Bonus footage details and Album artworks of SKE’s new single キスだって左利き (Kiss datte Hidarikiki) released

  August 23, 2012

Album artworks of SKE’s new single キスだって左利き (Kiss datte Hidarikiki – Even my Kiss is left-handed) are released today. Please take a look at official page for the information like “Handshake event ticket” or “Trading card (one of total 16 types, selected randomly)” or “Voting ticket for (SKE's) Riquest Hour setlist 2012″ Discography – SKE official


First Limited edition

Normal edition

Title (not yet released) (ALBUM+DVD) (First Limited edition comes with Photobook) [CD+DVD, Limited Edition]

I think white-clothes version (First Limited edition) has a better jacket image.

Somehow, Masana looks ilke Kojima-san a little bit.

Anyway, with regards to album artworks, I like Aishiteraburu better.
Though I like Hidarikiki’s freshening image

Nishishi in this photo is soooo cute♥

If they would inculde Manatsu in the album artwork photo for Tpe-B this time, I couldn't ask more from the sinigle’s design…

Yeah, it will look more balanced if Manatsu was in type-B.
Like, type-B would go with calm and sophisticated women’s image.

[do action=”news” title=”” source=”″]Type A
・キスだって左利き (Kiss datte Hidarikiki – Even Kiss is left-handed)
・体育館で朝食を (Taiikukan de Choshoku o – Breakfast at gym hall) by Shirogumi
・神々の領域 (Kamigami no Ryoiki – Realm of gods)
・キスだって左利き off vocal
・体育館で朝食を off vocal
・神々の領域 off vocal
・キスだって左利き music video
・体育館で朝食を(白組) music video
・Bonus footage “Serious dialogues ver.1” special movies
Ogiso Shiori x Suygimoto Aya (Self-claimed Sexy character in SKE learn from the iconic sexy actress)

Furukawa Airi x Ikeda Shuichi (The man whom every Anime fans admire)

Matsui Jurina x Nomura Katsuya (learn about organizational theory of “team”)

Matsumura Kaori x Gushiken Yohko (The two who have unique auras)

Yagami Kumi x Yamazi Tooru (Learn sociology)


[do action=”news” title=”” source=”″]Type B
・鳥は青い空の涯を知らない (Tori ha Aoisora no Hate wo Shiranai – birds don’t know the edge of blue sky) by Akagumi
・キスだって左利き off vocal
・鳥は青い空の涯を知らない off vocal
・神々の領域 off vocal
・キスだって左利き music video
・鳥は青い空の涯を知らない by Akagumi music video
・Bonus footage “Serious dialogues ver.2” special movies
Ohya Masana x Hidaka Noriko (Seiyu for Satsuki in Totoro and a huge fan of Tonari no Totoro)

how to get your girlfriend back

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Kimoto Kanon x Fukuda Ayano (Learn her favorite impersonation)

Suga Nanako x Chiaki (Learn how to survive the world of Show-Biz)

Hata Sawako x Ohira Takayuki (planetarium lovers)

Matsui Rena x Honda Miyu (Dialogue between future actresses)


[do action=”news” title=”” source=”″]Tape C
・あっという間の少女 (Attoiuma no Shojo – Girl in a flash) by 公演頑張った組 (Kouen Ganbatta gumi – “Worked hard for stage” team)
・キスだって左利き off vocal
・あっという間の少女 off vocal
・神々の領域 off vocal
・キスだって左利き music video
・Bonus footage “Serious dialogues ver.3” special movies
Takayanagi Akane x Watanabe Masayuki (Dialogue between leaders)

Suda Akari x Kusakari Tamiyo (The woman whom everyone with ballet experience admires)

Kizaki Yuria x Fujioka Hiroshi (She’s learned martial arts for self-defense)

Mukaida Manatsu x Kawagoe Tatsuya (Because Manatsu is interested in foods)

Yakata Miki x Yoshimura Sakuji (Becasue she likes Egypt)[/do]

Nakanishi Yuuka x Mituya Yuji

What is “Worked hard for stage” team?

I think it’s nothing more than “Theater Girls”.
Under Girls = Akagumi and Shirogumi (Kohaku)
Theater Girls = Worked hard for stage” team?

Have the members for the Red and White Groups dropped yet?

Not yet

Kuumin will learn sociology… lol
And Manatsu is only “interested” in foods!?

I didn’t know my dear Manatsu is interested in foods….
(Manatsu admires Maeda Atsuko, a big eater)

I wish Kinchan would join this kind of dialogue program….

Goto Risako x Etoh Sayaka, not planned yet!?!?

Avex really pays a lot of thoughts for the marketing of records
Especially for bonus items (this time it's over 160 miniute long bonus footage!!!)

>Takayanagi Akane x Watanabe Masayuki (Dialogue between leaders)


I think this is a CHEAT!!! lol
Just picturing what Churi will talk about makes me grin non-stop.
8 minute long footage is enough to enjoy Churi’s blessed words lol

↑Honestly I’m looking forward to this dialogue the best.

Churi loves to be a leader, so I guess Churi will get too high as she passionately talks about her thought on leaders, and Mr. Watanabe will get so turned off lol

Watanabe: “So, yeah! I heard Akane-chan directly appealed to Akimoto-san during the speech of Sousenkyo!?!?”
Churi: “(Oi! I was waiting for you to ask this!!) Yeahhhhhh ^^”

Da~Su~, Airin and Mikity’s ones will be good dialogues, I think.
But…. I’m worried how Yuria and Kuumin’s dialogues will be like lol

And…. this one (Manatsu x Chef. Kawagoe) made me cracked up



  • Ganita

    If Kinchan got mixed up in this, they conversation will goes:

    guest: alkdkahdkdalaa
    Kinchan: ….
    guest: aytrlkdakhdlakaldkda;aphgs
    Kinchan: …….
    Guest: laskahdgadklaa?
    Kinchan: ………………….. Hiiii~Haa~

    Unless the guest has alien

    Kuumin… how will the conversation be? But as far as I know, though Kuumin and Yuria are wBaka, they are good idols. LOL And Rena’s conversation is interesting :D I wonder how that will be like. Argh SKE, always making me drools…

  • LittleSwindler

    I heard this single will include vote ticket for SKE’s Request Hour, anyone know will the theater edition be included too?

    • じゅうりな

      Some of theater version will include the same bonuses like limited edition has. But yes the number is limited. It’s said in their Official Website ^ ^

  • tonarinobanana

    miki is very pretty,btw is bbq the 1st kenkyu to be featured on album cover?

  • Wingom

    Looks like someone wrote the title with their left hand.

  • Christine B.

    Kizaki Yuria x Fujioka Hiroshi (She’s learned martial arts for self-defence)
    *fangirl spazzing*

    Yagami Kumi x Yamazi Tooru (Learn sociology)

    ….oh my god. wat.