Happy A, Bacchikoi K, Wasshoi B and Enjoy 4! AKB48 Team 4 performed Enjoy 4 for the first time

  September 16, 2012

Enjoy 4!!

Happy A, Bacchikoi K, Wasshoi B and Enjoy 4…..!!

It was so much fun!! Team 4’s live concert in Ishikawa!!!
This song started from the idea by members, that they came up with in order to add something new to the setlist of the tour.

LOL, so today Micha only took a photo of Tanochan? No team photo!?!?

No, it’s delivered as usual!!

What happened to Mariyagi…!?

Ah…. I gotta say… I always love this combi….



So what Uruse~yo is wearing?

Fishing by Uruse~yo!!!

Shimada finally learned how to fish…

Shimada Ero….

Uhmmm  It totally doesn’t look sexy….

I would rather want to say “Haruu, Why don’t you wear a jacket….^^”

Kawaei is gradually changing her personality, I guess?

Or she has been like this from the beginning? LOL

Kawaei is so upbeat about making a face!

By the way, Kawaei calls Tanochan, Yuchan, not Tanochan or Yuka.

Ricchan is cute and has a nice personality…

She is just too awesome~

  • Alexandra Huttová

    can i ask? when will be the team changes valid? i mean teams shuffle?

  • Tm4

    Enjoy Team 4 before it’s disbanded and the members are re-shuffled back into Teams A+K+B!

  • http://twitter.com/Ikemen_daisuki Ikemen★Paradise

    team 4? I thought Team 4 is no more? or not yet?

    • Alexandra Huttová

      i am confused too, i thought they were disbanded in Tokyo Dome..

    • Mark Weber

      The reformation has been announced, but not carried out yet.

  • Kirito

    あああ〜IM gonna miss TEAM 4 ! still broken up about it T_T

  • http://twitter.com/MarioMedves Mario Medves

    It’s a orginal song?
    3!2!1!4! Nice idea.

  • AF

    Team 4: RIP :'(