Maeda Atsuko shared untold stories of her, Takamina and Yuko in Sep 9's broadcast of Shin Domoto Kyodai

  September 10, 2012
  • Mayu

    Can you please post all the discussion?? especially the best of takamina part.. thank you

    • bryansate

      i guess that why people are doing the fansubbing :)

  • Ggray08

    Thank you for trans ^^
    Takamina and Acchan so cute
    Really funny that Yoko told takamina dirty lol

  • haz

    lol..some of info are wrong…
    here is most correct translation..
    He said, “Oshima and Takamina, before you find your next goal, I’ll not let you graduate from AKB.

    • kreepy

      original translation is fine. It is more accurate to say until they find a replacement/successor, they are not allowed to be graduated.

  • kreepy

    Maeda shows Takahashi’s importance to AKB, and speak for every members, by saying she feels relieve, or her mind is set at ease, when she sees Takahashi is there with her. Takahashi also complimented back to say she felt at ease when Maeda is there too.