Miyazawa & Takajo will be transferred overseas!!! AKB48 has announced New Reformation (Group Reshuffle) at the first day of their dream stage

  August 24, 2012

During the Encore session, Togasaki has come up……



Okada Takashi 8/24 10:32pm

New Member line-ups of team A, K, B

[Team A]
Takahashi Minami (AKB General Manager)
Shinoda Mariko (Captain)
Iwata Karen
Nakamata Shiori
Kasai Tomomi
Nito Moeno
Tano Yuka
Kobayashi Marina
Sato Sumire
Yokoyama Yui (concurrent NMB)
Matsui Sakiko
Kotani Riho (concurrent NMB)
Morikawa Ayaka
Kawaei Rina
Izuta Rina
Sato Natsuki
Kikuchi Ayaka
Oshima Ryoka (Promoted)
Iriyama Anna
Watanabe Mayu
Nakatsuka Tomomi
Takahashi Juri

[Team K]
Oshima Yuko (Captain)
Abe Maria
Mutou Tomu (Promoted)
Akimoto Sayaka
Matsui Jurina (Concurrent with SKE)

Maeda Ami
Itano Tomomi
Sato Amina
Kitahara Rie (Concurrent with SKE)
Kuramochi Asuka
Nakaya Sayaka
Uchida Mayumi
Mitsumune Kaoru (promoted)
Chikano Rina
Nagao Mariya
Suzuki Shihori
Fujita Nana
Kobayashi Kana
Shimada Haruka
Masuda Yuka
Miyazaki Miho
Matsubara Natsumi

[Team B]
Umeda Ayaka (Captain)
Kojima Haruna
Ichikawa Miori
Oba Mina
Kato Rena
Nakamura Mariko
Oya Shizuka
Iwasa Misaki
Komori Mika
Shimazaki Haruka
Ishida Haruka
Katayama Haruka
Yamauchi Suzuran
Fujie Reina
Natori Wakana
Tanabe Miku
Kashiwagi Yuki
Takeuchi Miyu
Ishida Anna (Concurrent with SKE)
Minegishi Minami
Kojima Natsuki
Watanabe Miyuki (Concurrent with NMB)
Nonaka Misato

[Transferred to other groups]
Ota Aika HKT48
Takajo Aki JKT48
Nakagawa Haruka JKT48
Miyazawa Sae SNH48
Suzuki Mariya SNH48

That’s all. If we find any error or changes, we will correct it immediately.



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Translated by Bryan, Ryosuke-kun, Vipul and Tommy

  • http://twitter.com/MarioMedves Mario Medves

    Can i graduate too?

  • http://twitter.com/Eshtarwind Ganita

    Honestly… I hope.. WITH ALL MY HEART… please leave my SKE babies… ;A;… Please leave my SKE babies alone… ;A; enough with this… my heart can’t take this…

    • Mark Weber

      There are 2 days left
      1 day for NMB reshuffle
      1 day for SKE reshuffle

      just a thought…..

      • Stefanie Wirawan

        my though excactly…

      • http://twitter.com/Eshtarwind Ganita

        And I am also thinking the same thing… That is why… ;A; I can only pray… ;A; MY BABIES… ;A; MY SKE BABIES ;A;

  • http://www.akb48wrapup.com/ Tommy

    Namida Surprise~~~~~ ToT

    • Gina Aghnia

      So, seeing Akicha and Harugon G+, i can conclude that Sae also decided her transfer on her own will (which is a big relief, Thank you so much!).

      After sorting my mind, I think Sae made a good decision. Ever since the palm reading on AKB which says that in 2013 she will have a big leap of success, Sae has been believing it from what i saw in her interview and blog entry. With SNH getting alot of media exposure, and China fanbase is probably huge, I think Sae will be popular in no time. As for now, the news was a shock but seeing that it’s Sae’s decision, as a fan i’ll accept it with a big heart and keep on supporting her.

      Sae.. make the S in SNH be your ultimate work!!! <3

      • Sae

        If this is Sae’s decision, I guess… I will try to accept it though it was painful not seeing her together with team K and AKB48. I really hope Sae’s decision will paid off BIG time and that the Chinese will appreciate her as much as we Sae’s fans did.

        • Gina Aghnia

          Yes, It’ll be hard and painful seeing Sae in another team other than Team K. Let’s hope that it’ll totally pay off so Sae herself will never regret making the decision. :)

  • Aoi

    Wth this is so stupid D:

    Takajo Aki JKT48
    Nakagawa Haruka JKT48
    Miyazawa Sae SNH48
    Suzuki Mariya SNH48
    I don’t much about SNH and JKT but do these two groups even sing in Japanese? Akimoto just officially ruined their careers >_>

    I didn’t see the point of changing captains either when the former ones remained in the team.. Does Oshima Yuko even have the time to be a captain? This girl already has enough stuff on her schedule.

    • Hanabiratachi

      I’m guessing they’re there to boost the group’s popularity and maybe earn AKB some oversea fans by sending their own members there. It might work…but it’s so inconvenient.
      The AKB girls can just learn a new language. There’re members in those sister group who can speak Japanese and can help them out like the half Japanese JKT girls.

      • Aoi

        It kinda sad though about the captain change, sure it will freshen things up a bit but the fact that Yukkirin and Sayaka are both still in their original groups makes it feel like captaincy were taken away from them because they were doing their job right -.-
        Sure it sounds cool on paper xD (the 3 new captains), I think Umechan could of handled Team K and if she did then it wouldn’t compromise Team B.. because they got shaken up pretty badly and definitely won’t feel like the old team B :(.

        True that it could boost popularity and will please the current fans in those countries, good for the whole 48 image but for the individuals I wonder if its a good move for them.. well I won’t complain any more since it looks like it was their own decision to move. I just wonder if they can properly communicate their feelings in a language they don’t know. Might take a year until they can fully grasp the language.

        • Hanabiratachi

          Yukirin was always insecure as a captain so I don’t think this is bad. It might help out her stress
          Sayaka…I think she’s planning on graduating already. That’s why she’s no longer captain.. :

        • cryt

          The new captain choices seems more confusing that refreshing since when will Mariko, fashion professional, have time to take care of AKB’s star team and same goes for Oshima Yuko, whose acting career is about to take off? Although to Oshima’s credit, the Team K transfers are basically veteran members or are thought to be professionally mature like Mutou and Mitsumune, so they can take care of themselves.

          But on the other hand, Team B gets dismantled yet again… this time, it’s the transfer of a bulk of Team 4. I don’t see how Yukirin can be a captain of such a young team who need a lot more guidance than she is used to giving in old Team B who had more experienced and opinionated members like Yuka and KK, Team 4 might as well stayed as passive as they were under Yukirin.
          That said, I agree that Umeda Ayaka would be a better captain for Team K (if indeed Akimoto Sayaka had to go, since new captains were needed for the process of renewal as commented earlier). But looking at the new roster for Team B, you really need a respected and charismatic person like Umeda who connects with younger members which can hardly be said about fellow Team B transfers Kojima Haruna and Minegishi, there was no other choice but it also makes it seem that Umeda was transferred largely in part because she can guide new Team B. Captains usually take background to the star members, so I don’t understand why they chose 3 members at the apex of their popularity to be captains (other than age).

          On another note, I’m actually optimistic about Takmina’s general manager appointment, hopefully that means she gets more pull in AKB hierarchy instead of members always being at the whim of management. I always worry there’s exploitation especially in the idol industry where people say it perpetuates misogynistic practices. Aki-P has allowed idols to be more involved in the idol business like letting Tomochin and KitaRie write their own lyrics and playing to Matsui Sakiko’s piano talent.

    • Gina Aghnia

      About the captain change.. I think if the captain position remain unchanged it will only hinder the process of the renewal. The main point is AKB having a total renewal with brand new team concept. I really like the trio captain, they have great chemistry and can make a powerful trio, sorry ohba :D;;.
      As for Yuko, in my opinion the only one who will able to replace Sayaka on leading Team K is Yuko and Sae (they pretty much are the core base of team K). With Sae on SNH, Yuko is the only option. If they gave it to someone, i can imagine how K will lose their charm that they have since the original team K :)
      Putting all aside, I am so looking forward to the new Team K. 😀

    • Callighan

      JKT48 is very popular in Indonesia. They’re often on tv shows, commercials, and public events. The management has been doing a very good job of promoting them. Additionally, JKT48 has just announced 2ng gen auditions. If any, JKT48 is very promising.

  • hanmutil

    Beware guys !! We may be shocked more on day 2

  • LC

    LOL putting Yuka, Kana, Natsumi back on their original team is like a belated apology for screwing up the first time

  • allih

    What are you doing …Aki-P
    … Kitarie. Sae!
    I feel like he’s going to graduate Sayaka soon. Yuko is already number one! Let Sayaka live her dream.

  • Kuro26

    What’s gonna happen to watarirouka & french kiss? O.O

    • Tavares_16

      … and (the best group, at least for me) DiVA…

    • http://twitter.com/MarioMedves Mario Medves

      For French Kiss they can pick Shiichan or Nacchi but with the future solo career of Yukirin…i don’t know if they continue release new singles.
      For WH7 is the same but there is already a temporary member (CinDy).

    • Gina Aghnia

      I think there’ll be no changes with the sub-unit (I hope so..)
      Maybe they can adjust the promotion time with the members schedule so they can go back to Japan to promote.

  • AF1012

    After seeing this reshuffle, I think I became like the Tourettes Guy

  • anya

    …and maybe in the next day con, all will forget, acchan’s graduation cause of mixed feeling

  • Tavares_16

    Aki-P went nuts…

    Lovetan, Akicha, Haruka, Sae and Mariya overseas??

    This is a joke to the girls and fans…

  • http://www.facebook.com/shun.jungsu Shun Jung-Su

    This shuffling is such a fuzz..
    I need time to stay calm.

    Aki-P & TGSK, you two are trolling us

  • Tavares_16

    You can see in the 2nd photo, the faces of Akicha and Sae…

    Akicha is like “WTF happen??”

    Sae is “you’re kidding!!”

    “… but I believe nobody takes this situation negatively. If they look perplexed, or shocked, it’s just because they still haven’t understood the situation”. I know that Takamina has to say that but YOU’RE KIDDING, RIGHT?? Tell that face to face to Akicha and Sae (and the other girls)…

  • Destiya

    can’t believe this all..

  • mario

    nice move! just send my favorite girl to china… great idea.
    + separating two of my favorite pairings, kojimari and saeyuki.

    it may just be me, but since acchan’s graduation announcement akb isnt as much fun as before…

  • Gina Aghnia

    Just got back home and the first thing i saw is this news!!!
    What the… Seriously AKI-P!!!!!! (You totally ruin my special day!!!)

    I was lost~ And as a Sae Oshi I feel rage!!
    From the 78girls that oldman has to pick my oshi to transfer (the fact that she’s not a concurrent member make me feel even worse).
    I have to check Sae’s blog before saying anything more…

    Irony is.. I really love the shuffle of Team K.. All my fave member is in it, except Sae… T___T Imma disband SNH right now so sae can go back to K (okay, this is just kidding.).

    • LaPetiteIchigo

      same here, i came home from trip, expecting just flawlees pictures from Tokyo Dome and i found this, it was like someone slapped me..

  • http://www.akb48wrapup.com/ Tommy


    • http://www.facebook.com/kadenza.wijaya Kadenza Wijaya

      yes… where is hillary and saeed, i wonder…
      if 1st day is major reformation.. what will be 2nd and 3rd day?

  • http://www.facebook.com/kadenza.wijaya Kadenza Wijaya

    Just read akb48wrapup’s tweet. So it turned out that Akicha and Harugon moved on their own will. Phew.. that will make the move much smoother for members and fans alike. Though the pic looks like they’re sad 😀

    • http://www.facebook.com/kadenza.wijaya Kadenza Wijaya

      Anyway, so will this mean that Australian / Singaporean / Malaysian / other SEA fans would be interested to come to JKT48 theater? I’m curious to see the effect of the AKB transfers to the regionalization of JKT

      • http://twitter.com/kevinMario Kevin Mario

        Akicha and Harugon will definitely be a HUGE pull for Singaporean / Malaysian fans – hopefully we can pull some from Vietnam, Philliphines and Thailand as well. And hopefully while they’re visiting, the charms of other (original) JKT48 members will catch them in a haze ;D

        Muchuu ni sasechauzo!

    • reddertar

      If they didn’t say that, the management probably got rip off by angry fans.

      • Hanabiratachi

        It’s probably true. They can’t send them to another country without asking them and their family about it first. There’s definitely deliberation about it before it happened.

  • david

    this really oh shittt. what next?….

  • Sae


    • Wingom


      • Ryvius Jr

        are u sure it’s 6 month – 1 year? this is team shuffle not study abroad cmiiw

        • Wingom

          Saechan said it was for the study abroad.

    • https://www.facebook.com/AshLeHaunted Ashleigh (Rose) Park

      i know im 2 years late (and i didnt even know of akb48 2 years ago HAHAHR), but, since sae was so popular, i think they wanted a good member who had good experience etc to be the captain of snh48 so yeeeahh daz why…. but now her popularity is not much higher than it was back then because of the transfer! still affects her and her fans today!!! xc by now, i reckon she could’ve been in the kami 7, already!!!! xc me love sae-chan… but at least she had begun getting more facetime etc in ske48

  • http://www.facebook.com/kevin.gozali.3 Kevin Gozali

    ok i got headache…. thx to TGSK & Aki-P, u guys make me depressed….

  • Yoshio

    I’m not surprised about the overseas transfers
    There was a big announcement about it on Aki-P’s G+ account,
    and the members had to apply for it.

  • Akira Hitoshi

    Did something happen?! Why the hell are Sae and Takajo moving to such weird groups all of a sudden?!!! WTF

    • Kian

      Hey..what do u mean about “moving to such weird groups”? What’s wrong with JKT48..what’s wrong with Indonesia?
      What your reason said something like that?

    • Kian

      If u did’nt know nothing about JKT48, how u dare said like that?

  • LaPetiteIchigo

    Harunyan in team B?! That’s INSANE ! She is first class team A, shit all 1st generation should be in team A! and Is it true that Sato Amina is going to graduate in October ( please tell me no T.T ) MariHaru sayonara TT
    ok..i need to calm down and keep support the new teams…actually it doesn’t matter in which team they are until they are senbatsu..they will be in main singles still..but don’t know what to think about Sae..that pisses me >< Like she is moving to Shanghai, for real? Aki-P please stop drink..you are getting nuts.

  • http://twitter.com/abdajis Abdul Aziz [アジズ]

    Well, let me post an intermezzo thing here…. Kojiharu, Yukirin, Minarun, Milky, and Nattsun in the same team. Team B…. If you know what I mean.

  • Sei

    About Takamina, I wonder what does AKB General Manager means. Is there any difference between being Leader and General Manager?
    Can’t believe Sae and Akicha are leaving and I get the feeling that Sayaka will be graduating soon T_T

    • Tavares_16

      The AKB GM to Takamina is only a title (I believe) to what she’s doing for many years back…

      I couldn’t believe in Sae’s and Akicha’s transfers, but now with more calm thoughts, they are going to JKT and SNH because (again, I believe) of the study abroad…

  • AKRanger

    Well, I am now rather upset.
    Time to cry myself asleep.

  • LaPetiteIchigo

    Also crossed my mind, Takamina lost Acchan and now also Harunyan in her team…she will be so lonely TT
    divided Atsumina and now also TakaHaru ..my little leedah TT( sorry from now on, my luttle GM )
    BTW Do you know if there are some no3b activities in near future ? i miss them.

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  • Peechan

    I love this shuffle. The new era is come.

    • http://twitter.com/MarioMedves Mario Medves

      Mmmhh ok. You love it but i’m not so happy btw yeah a new era is coming but i’m feeling the last one was the best ever.

      • Peechan

        The new shuffle may be better than the best. We are not know anything. I’m (old) team b ota. I will wait for seeing Mayuyu as team A and Paruru as team B.

  • ryan rai

    @4e506f12f002d92c486e72df226f970d:disqus JKT doesnt sing in japanese i suppose…as far as i know,,they’re translating the japanese song into indonesia,which is for me,is not good at all…

    • Kian

      @google-04e890f97f980ddc6104d2f92c9abc77:disqus Sorry in advance, i’m interrupt your comment cause i’m Indonesian. Im
      just try to explain what i knew. That’s true as far as this now, they
      (JKT48) still singing translation AKB48’s song but that’s just for a
      while & as soon as possible they will release their own single. Please don’t be negative thinking about JKT48 and if u has any question about JKT48, don’t hesitate to ask me. Once again, thanks u..

  • Hikikomori

    Who the hell was the event planner for this concert? TGSK? Aki-P? Or one of the event organizers? Wrong move to announce the re-shuffle on the first day. With everyone in state of shock, the mood of the fans on the 2nd and 3rd day of the Tokyo Dome concert will be somewhat different. Should’ve done this in the last day.

    • http://twitter.com/MarioMedves Mario Medves

      No, the first day is good. The second we (wotas) can cry all the way and the third day there is the graduation. If was reformation+graduation some wotas jump off the bridge.

      • Hikikomori

        Don’t you think dropping the bomb in one go is better than having series of sufferings? Just saying.

  • http://twitter.com/MarioMedves Mario Medves

    Videos from morning news.
    On saturday there isn’t ZIP! so bad i want check theirs articles.

    • Wingom

      Sae-chan so pretty! With her red hair n stuff.

    • Tavares_16

      Poor Sayaka… T_T

      Sae accepted much better, the transfer, than Akicha, who looked totally surprised…

  • Aliyah

    I just knew they were going to do a shuffle -__-
    Mayu going to Team A and leaving Yuki (sorry, I love Mayuki >.<)
    Sae transferred..
    Takajo Aki transferred..
    Sayaka is no longer captain (nothing wrong with Yuko though) and I'm afraid she'll graduate soon…
    Acchan graduating..
    My heart can't take this o______o I don't even want to know how Day 2 is going to go…

    • Wingom

      You mean mayuyukirin?

    • tiara

      yeah,…I love MaYuki… cry..my girl… :'(

  • MilkyWay

    i got very shocked.. the team shuffle is so messed up.. -_-

    its seems their just want to throw old member and promoting new member more

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001164973161 Giang Pham

    Expected the team shuffle only… But to transfer the girls to overseas & sister groups makes me frustrated == Especially the overseas transfer >_> Do they even know the language there?
    & Mayuyu leaving team B :((((((((((((((((((((((( While Yukirin stays… My OTP… ; . ; Why did AkiP have to separate the child & her mother? ; . ;
    F*cked up shuffle… what will become of AKB? Hoping that there’ll actually be something good that gonna come out of this… like… new stages? ; . ;

  • tiara

    aww…my yukirin…T_T. hope become new team B ace (but Paruru was there too.. :’I

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Arnold-Triyudho-Wardono/1849857150 Arnold Triyudho Wardono

    I’m still can’t believe this…. :'(

  • lincolnz777

    Aki-p is out of his mind…….

  • http://twitter.com/MarioMedves Mario Medves

    Reformation extended version (from 6:40 to 14:00).

  • stvsan

    Yuko supposedly already wasn’t supposed to shoulder extra responsibility with Maeda’s graduation, and now this? If that was the case, I can’t see how this isn’t a push towards her graduation within the next year. And Sayaka was already a great captain to begin with… How can Yuko be star (I hate the term ace) of her team, of AKB48 and all AKB AND captain of a team at the same time?
    Transferring girls to JKT and SHN – are those “local” concepts already in trouble? I hope they will have 24 hour chaperones and bodyguards – yeah, they are big modern cities, but they both have a kind of “anything goes, as long as you have money” bottom line. I assume the objective is to transfer work ethic and attitude to the other groups, but it could easily backfire and work the other way around.

    Takamina as head of all AKB48 – that’s just making it official, and position her for a non-performing role as a real manager, because to do it for real is a “FULL TIME JOB”.

    Dissolution of team 4 – Making up team 4 out of all newly promoted KKS in the first place was idiotic (IMO) because they would always always always be looked at by most fans as second tier. I eventually got used to them, and thought they were fine as is, but this is probably a good thing (and they way those girls should have been brought in to begin with). However, the number 48 is still meaningless at this point.

    Demotion of all main 3 captains in general – If they were already tired of the role and responsibility and had already expressed that to management. Fine. But if this was really a surprise announcement, it has to be considered a slap in the face (and a dickwad move by management to generate cheap buzz).

    If he wants to be fresh maybe Aki-P should concentrate on coming up with some new stages instead of arranging these massive cluster-fck reshuffles…

    In any case, Yuka back in team K – that’s pretty awesome…

  • Thida T

    I really hate Aki-P. He’s making everything worse. -_- I hope everything goes well. But damn wtf. Takamina is my bias/oshi. Whatever happens I will continue to support her. I just can’t believe everything is changing. Acchan left but I hope all the best to her.

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  • https://www.facebook.com/AshLeHaunted Ashleigh (Rose) Park

    i wish sae was still in akb48…