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SKE member Inuzuka Asana mistakenly sends a message to her boyfriend to fans through MOBAME service


“I got a weird message from Wanchan (Inuzuka Asana’s nickname)…. (In Mobame service, fans can receive messages from AKB members just like normal MMS. It costs 315 yen per member.)

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Ladies and gentlemen, please give me pictures of Shimazaki Haruka aka Paruru!


 Another proof why 2ch is such an awesome place where awesome fans share and give each other. This time they share Shimazaki Haruka’s (aka Paruru) pictures.     “ I….


Takamina declared the start of the 2nd Chapter of AKB48 in today's Music Station


[do action=”news” title=”” source=”″] Tonight on TV Asahi’s “Music Station”, Maeda Atsuko will make her first appearance on a live show for the first time since graduating. It has


Miyawaki Sakura’s G+ posts have raised expectations for her being Senbatsu for the next Single


[do action=”g-main-post” name=”Miyawaki Sakura” source=”” datetime=”8/30 22.48″ image=””]Hello!This is Miyawaki Sakura!! I made two discoveries recently(^^)The first one, I discovered it when I visited an Oden restaurant a little before!

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AKB48 changes the title of their official blog to “~From 1830m~” (and 2 other stories about Yoshida Akari and Saito Makiko)


  [do action=”news” title=” ”  source=””] Popular idol group AKB48 has changed the title of it’s official blog (Togasaki’s blog) to “~1830mから~ (~from 1830m~) This blog has started on July


Watanabe Miyuki’s fishing feat. Oshima Yuko (and 3 other stories with Naana, Gingham Check sales and Sassy’s single)


[do action=”multi-title”]Watanabe Miyuki’s fishing feat. Oshima Yuko[/do] [do action=”g-main-post” name=”Watanabe Miyuki” source=”” datetime=”8/30 23:08″ image=””]I ChapuChapu’d with Yuko-san today ( ̄ー ̄)grin*[/do] “( ゚∀゚ ) “Whattttt???“I bet you. Yuko totally groped Milky’s boobs“Without any pictures!?!?

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PV of "Nante Bohemian" by Under Girls is unexpectedly cool


“That “Aiyaiya~” part doesn’t look so wrong when I watch it in PV! “It proved that when it’s performed by attractive members, it can be an outstanding song no matter


Sentimental 1 KOMEDA at the night that Kaotan couldn’t make it…


  [do action=”g-main-post” name=”Matsumura Kaori” source=”” datetime=”29 August 2012 10.32 pm” image=””]Honestly if I were to be promoted instead of the other members who were promoted this time, I think


Detail of SKE’s 1st Album “Konohi no Chime o Wasurenai” UNVEILED!!


[do action=”news” title=”” source=”″] SKE announced the title of their 1st album, “この日のチャイムを忘れない(Konohi no Chime o Wasurenai / I will never forget today’s Chime)” which will be released on Sep


NEW FLASH!!! GUYS!! SKE Kaneko Shiori aka Kinchan and Suda Akari aka Da~Su~ has become stunningly SEXYYYYYY!!!


“ Yeah….. This is….the time to Oshihen…..Oppai can justify everything in this cruel world… “I’m gonna die…. OMG She is sooo cute….. “I think these are basketballs or something?? “Her legs are already


Yuko is completely being her Kaomoji (-∀-`) (and Sexy Akicha on Nante Bohemian PV)


“Totally corresponding with…(-∀-`)  “Genius lol “Haha this is a case where the member is trying to maker herself look more like her Kaomoji~ LoL“That’s exactly the face that we are picturing when

[PV] 指原莉乃 - それでも好きだよ (2012.05.02).ts_20120322_125934.452

Sashihara Rino’s 2nd solo single will be released on Sep 26th!


  “She announced it on Tamariba. ( “So what is Tamariba? “It’s a TV program that is aired only in Fukuoka area, and Sassy is a regular cast for the


AKB members are joining the MV filming for 28th Single after "Abnormally tough dance lesson"!?!?


[do action=”g-main-post” name=”Shinoda Mariko” source=”” datetime=”7:01am 29 August 2012″ image=””]I finished an abnormal dance lesson( *;`ω´) It took 3 days for professional dancers to remember this choreography….There’s no way that

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SKE48 Special Stage Setlist. Members promoted to each team. Announcement of Akagumi and shirogumi Member


★Special Performance Setlist M01: PARTY ga Hajimaruyo (1st generation, 12people) M02: SKE48 (1st generation, 12 people) MC (1st generation, 12 people) M03: Te wo Tsuginagara (Team S, Uchiyama, Kobayashi Emiri)

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Teaser of SKE’s 4th Album and MVs (Shor ver.) of SKE 10th Single “Kiss date Hidarikiki” released


AKB48 27th Single "Gingham Check" First Day Sales Reached 906,000 copies


[do action=”news” title=”” source=”″] Chief Editor at Oricon Style Daily single sales ranking on Aug 28.1st AKB48 Ginghan Check 906,617 copies sold2. THE OVER UVERworld 25,231 copies sold3. She’s Back

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Shunkan Bunshun reports Secret story of AKB’s Surprise Reformation – Members are demoted to Shanghai and Jakarta


[do action=”news” title=”” source=””]      “They were sharing their memories with each other as they watched unpublished footage. It was right after they finished the concert series, and among members who