, say 6 months, to study overseas….?


Even though she is considered in a same genre as Aragaki or Ayase,

If there wasn’t for Bunshun’s scandal report, she would make the covers of all the magazines.

I think her agency wants to make her have more exposure as a solo actress, and all sorts of magazines also want to use her.

Which means, they’ve been refraining from having media exposure.

And it’s also bad for her that the territorial dispute affected the movie which is supposed to be her first movie work after graduating AKB48…

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“Forced homecoming ~ The forgotten brides” – Movie Commemorating 40th anniversary of the restoration of diplomatic ties between Japan and China

Oct 1, 9:00pm~ on TBS


Watari Tetsuya, Maeda Atsuko, Abe Tsuyoshi etc.


↑ LOL What the heck is Japan-China Friendship?

It’s laughable…..

What a bad timing, as expected of TBS…


  • hmm

    This ordeal is her true graduation gift, then?
    I can picture her hater dancing in joy, already.

  • why

    Poor Acchan.. what a horrible start for her career as an actress. I want to cry..

  • ummm

    i want to cry too.pls come back to akb48 Acchan…..

    • huuu

      is that possible? she already determine it and that’s no way to going back.. :(
      but, I really want she back to akb48 again

  • Mochi

    I feel bad for Acchan..she’s such a nice girl but this is such bad luck….:

  • Ikemen★Paradise

    I hate politics!!
    Gosh!! I wonder what will happen to akb48/j-pop fans in China now?
    What will happen to SNH48 that I am looking forward too?
    why China became that wild :

  • William wilde

    what was the last AKB48 Bingo Acchan was in?,on another note I’m sure she can get a tv series for sure to in the meanwhile until the smoke clears between Japan and China.
    And she has her fans supporting her in her music career as well she will be fine.

    • mm

      pretty sure it’s the kanji writing challenge. she left halfway during 2nd round

      • Mario Medves

        Yes, cause work she can’t join AKBingo! so much.

  • AF

    It doesn’t matter whether it’s Uyoku dantai or the CCP driving this. You can try to move me by explaining Japan’s glorious military past has brought order to the region or preach to me why Mao Zedong Thought will produce a harmonious society overall. I won’t buy it. Those at the top are the same thugs who keep this matter alive, they are merely the continuation of generations of no good doers who care nothing but pursue their interests. Too much ultra nationalistic sentiments which clashes with aggressive communist policies creates the perfect poison, they may embrace different ideologies but they are the inheritors to name of Japan and China, respectively. The brainchildren of Mao will do anything to embrace China’s imperial past. The modernized Uyoku dantai will never forget the empire they lost in 1945. They won’t listen to any resistance urging calm. They really love their Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands so much, it’s like saying you wan’t build a treehouse on your tree, but your neighbor also wants to build a treehouse on the same tree but calls it his tree, and you pass this issue to your sons and your neighbor shall do the same. Typical Asian diplomatic confrontation, don’t expect this to end anytime soon.

    • hmm

      I concur. At this level of tension, any progress from diplomatic effort would be for naught. Intervention from third party is currently the more plausible way to resolve this issue(unfortunately).

  • bentobox

    *cough* Acchan wore Louboutin *cough* *point to that red heels*