Maeda Atsuko joins the filming of Shin-Doumoto Kyoudai, co-stars with Takahashi Minami

  August 29, 2012
  • Ban

    I can’t wait to watch this episode 😀 Aw, they had a fight, but glad they resolved it :) I remember in an interivew they said when they fight they usually dont stay mad at eachother long 😛 Good luck in your career Atsuko! Glad Domoto Kyoudai with Taka was your 1st recording after graduation ^^

  • Mark Weber

    kinda strange how they are still filming together even though she isn’t in AKB anymore?

    • Ban

      It’s not really strange :) They may not be in AKB together anymore, but they are in the ENTERTAINMENT business, meaning their is bound to be chances they film together. Domoto Kyoudai always has famous guests, so it’s no surprise Atsuko after her grad films an episode with them. And Takamina one of the hosts in the show so of course she’d be there :)

  • LaPetiteIchigo

    I knew AtsuMina will be alive even after Acchan´s graduation :) yaay :))

  • Jessica

    I don’t care whether she’s still in AKB or not as long as there’s Atsumina it’s all great. Can’t wait for this episode.

  •ña/100000175232881 Gabriela Hospina Saldaña

    please what time they will spend the presentation of atsuko