Maeda Atsuko shared untold stories of her, Takamina and Yuko in Sep 9's broadcast of Shin Domoto Kyodai

  September 10, 2012



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Maeda Atsuko, who graduated AKB, made an appearance in Shin Domoto Kyodai on Fuji net, which aired on Sep 9.

She described her 7 years with AKB as something that “felt like a blink of an eye.” and she now feels “fresh”.
She revealed several episodes from her days at AKB during the talk session of the program.
When Takamizawa talked about the band ALFEE who will be celebrating its 40th anniversary next year, Maeda had said “Maybe Takamina will be in AKB48 for 40 years?” “I want Takamina to be in AKB48 forever. She sent me off at the final day of the TD concert together with all the fans…After that, I was watching her on the monitor backstage. I…. felt relieved when Takamina showed up in the monitor…..”. Takamina burst into tears as she was listening to Atsuko.
Because “(Akimoto Yasushi) said he won’t allow me to graduate until I found my successor. The same applies to Yuko. So I gotta do my best with that in mind.”

“I used to…. fight with Takamina often”, confessed Atsuko
“Yeah, like when we were at rehearsal, I would say “Let’s do it like this…” and then Atsuko would say “No… it’s not supposed to be like that”. However because I’m stubborn, I would argue with her.” Takamina explained.
But in the end, “When we practice to a song, we make eye contact. That helps us reconcile.”

“In the rehearsal of Tokyo Dome, due to the fact that AKB has a large number of members, it takes time to have everyone gather up in one place. We lost our concentration, and start talking each other, and yeah there were sports massagers, so I was getting massage by them…. then I heard Takamina’s angry voice over the electric megaphone, saying “Geez, No fooling around! Damn! There are 2 or 3 guys that are not even here yet!!” Then I realized “Wow we’re getting a massage here!” Because she said it was 2 ~ 3 members that were missing, it must have definitely been Yuko, Tomochin and I who were getting massage!!” Takamina then continued, “If you want to talk each other, why don’t you go to a cafe?!!” 

“But it’s not only me, but Yuko who is also often hard on Takamina! So Takamina often sulks haha. Once they went to a restroom together, and after that, Yuko snapped saying, “Takamina didn’t wash her hands!” Takamina, don’t you remember it?” Maeda grinned. Takahashi thenadded, “Yuko said to me “it’s dirty”. After she left, I went back to a restroom and washed my hands!!”

After she announced her graduation in March, she went to have dinner with Takeda Shinji, a regular member of the TV show.
Takeda then revealed what she said at the dinner table, stating “She said she won’t have a romance for a while because she feels sorry for fans if they think that she graduated AKB48 because she wanted to be in a relationship with men.”
Maeda added, “If they spotted me walking with a man on a street one day after the graduation, they may think “Maybe she’s been with the guy for a while, even before the graduation? I feel that I must not cause such unnecessary worry to the fans. I think it’s a betrayal to the fans “






  • Mayu

    Can you please post all the discussion?? especially the best of takamina part.. thank you

    • bryansate

      i guess that why people are doing the fansubbing :)

  • Ggray08

    Thank you for trans ^^
    Takamina and Acchan so cute
    Really funny that Yoko told takamina dirty lol

  • haz

    lol..some of info are wrong…
    here is most correct translation..
    He said, “Oshima and Takamina, before you find your next goal, I’ll not let you graduate from AKB.

    • kreepy

      original translation is fine. It is more accurate to say until they find a replacement/successor, they are not allowed to be graduated.

  • kreepy

    Maeda shows Takahashi’s importance to AKB, and speak for every members, by saying she feels relieve, or her mind is set at ease, when she sees Takahashi is there with her. Takahashi also complimented back to say she felt at ease when Maeda is there too.