Oshima Yuko likes going Nude!

  August 22, 2012

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AKB48’s Oshima Yuko appeared on a segment on Fuji TV’s “Waratte iitomo!” called “Telephone Shocking” on the 17th.

Continuing from appearances by Kashiwagi (Monday), Shinoda (Tuesday), Kojima (Wednesday) and Watanabe (Thursday), the segment featured AKB48 members for one week. Oshima Yuko, appearing on the last day of the week revealed more information about her tendency to strip down straight away.

Several members together enjoyed the “Hanabi Taikai” (Fireworks Rally) a few days ago, to which Oshima revealed that she had a swimsuit hidden under her yukata. When all the members got together, she said to the members “Is there something underneath?” prior to her revealing of it. Then when her spirits got high, she wanted to reveal what she had hidden.

“The swimsuit I had on during the Hanabi Taikai, had a picture of a lion on the back of my butt. It’s my contest swimsuit,” Oshima said playfully.

Furthermore, Tamori asked, “Do you have any other contest swimsuits?” To which she replied, “I have many swimsuits, but when I’m with the AKB members, I pretty much always go nude.” Even about the “Kouhaku Utagassen” which took place at the end of last year, she said, “I wanted to do something during the New Year’s holiday, like I had to become all new again!” “… So I thought that I would want to go nude!”, she laughed. But “at the backstage of NHK, everyone to stop me from doing it, they said like “Please, just not here!””




  • http://www.facebook.com/angiepiteira angiepiteira

    She is so unique and perfect! *.*

  • Gina Aghnia

    Sayaka also have a habit of getting nude in backstage..
    Does this means…
    Team K backstage is full of nudes!!!!
    I am a girl, but i can’t help but imagine the situation XD lololol

    • aya

      lol i think only that 2 wild girls (yuko & sayaka) dare to do that~ hahaha

  • Loneshotty

    im all for this

  • mario

    as if we didnt know that before :)

  • No Name

    Her normal way of speaking to the audience is somewhat like ‘a girl needs to be pitied’ event though she doesn’t. But she looks very cute in this mode.

    Her serious mode is very caring and yet frightening and charismatic…stern, firm like she knows what to do.

    Her prank mode is very dangerous. ex. she bit Kojima Haruna’s ear, she took a camera and shoot Miichan, T.Itano, and Acchan’s face without make up, etc….

  • Zainal Sederhana